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Google Fiber Blinking Red

Google Fiber Blinking Red: Meaning and How to Fix It

Google Fiber Blinking Red

A blinking red light might indicate a problem with your router’s internet connection. In the case of Google Fiber, it might also mean a hardware problem. You would have to contact a technician to fix any hardware issues with the device. However, you can fix the internet connection all by yourself with some simple steps.

Here, we will look at the most effective troubleshooting steps for Google Fiber blinking red. At least one of them should help you resolve the problem.

So, you must give them a try before reaching out to a professional. If these solutions are ineffective, you can always reach out to the support team for help.

6 Troubleshooting Steps for Your Google Fiber Blinking Red

The causes of the problem might range from temporary errors to misconfigurations. And, the appropriate solution would differ depending on the cause.

Are you unable to find the reason for the problem? Then, proceed with applying each of the following steps until you get an effective solution:

Reboot the Fiber Jack and Network Box

The network box, and fiber jack are crucial components of your Google Fiber system. They might face some temporary errors under various circumstances while functioning.

In such cases, you can resolve the issue by restarting both components. Unplug the network box while running and leave it that way for at least 30 seconds.

Plug the network box back into the socket after the waiting period. Then, check whether the ‘Google Fiber blinking red’ issue persists. If it does, it is still struggling to connect to the internet. And, you must restart the Fiber Jack device as well. You must do that the same way as you did in the case of the network box.

If this solution is ineffective, you must check for problems with the cable connections. Fixing them can help you resolve the issues with connecting to the internet.

Fix Faulty Cable Connections

Cable connection issues are common reasons routers cannot access the internet. So, you must check for any issues with the cable connections to your Google Fiber. If there are any, you can usually fix them all by yourself. In any case, fixing faulty connections will ensure an effective solution.

Make sure all cables connected to the network box are inserted firmly. Reconnect them to the router’s port to refresh the connection and resolve any errors. Also, make sure that you have connected all cables to the right port. If that does not fix the Google Fiber blinking red, try replacing the cables.

You must replace any damaged cables immediately to ensure a long-lasting solution. If the problem persists, you must also consider a faulty power outlet as the cause.

Connect to Another Power Outlet

Your Google Fiber might not be at fault for the problem you are facing. A faulty power outlet is a possible cause of the blinking red light. So, you must try connecting the router to a different outlet for a solution.

Have you been connecting the router to power indirectly? If yes, that might explain the Google Fiber blinking red in your case.

Your router might not get sufficient power if you indirectly connect it to the outlet. So, you must plug it into a wall socket and check whether that fixes the problem. If the problem persists, you must make sure that there is no service outage.

Contact Your ISP

Have you failed to fix the problem with the previous steps? If yes, then that might indicate a service outage in many cases. So, you must verify your service status if you are unsure about it. Reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) to check for a service outage.

In case of an outage, all you can do is wait for the service to resume. After all, you cannot fix service problems and must rely on the ISP. Once they fix the issue, you should be able to continue using your Google Fiber.

But, what if the Google Fiber blinking red persists after the outage? In that case, you must make sure that your router has the latest driver. If there is no outage, check whether the ISP has activated your network.

Get the Latest Firmware

Regular firmware updates are crucial for maintaining your router’s performance. Otherwise, you might face issues while trying to access the internet. So, outdated firmware is a possible cause of the blinking red light. You must update the firmware right away if the previous methods fail to do the trick. However, that works differently on Google Fiber than on other routers.

Unlike on other routers, Google Fiber’s firmware updates automatically. And, this process might take at least a few minutes. You must keep the device on when it is updating the firmware.

Once it is done, you should not find the Google Fiber blinking red. If you do, then that might indicate a misconfiguration in the device.

Reset the Network Box and Fiber Jack

Your router would face a wide range of problems with a misconfiguration. And, a blinking red light is one of the possible signs of a misconfiguration. So, you must try resetting the router as a last resort. This can fix a wide range of problems and might do the trick in case of internet issues.

Apart from the network box, you must reset the Fiber Jack device. After all, both of them are vulnerable to misconfigurations. Configure them again after the reset and check whether the ‘Google Fiber blinking red issue’ persists. If this method does not fix the problem, your router might have hardware issues.

Get Your Google Fiber Inspected

Did you fail to fix the blinking red light yourself? Then, you must reach out to the support team right away and explain the problem to them. Call a reliable technician to inspect your device and detect any hardware issues. If required, you must replace the router for a long-lasting solution.