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What Modem is Compatible With Windstream?

Modem Compatible With Windstream

Windstream offers you a wide range of data plans to suit all types of user needs. And, you can choose any of them depending on your requirements. But, you must make sure to use a router that is compatible with Windstream internet services. Not all router models out there are compatible with Windstream internet after…

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3 Best Mediacom Compatible Modem of 2022 & Beyond

Mediacom Compatible Modem

Mediacom allows users to share the internet with a wide range of modems. Get up to 300 Mbps upstream and downstream speed using a compatible modem. Ensure the device you choose can handle the plan’s speed you have subscribed for. For instance, you won’t get the required speed if you get a 200 Mbps modem…

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Can You Have Two Modems in One House Spectrum: Things You Should Know

Can You Have Two Modems in One House Spectrum

Everyone desires a reliable internet connection across the premises, whether it’s an office or home. Buffering, meanwhile enjoying your favourite web series, is not something you want. The Wi-Fi signal might appear low if you move to another room where the router and modem are missing. On the other hand, a mesh wireless network can…

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No DSL Light On Modem: Why and How to Fix it

No DSL light on modem

A modem’s DSL light remains off when it fails to detect a network connection. This happens when you use damaged Ethernet or power cables. A loose coax connection prevents the networking equipment from connecting to the internet. Thus, check these modem cables in the first place and replace the faulty cables. Sometimes, the modem faces…

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Motorola Modem Login – How to Log into Your Motorola Modem?

Motorola Modem Login

You customise your Motorola modem/ router by accessing its interface, and you need to use its default IP address for doing so. Apart from that, you also need the right credentials to be able to log into our router. Once you have these details, you can easily log into your modem/ router. Are you looking…

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The Modem Router Difference — Gets all Facts Cleared

Nowadays, people are more comfortable with wireless networks. That is why the trend of establishing wireless has continued. Depending upon what type of connection you choose, you are given one or two network devices — the modem and the router. But, some people are still confused about the Modem Router difference.  One thing you must…

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