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Red Globe on Fios Router

Red Globe on Fios Router — What It Is & How To Fix It?

Red Globe on Fios Router

Verizon’s Fios routers display a red globe with no internet access. Restart the wireless router to overcome this connectivity issue. Loose or damaged cables could cause this problem in the wireless routers. Ensure the power cables are connected properly to the electrical outlet.

Replace the power resources if you find any wear and tear there. Moreover, the red globe on the Fios router appears when there is a server outage. Usually, Fios resolves this network problem within a minute. However, if it takes time to do that, reset the network settings immediately.

Change the bandwidth frequency to overcome this connectivity error. Always place the Fios router close to the Wi-Fi enabled devices, like PC or smartphones. Otherwise, it might face problems while connecting to the internet.

Disable the antivirus program when accessing the private websites. And, don’t use a VPN connection when browsing the internet.

What Causes the Red Globe on Fios Router?

Several reasons could trigger the red globe error in the Fios router. A faulty Ethernet cable could prevent the router from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Replace this router cable immediately to restore the internet connection. Moreover, an incorrect access point name might also generate this problem.

Reset the access point name and use the internet without hassle. Sometimes, outdated firmware could cause this communication error in the router. Install the latest router firmware to fix the red globe on the Fios router. Or, you can also change the modem’s location to get back the internet connection.

Red Globe on Fios Router — What Does it Indicate?

The advanced Fios router’s globe icon shows the internet status. It turns white when the router provides a stable internet connection. And, it blinks red when there is no Wi-Fi connection. There are three instances when the globe on the router turns red.

Is the red globe light flashing fast? This indicates the router is overheating. A solid red globe means something is wrong with the router. If the red light is flashing slowly, there is a problem in the router’s gateway.

Usually, it happens for high bandwidth usage. Limit the number of devices connected to the router to resolve the red globe error.

4 Easy Solutions to Resolve the Red Globe on Fios Router

There are many ways to fix this problem from the wireless router. However, you should first know the reason behind the red globe on the Fios router. It could be for changing the IP configuration. Reset the Fios router’s IP address to eliminate this connectivity problem.

If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to restore the internet connection.

Check for Service Outage

The router fails to connect to the internet because Fios’s servers get overloaded. This is why the wireless router fails to handle the incoming request. Check whether there is an outage going on the Fios servers. Open a web browser, go to the address bar and write “Fios support”.

Press the Enter button and look for the Fios support page from the searched results. Go to the search box and write the problem that you are experiencing. Tap on “Next” when the next web page opens and select “Yes” to get the troubleshooting solutions. Follow them to fix the red globe on the Fios router.

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Reboot the Fios router and modem to resolve this connection issue. First, unplug the wireless router’s power cables to turn off this device. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and power off the modem afterwards. Now, it’s time to switch off the Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops or smart TVs.

Reconnect the router’s power cables to the electrical outlet after a while. Wait until the Fios router’s globe icon turns white from red. Plugin the modem’s power cords to the outlet and check if its power LED is blinking green. If yes, restart the compatible devices and connect them to the Wi-Fi. Use the internet without further network interference.

Reset the Wireless Router

Every user should reset the Fios router after every three months. Otherwise, it might generate complicated network problems and prevent you from using Wi-Fi. Additionally, a factory reset will increase the device’s security.

Many take an expert’s help to restore the router’s default settings. However, you can do that without technical support using a button.

Didn’t find the Fios router’s reset button? It is located on the device’s back panel. Press that with a paperclip for at least 10-15 seconds.

Release the button when the Fios router’s internet light turns white. The router will restart after the reset. This indicates that you have resolved the connection issue from the home router. And, if the error persists, press the reset button for 15-30 seconds instead.

Check the Verizon Fios Access Point Name (APN)

Verifying the Fios router APN might be challenging without knowing the IP address. This is why you should check the router’s default gateway IP in the first place. Usually, it is mentioned on the product page. If you don’t find that over there, access the Control Panel tool.

Additionally, users can press the Windows and R keys together and write “cmd” when the Run box appears. Enter “ipconfig/all” and go to the “Default Gateway” section to find the IP address. Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write the local gateway IP. Hit the Enter key to open the login page and click “Sign In” afterwards.

When the router’s dashboard opens, move towards the “Network” section. Tap on “WAN” and choose the Access Point Name option. Check the access point names available in the list. Click add and write “vzwinternet” in the blank field and choose “Save Changes”. Restart the Fios router, and it will provide high-speed internet without any glitches.

Lastly, Reset the Optimal Network Terminal…

Still getting the red globe on the Fios router? Reset the ONT to fix this connectivity error. Locate the Alarm Silence button on the device. Press that for 15-30 seconds and release the button when all the status lights turn on.

These lights will turn off after a few seconds, and the router will restart automatically. And, the router will connect to the Wi-Fi without issues. Or, you can also update the network adapter to resolve this internet loss problem. Contact a router expert immediately if the red globe is still on.