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192.168.o.1 – Login Admin – Default Router IP Address

Well, is the most common IP address that is used by wireless routers. This default address is assigned for the home LAN network. If you use a D-Link or Netgear router, then you must be familiar with Though the router manufacturers set this IP address, you can always change that. But, for that, make sure to take help from the network administrators. Otherwise, the home router users won’t enhance web security.

But, it’s recommended not to change the default router IP address if there’s any network issue. There are certain reasons why most wireless devices use This default gateway can be set up with a large address range. Moreover, this private address is less vulnerable to security threats. With 192.168.01, many have prevented potential cyber crimes while working from home.

However, change the router password immediately if you get the “192.168.01 is not secure” message.

Which Routers Use

Many renowned router manufacturers use as the IP address. But, do you know why? Because it is a Class C network range that is easy to access and can be used in small-scale firms. Additionally, there is no bandwidth limitation associated with Even with this private network, the router users can connect almost 254 devices. But, make sure to keep as the configuration and as the local gateway address.

Some home networks drop the internet speed after connecting many devices. But, with, you won’t face such issues. Instead, the users can share multiple files or browse through the internet quickly. This is why more than 50+ router makers have been assigned this default gateway. And, here is the list of the router brands where you can find

  • AT&T
  • Belkin
  • Cisco
  • Dovado
  • Encore
  • Huawei
  • Konica
  • Linksys
  • Nexland
  • OKI
  • MediaLink
  • OpenGear
  • SparkLAN
  • 3COM
  • SnapGear
  • TP-Link and other popular router brands

How Can You Login to

If you want to access the router’s IP address, it is important to know its password. Without that, you won’t be able to configure the router settings. Different routers use different default IP addresses. Thus, it becomes essential to know the router’s IP address in the first palace. And, for that, go to the “Start” menu, and then move to the search bar next and write ‘Command Prompt”.

Once you get that, tap on it to open the Command prompt window. Consider writing “ipconfig” when the window appears on the screen. Make sure to hit the “Enter” button, and it will help you to see the router’s default gateway. If the IP address is “”, follow these instructions to login into it:

  • Open any web browser and head to the address bar. You have to write the router’s IP address – over there.
  • A login page will open on the laptop or computer screen. Provide the correct router’s username and password there.
  • Don’t forget to tap on the “Login” button right after that.

After entering the right login credentials, a configuration page pops up on the screen. And, from there, you can easily change the security or WPA mode or bandwidth type. But, if you are using a web browser with an expired SSL certificate, then you can’t access this login page. In such instances, consider renewing the SSL certificate and then try to access t192.168.0.1.

How to Reset the Username and Password for

If you are unable to access, then you might have provided the wrong credentials. The router users need to change the username or password in such circumstances. But, do you know how to do that? Reset the wireless router back to its default settings. It seems easy to reset the router with a IP address. But, it will be better to contact the router expert to avoid further issues.

Most D-Link or NetGear routers come with a “Reset” button. All you need to do is press that button to revert the routers to their default configuration. Take a paperclip or any small object and insert that into the “Reset” hole to tap the button. Hold the Reset button with that object for 10-15 seconds. And, after releasing the button, turn on the router and go to the W-Fi settings. Set a new and hard to decode password by going to the “SSID” section. If you want to change the password, then move to the “WPA2/WEP” key section.

Unable to Connect to Here’s How to Fix It

Many router users have faced difficulty while changing the IP address to You might have tried to fix this problem by restarting the device. But, that won’t help you to resolve this IP address conflict. To fix this problem, tap on the network icon from the taskbar. Right after that, go to the Wi-Fi network’s settings and choose the “View Status of Your LAN connection” option.

Did you get the Internet Protocol option? Select that and change the protocol type to “TCP” or “IPv4”. Additionally, the router users need to change the subnet mask to “255.255.2555.0’. Lastly, look for the default gateway type and reset it to “”. But, if this solution doesn’t help you fix this problem, use the network troubleshooting tool. And, for further recommendations, make sure to contact a veteran router repair expert.