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Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision: Complete Product Review

The Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision comes with lots of unique features. You will get premium benefits if you install it with your ADT Pulse system. This camera has a great low-light facility. Moreover, the Wireless iCamera 1000 has 12 infrared LEDs which allow you to view in darker conditions comfortably. Also, it gives you 60 degrees wide-angle camera view. Basically, this product is very durable and compact in size and it is extremely waterproof and dustproof. Wireless iCamera 1000 is designed with Wi-Fi Protected Access which offers optimal security and advanced data protection. Have a look at some of the premium features of this Wireless iCamera 1000 camera.

Premium Features

  • This product comes with 12 infrared LEDs.Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision
  • Suitable in low light conditions.
  • VGA (640×480).
  • Gives you a 60-degrees diagonal viewing angle.
  • Extremely waterproof and dustproof.
  • Always capture crystal clear and crisp pictures.
  • You can view the videos on H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG formats.
  • It comes with Wi-Fi Protected Access which always offers optimal security and advanced data protection features.
  • Extremely durable and compact in size.
  • Wireless Data encryption.

Product Details

Have a look at the amazing features that you get with this iCamera (Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision):

Front panel

The front panel of the iCamera 1000 comes with 6 different units. These are:

Light Sensor:

This is the first part of the front panel. Basically, this part is used to detect the lighting conditions.


IR LEDs come after the light sensor. This allows you to see the clear picture in low light and dark conditions.

Day Camera Lens

The day camera lens is another important unit of the iCamera 1000. The lens is also comfortable for in a sunny day.

Night Camera Lens

The night camera lens is similar to the day camera lens and is perfect for low light and dark conditions.


It has six different phases or conditions. ‘On’ means, the power is on while ‘Off’ means, the power is off.

Blinking of the power light means the data is ready to transmitted or received. Blinking Slow light states the weak strength of the Wi-Fi signal. Medium blinking light means the strength of the Wi-Fi signal is normal. Blinking of the light states the good strength of the Wi-Fi signal and internet connectivity is strong as well.

Network LED

The last part of the front panel is the Network LED and it has basically two main parts (On and Off).

Rear Panel

Now, we are going to discuss the rear panel in detail. Basically, it has three parts which are as follows:

LAN Port

It is the major and most important part of the rear panel. Basically, this port is used to connect the iCamera with the ADT pulse gateway.

Stand Mount

This part comes after the LAN port. The stand mount is used to build the connection between the stand and the iCamera.

Advanced Reset Button Feature

The button generally provides two major functions. The first one is a ‘reboot’ and the other is ‘Clear all data’. Reboot occurs when you click and release the reset button at the same time and you have to reset the factory default settings to clear all data.

Installation Procedure Of iCamera 1000

In this section, we will briefly discuss the installation process of the iCamera 1000. Basically, the setup process is easy. You have to follow the steps carefully. Firstly, make sure to connect the LAN cable which is given at the backside of the camera to the LAN port. After that, you should connect the other end with the LAN port of Y cable. Next, you need to connect the Y cable into the device LAN port and finally, connect the power adapter with the power source.

Steps To Connect iCamera-1000-ADT To Your ADT Pulse Wireless Network?

After processing, ensure to add the iCamera 1000 ADT to your ADT pulse wireless network.

So, you need to open the browser and go to the official site. The page will ask you to enter your personal details to register, type the password and the username and then click on the Sign In button to access. After that, you have to open the “system” tab and click the “manage device” button. After doing this, the “manage device assistant” page will open. So, on this page, you have to click on the “cameras” option and select the “iCamera” option for continuing the process. Then, you need to assign a unique name in the space and type MAC ID for continuing the process.

After completing the steps, make sure to connect the camera of the gateway to the device port via an ethernet cable. When it is connected, click the ‘continue’ and ‘finish’ buttons for the completion of the whole process.

Mounting Procedure

Now, we are going to discuss the wall mounting procedure. First of all, you have to find the area where the camera can be mounted. After you got the place, inside the holes you need to make two small marks of the mounting and attach the wall plate to the back stand. Then, you have to attach the iCamera stand and connect the LAN port with the PoE cable. Afterward, make sure to connect another end of the PoE cable with the help of the holes to the charger and adjust the position. When the whole setup is completed, join the power adapter with the power source.

PIR Video Motion Detection

Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision reviewNow, we are giving you some installation tips for the motion detection. Basically, never install the camera facing direct sunlight. Also, you should not install it where the fan and air conditioner are installed. You should avoid also any heating source like fires, radiators, boilers etc. Generally, you need to find the proper place to mount the PIR camera.


  • The dimension of the product is 2.8 x 1.1 x 2.8 inches.
  • Item weight: 14.4 ounces.
  • Camera type: wireless.
  • Application: indoor and outdoor.
  • Image sensor: ⅕” CMOS sensor.
  • Resolution and Frame Rate VGA = 640 x 480.

Specifications of LED

Glance through these essential specs:

Power or Wifi LED

  • On: power on.
  • Off: power off.
  • Blinking Light- Data is being transmitted or received.
  • The Blinking Low Light- Weak strength of WiFi signal.
  • Blinking Medium Light- Strength of the WiFi signal is normal.

Network (green)

    • On (Green)- LAN/Wireless connection established.
    • Off- No active connection on the LAN port, or not associated with Wireless AP.
  • Flashing- Data is being transmitted or received.

WPS (green)

  • On- When the WPS function is failed, the WPS LED will be on for 5 seconds.
  • Off- WPS function is off.
  • Flashing- WPS function is being processed.

General Specifications

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45 degrees C (indoor), -20 to 45 degrees C (outdoor).
  • Video comparison: H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG formats.
  • Network Ethernet: 1 Ethernet 10/100BaseT (RJ45).
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 60 degrees C.
  • Number of LEDs: 3.
  • Power Adapter: 12 volt DC and 1 amp.


  • It is very easy to install to the ADT Pulse system.
  • Picture quality is very good and clean.
  • You can easily mount it on the wall.
  • It gives you a premium viewing range.
  • Very durable and compact in size.
  • Extremely waterproof and dustproof.
  • Very suitable if the environment is dark.


  • Lights are visible constantly at night.
  • Cables are slightly fat.
  • The product is not detachable.

So, we have discussed all the aspects related to the Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor And Indoor Night Vision. This camera really comes with unique features and it has a great low light facility. If you are really looking for a security camera for indoor or outdoor purposes, then definitely we suggest you buy the wireless iCamera 1000. Moreover, this camera is very durable and compact and certainly a great choice for you.