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Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi? 5 Best Fixes

Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Smart TVs are a must add to your privileged living space or luxurious bedroom. And, Sony Bravia series has always been unbeatable in terms of excellent picture quality, audio, and other impressive features. No doubt, why people like to invest in Sony smart TVs nowadays. But, users have been reporting the Sony smart TV not…

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Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves — How to Fix?

Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves

The “ready to Connect when network quality improves” message appears when the Wi-Fi is slow. Usually, this error occurs when the router fails to connect to the internet. Ensure the DSL modem is working properly and is connected to the router. Otherwise, you might end up getting this connectivity issue on Android devices. This error…

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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Hotspot or Wi-Fi?

Connect Nintendo Switch to Hotspot

Nintendo Switch is the favourite gaming device for those who don’t like to carry heavy laptops around. Nintendo Switch can be your perfect buddy if you are on the go and want to avoid boredom. However, you might be thinking about how to play on Nintendo Switch without an uninterrupted internet connection. If you carry…

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Ethernet is Slower than WiFi: What to do?

Ethernet is Slower than WiFi

More or less, we all have the experience with Wi-Fi and its dropping feature now and then. That’s why most people prefer a wired connection or ethernet connection compared to Wi-Fi one. But, you might be surprised to come across that ethernet can go slower than Wi-Fi, and the logic of wired connection fails. You…

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3 Ways to Change NAT Type on PC

Change NAT Type on PC

NAT or Network Address Translation is a dedicated service to translate IP addresses. There are different NAT types, and they function differently. Why should anyone change NAT type PC? Modifying the NAT type on your PC efficiently makes a difference in the network traffic. For example, you might be experiencing lag in between high-end games.…

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An Easy Guide on How to Change NAT Type PS4

How to Change NAT Type PS4

The PlayStation 4 users can experience network issues while streaming online games. Sometimes, the players might encounter system lag issues and a high ping rate. Many tend to think that this problem occurs because of an unstable Wi-Fi connection. However, PS4 generates this internet dropping issue for setting an incorrect NAT type. Change the NAT…

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Why is My Cox Panoramic WiFi Blinking Orange?

Why is My Cox Panoramic WiFi Blinking Orange

Your Cox router might show different coloured lights depending on its activity. And, you might often see a blinking orange light on it. If you are wondering, it indicates that your router is trying to connect to the network. So, it is not a problem in most cases. But, you might often find the light…

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Computer says No internet, but Internet Works — How to Troubleshoot?

Computer says No internet, but Internet Works

Microsoft released a new update on the latest Windows 10 devices. After installing this update, the computer is showing the “no internet access” message. Roll back to the previous Windows OS version to resolve this connection issue. Sometimes, you might get this error even when there is a stable internet connection. Restarting the Windows computer…

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Fix Android TV Box Connected to WiFi but No Internet

Android TV Box Connected to WiFi but No Internet

The latest Android TV boxes have wireless functionality to connect to your router. So, you can access the internet on them for streaming your favourite shows. Connecting the TV box to your Wi-Fi network is an easy task in most cases. It works similarly to what it does on your smartphone or computer. However, you…

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PS4 NAT Type Failed? 4 Major Solutions You Must Try

PS4 NAT Type Failed

PlayStation is a sensation for gamers and it’s still famous for innovative launches. Recently, PS4 users have complained that they have been suffering from an error called PS4 NAT Type failed. Glitches are very common when it comes to any device. Generally, it causes the chat and other network services to be unavailable while playing…

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