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How Can a C# Help in Getting an IP Address

How Can a C# Help in Getting an IP Address?

The IP address is very necessary for networking. But from C #’s point of view, it might not be that important. Let’s start exploring the System. Net namespace, this will make things much clear. Generally, we get the IP address with the help of ipconfig. 

If you execute on the administrative command prompt, then you will get the result of the network details for instance the host name, P address and gateway. Henceforth to handle this, we have come across System.Net namespace. C# is an object-oriented, modern type-safe programming language. It helps to build different types of secure and robust applications. 

Methods Used For Getting IP Address Using C#

We have provided a few functions that will help you to get the IP address using C#. The provided codes use the system.NET namespace to get the hostname and then for the hostname to get the IP address. 

1. Using the GetHostName() Method

First, you need to start a new console project in the visual studio. After that, you need to add a namespace to the project. It is very important that you know which IP address you really want. You need to specify each and every detail. So that you can etch the hostname with the help of the gethostname() method. Finally, you are ready to get the IP address of the host. Below we have given the code, you can take a look at it. 

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using System.Net; //Include this namespace

namespace IpProto


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            string hostName = Dns.GetHostName(); //Retrieve the Name of HOST


           // Get the IP

            string myIP = Dns.GetHostByName(hostName).AddressList[0].ToString();

            Console.WriteLine(“My IP Address is :”+myIP);





And in the output, you will get the IP address 

2. Using The GetHostEntry() Method

Another method through which you can find the Ip address is the GetHostEntry() method. This method questions DNS and returns the Ip address. In order to get the IP address of a machine, follow the steps. 

  • To begin with, you need to include
  • To get the Ip address of the host you need the name of the host. So that by using this method, you can rediscover the name of the host from the DNS class.
  • For the specific host name, this method gives a structure of type hostent. We have given the codes below. 

 // C# program to print the IP address of the machine

using System;  

using System.Text;  

using System.Net;

class GFG{

static void Main() 


    // Getting hostname

    string host = Dns.GetHostName();

    // Getting ip address using hostname

    IPHostEntry ip = Dns.GetHostEntry(host);




And for the output, you will get the result. 


So these are the two methods that you can try to get the IP address via C#. We have also given the codes that you need to type on the board. Thus, you won’t face any problem dealing with it. 

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