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How to Change NAT Type PS4

An Easy Guide on How to Change NAT Type PS4

How to Change NAT Type PS4

The PlayStation 4 users can experience network issues while streaming online games. Sometimes, the players might encounter system lag issues and a high ping rate. Many tend to think that this problem occurs because of an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

However, PS4 generates this internet dropping issue for setting an incorrect NAT type. Change the NAT type on the gaming console to fix this issue. And, you need to know about the different types of NAT connections before that.

Different types of gaming controllers use different NAT configurations. Find the NAT type which is compatible with PS4 to avoid network interference.

Moreover, NAT is an effective security measure for wireless routers. It disconnects all the devices when an unauthorized user tries to access the network.

Try to reconnect the PS4 to the internet. And, if that doesn’t work, change NAT type PS4 to restore the internet connection.

What is a NAT Type and How Does it Work?

NAT conserves IP addresses by enabling private IP networks of the connected devices. A NAT type reduces the IP address’s number on the same local network. And, the prime advantage of using a NAT type is that you can hide the private gateway IPs.

The PS4 users can secure the Wi-Fi networks from hackers setting a NAT type. Moreover, you can play online games without lagging issues. Or, join the remote servers on PS4 by changing the NAT configuration. You can also stream multiplayer games without an FPS drop.

NAT Types ideal for PS4 Games

There are three types of NATs which you can set in the PlayStation 4. Before you change NAT type PS4, it’s important to know which one will provide the best connection. Otherwise, you might end up getting connection errors in the middle of the game.

Type 1 – Open

An open NAT type will offer the best gaming experience to PS4 users. It secures the game networks from hackers and reduces vulnerabilities. This NAT type allows you to directly connect to the internet. And, the chances of disconnections are reduced in the Open NAT type.

Type 2 – Moderate

The moderate NAT type balances the security and connectivity of the PS4. Place the router close to the gaming console after choosing this NAT connection. Compared to the Open type, you will have fewer lagging issues here. And, you can download gaming files in a minute by switching to moderate type.

Type 3 – Strict

If you are facing problems connecting the PS4 to the internet, the NAT type is set as “Type 3”. The router and the console fail to communicate with each other in this NAT type. And, this results in the “No Internet” error on the gaming controller.

Change this NAT type to either Type 2 or Type 1. Otherwise, the other players can’t connect to your game servers. Not aware of the NAT type that you set on the PS4? Proceed to the next section to find out that.

How to Locate the NAT Type on the PlayStation4?

Checking the NAT type on a gaming console is pretty easy. Connect the PS4 to the router and ensure both these devices are on. Connect the Ethernet cable to the gaming console’s port. Wait until the home screen appears and tap on “Settings”.

Head towards “Network” and opt for “View Connection Status”. A “Checkup” window will appear on the PS4 screen. Scroll down to this page and locate “NAT type”. Here, you can check which type of NAT the gaming console uses. Note down the IP address and the default gateway and close this status window.

Easy Steps to Change NAT Type PS4

Users can’t directly change the NAT type from the PlayStation 4. You need to reconfigure the router settings to do that. And, these wireless settings might vary from one Wi-Fi router to another.

Check the router manual and find out if it has UPnP support. If the wireless router doesn’t have this feature, you can’t change the NAT type.

Does the smart Wi-Fi router have the UPnP feature? Follow these instructions to modify the NAT type of the PlayStation 4:

Enter the default IP Address

Open a web browser from a Windows or Mac device. Head to the address bar and enter the router’s private IP address there. Press the Enter key to open the dual-band or tri-band router’s login page.

Did you get an error message on the web page? Check the IP address from the product label and enter that in the URL bar.

Login to the Router

If you have accessed the login page, provide the default login information. Tap on “Login” or hit the Enter button to access the Wi-Fi router’s admin interface. However, the web interface won’t open if you enter incorrect login details.

Don’t know the router’s username or admin password? You will find that on the device’s back panel.

Enable the UPnP Feature

Move towards “Settings” and tap on “Wireless’ when the router’s web GUI opens. Locate “UPnP” and click “Enable” to connect PS4 and PC on the same network. And, don’t forget to select “Apply” after turning on this router feature.

Connect PS4 to DMZ

Once you enable UPnP, find the DMZ settings of the advanced Wi-Fi router. Check the router manual for an easy configuration. Usually, it is located on the device’s “Forwarding” tab. But, this might vary from one smart Wi-Fi router to another.

Select “Enable” when you get the DMZ feature and enter the PS4’s IP address. Choose “Save” or “Apply”, close the Wi-Fi router window and open the PS4 setting. Access the “Network Status” window to check if it changed the NAT type or not.

How to Change NAT Type PS4 using the Port Forwarding Feature?

PS4 users can also change the NAT type enabling the router’s port forwarding feature. Open the router’s web interface, tap on “Wireless” and navigate to “Forwarding”. Go for “Port Forwarding” and enter the PS4’s port type and their associated number.

Assign an IP address of the selected ports of the console. Choose “Apply” or press the Enter button to save these PS4 settings. Restart the gaming controller and move to “Settings” and check if the NAT type on PS4 has changed.

Fail to reset the NAT type? Contact a router expert for a hassle-free NAT type setup.