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How to Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi Devices — An Easy Guide

Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi

Google automatically wipes out the Cloud data from the Wi-Fi devices after 6 months. But, sometimes, it faces problems resetting the networking equipment for unstable internet connection. The Google Wi-Fi users need to restore the factory settings via a mobile app. Moreover, the latest Google Wi-Fi devices have a built-in reset button. Use that to…

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Google Fiber Blinking Red: Meaning and How to Fix It

Google Fiber Blinking Red

A blinking red light might indicate a problem with your router’s internet connection. In the case of Google Fiber, it might also mean a hardware problem. You would have to contact a technician to fix any hardware issues with the device. However, you can fix the internet connection all by yourself with some simple steps.…

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Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red: How to Fix the Problem?

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red

Flashing red lights always indicate a problem on most Wi-Fi devices. And, this applies to your Google Wi-Fi as well. You might often find multiple points of your Google Wi-Fi mesh system blinking red. This problem can have many possible causes and hence various possible solutions. But, you can usually fix it effectively all by…

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