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The digital world is not so different from our physical one. Have you ever imagined how you can reach anyone’s house without the right address? The digital world also works in a similar manner. If you have to send someone an email or any mode of communication, you have to assign a sender’s address. But, what about browsing different websites?

Well, they also come with definite IP addresses. Once you enter the website URL the network components will translate it into an IP address and lead you to the desired destination. And, IP addresses are categorised into public and private addresses. is a private IP address and only selected vendors can use it.

Let’s check what is and which router manufacturers can use as their gateways.

What is is one of the most common gateways to access wireless routers. It is the specific IP address that is registered for your home LAN. is an IP address. When there is an infinite number of computers and network devices across the globe, how can one determine which one should be the destination for your data? It’s the duty of the IP address to send and receive the right data from the right source and to the destination.

There is a strict set of rules when it comes to the traversal of data packets. The TCP/IP protocol is there to categorise any kind of file in smaller packets of uniform data. Every data packet consists of the source and destination addresses. Whenever the data packet travels through every router it gets closer to the destination.

Now, coming back to, this directly addresses your router. When you connect all your network devices to your router, the router shares the same IP address with every device. This is why people don’t want to share the home LAN with any stranger. When it is regarding the IP address of your router, the identity and location of yours are related to it.

Who assigns you the IP address of the router? It’s your Internet Service Provider who imposes the IP address. And, there’s nothing that you can change when you are talking about your router’s IP address.

How does the Router Telecast the Right Data Packet to the Right Device?

When you have connected all your network-enabled devices to the router, then how can the router route all the data packets to all connected devices? This is the actual responsibility of the router. Your home router routes the definite packet of data to the deserving device of your home.

The router utilises a Network Address Translation function or table to keep track which home device should get the packet. Thus, the data packets get received by the rightful recipient rather than just any other device.

Why is Assigned in Particular?

This question is quite common for curious users. The exact reason behind assigning as the router address is not precise. However, there is a logical explanation available. Well, there are a limited number of IP addresses and every combination should be unique. Otherwise, it can be traumatic for users and devices.

IP addresses come into diverse ranges. For your information, there are only five classes of IP addresses ranging from A to E. IP addresses with classes A, B, and C are meant for private IP addresses. These addresses are reserved for internal network implementation and not for larger internet uses.

When you are particularly talking about, it belongs to the Class C networks. It denotes the small Local Area Networks or LANs. LANs start with, and they can stretch up to

Can you Login to

Most of the routers come with this specific IP address. And, you can definitely log in to and make any necessary changes to the network interface. Here’s how you can enter the router admin portal.

  1. Inspect if your device will get a stable network connection. Make sure that you have either connected an Ethernet cable or joined a wireless network.
  2. Now, go to your favourite web browser and type in the address bar. Press Enter to reach the login portal.
  3. After that, you have to provide the admin credentials such as usernames and passwords on the portal. There are default admin username and password for administrators.
  4. Enter them and click the Login option.

Congratulations! You have entered the wireless configuration of the router.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

Well, might not be the default gateway of your router. Since your IP address is different from, you can easily discover the IP address of your router. Here’s the trick that will work for all:

  1. Connect your Windows device to the wireless network of the router.
  2. Click the Start menu and select Command Prompt. Open the Command Prompt window.
  3. Type ‘ipconfig’ and press the Enter key.
  4. Check the entry beside the Default Gateway option. This is the IP address of the router.

What if you Can’t Access the Router’s Admin Portal? might lead you to the router admin portal, but the lack of the right credentials won’t let you enter the configuration window. Hence, you have to reset your router. Go through the router’s user manual to find out the factory reset process. Additionally, check out the default login credentials for your router for successful login. Hopefully, you are satisfied with your queries.