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Xfinity Router Blinking White

Xfinity Router Blinking White: How To Fix Within 5 Minutes

Xfinity Router Blinking White

Xfinity routers are excellent for seamless wireless connectivity around home and office. Now, every router comes with LEDs for detecting different statuses while working. The stable or blinking status defines the activity of the Xfinity router, like any other router. If anything goes wrong with your router’s activity, a particular LED might start blinking or flashing.

Now, you might be experiencing an Xfinity router blinking white. Depending upon circumstances, your Xfinity router might start flashing white, blue, green, orange, or red.

However, this guide only covers what you should do when your Xfinity router blinks white.

Let’s find out what Xfinity router blink white means and how you can handle it.

Xfinity Router Blinking White: What does it Indicate?

When the Xfinity router shows a solid white light, the router is well connected to the internet. Additionally, the internet connection is strong. But, the Xfinity router blinking white indicates that the internet connection is not stable. Or, the service you’re connected to is not active yet.

A few instances can invoke the unstable connection, and therefore, the Xfinity router blinking white situation occurs. Fortunately, some feasible solutions can eliminate the internet connection issues, and your Xfinity router will get a solid white light.

How to Solve the Xfinity Router Blinking White Situation?

Start with simple solutions to get a solid white light instead of a blinking one on your Xfinity router. Any minor glitches might cause the Xfinity router blinking white instance.

Check out the solutions below:

Power Cycle the Xfinity Router

A simple power cycle can do wonders. We think a power cycle should be a must when you face the Xfinity router blinking white problem. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Turn off the Xfinity router.
  2. Remove the power cord from the power supply.
  3. Additionally, remove the power cable from the router, if possible.
  4. Next, you have to wait for 60 seconds before you plug the power cable back into the router.
  5. Now, you can insert the power cord into the electrical outlet. Then, turn on the router.

Observe if the Xfinity router is now flashing a solid white light. You can also use the official Xfinity router app to log out of the admin panel and restart the router.

However, the above process is the most functional one. If the Xfinity router blinking white issue persists, you can proceed with the following fixes.

Look for Loose Connections

Physical connections can make the Xfinity router blink white indefinitely, apart from incompatibility within the settings. Therefore, you should check out this hack and rectify the connection if required.

Even though you are using a wireless connection, you should check the connection between your router and modem. The ethernet cable should be tightly attached to the Xfinity router and modem. Additionally, the modem’s ethernet cable connecting to the wall connection should be tight.

Moreover, you should look for fraying or corrosion of cables connecting to any of your network components. If you find any damage, then you should replace them or go for expert intervention. This should mitigate the Xfinity router blinking white issue.

Factory Reset the Xfinity Router

Restarting or power cycling the Xfinity router is not enough for eliminating every issue. That’s why you might have to rely on a factory reset of the Xfinity router. Resetting the router will roll back every network setting to its factory default form.

You need to locate the reset button on your router and grab a paperclip. Push the reset button with the twisted paper clip and hold it for seconds. You can release the reset button if the Xfinity routers start flashing LEDs. Next, the router will restart, and you should not turn off the router.

Apart from trying this manual reset process, you can go to the router’s web console. Then, execute the reset process there. Keep in mind that all the network settings, including SSID, admin username, and passwords will be restored to their factory default settings.

Complete the Xfinity Activation Process

The incomplete activation process can invoke the Xfinity router blinking white issue. So, you need to complete the Xfinity activation process, which will address the problem. Follow the instructions to proceed:

  1. Install the Xfinity router app on your smartphone. There are different versions available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. When you are done with the installation, it will show you a Getting Started screen.
  3. Go through the on-screen instructions and reach the page where you have to provide your Xfinity login ID and password. If you don’t have an ID and password, go to the official registration page of Xfinity routers.
  4. You have to scan the QR code present on the label of the Xfinity router. This is mandatory to recognise the gateway of the router.
  5. Next, the app will direct you with certain things necessary for a complete setup of the Xfinity router.

Once you are done with the setup, the Xfinity router activation process will end. Now, check if the Xfinity router is still blinking the white light.

When activating the Xfinity router services, the router might restart a few times. Therefore, you need not worry about this.

Contact Internet Service Provider or Customer Support

If nothing helps you achieve a solid white light on your Xfinity router, then there are chances of something wrong with the internet connection. Take follow-ups from your Internet Service Provider and share your experiences with them. They might tell you what to expect in the upcoming hours if the service is down currently.

On the other hand, you can connect to the customer support team of Xfinity routers. They can help you with remote support. Additionally, they might assist you in diagnosing hardware faults, if any, for the Xfinity router blinking white situation.