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Best Router Settings to Improve the Internet Speed — The Ultimate Guide

Improve the Internet Speed

Every router user should know which settings affect the network traffic speed. Renowned manufacturers, like Asus and Netgear, include advanced features to improve the Wi-Fi speed. Users can enable these router options from the web interface or mobile app. Not aware of the wireless router’s default IP address? You can’t change the device’s settings to…

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Enable BeamForming On or Off (BeamForming Explained)

Enable BeamForming

Most routers with the 802.11ac wireless standard feature the Beamforming option in their interfaces. This feature is primarily meant for enhancing your wireless network’s performance whenever required.  So, it is one of the various features available on the latest routers to optimise your network. You will usually find the Beamforming option under the advanced settings…

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Long Preamble or Short Preamble — Which One is the Best?

Long Preamble or Short Preamble

You will find the “Preamble” option in almost all advanced wireless routers. But, do you know what is the function of this feature? Well, the preamble allows the users to boost the dual-band router’s Wi-Fi speed and performance.  Most manufacturers set the router’s preamble type as “long”. However, you can change its type from “long”…

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DTIM Interval (Period): What Should be the Best Setting for Your Network?

DTIM Interval

Access points within 802.11 or Wi-Fi networks broadcast an extra message followed by the usual beacon message. This different message is called Delivery Traffic Indication Map or Message or DTIM.  Now, the DTIM period is quite crucial for a swift networking experience. Additionally, it can impact your networking device’s power consumption or battery health status.…

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Is 5G Dangerous to Your Health?

Is 5G Dangerous to Your Health

5G internet technology has already been introduced in many countries across the world. And, many more countries are set to adopt this technology. From what we know, 5G is about to bring a wide range of changes to our internet experience. However, there are various health concerns regarding it. Many experts have linked 5G to…

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What is 5G & How Does It Work? [Explained 2022]

What is 5G

The history of the mobile network is magnificent and mankind has manifested a remarkable evolution. Well, the journey of mobile networks started with 1G and it continues with 2G, 3G, and 4G. Most of the population is right now connected to 4G mobile networks. But, the 5th generation or 5G mobile network is almost knocking…

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Will 5G Replace Cable? (5G vs DOCSIS 3.1) — A Detailed Guide

Will 5G Replace Cable

5G is better than DOCSIS 3.1 cables in many terms. It offers a faster internet connection than broadband cables. Besides, 5G has lower latency and is compatible with smart devices. However, it requires an Ethernet or LAN port to connect DOCSIS 3.1 cables. Thus, you can’t connect it to smartphones or voice assistants. A DOCSIS…

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What is WiFi Isolation? Should I Enable It?

WiFi Isolation

Ensuring optimal security on your network is a crucial step you must take as a router user. And, there are various ways to do that. You probably know a wide range of measures to protect your WiFi network. But, it will only benefit you if you can use a few more measures. After all, cybersecurity…

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Ethernet vs Wi-Fi — Which One Provides the Best Connection?

Ethernet vs Wi-Fi

Choosing a wireless connection over a wired one depends on many factors. Ethernet is ideal for users who need a constant internet connection. And, it also offers lower latency than Wi-Fi. But, Wi-Fi provides more convenience than Ethernet. Switch to Wi-Fi from Ethernet if you aren’t tethered to a specific location. Moreover, you can move…

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