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Foscam FI9828P 1.3 Megapixel 3x Optical Zoom H.264 Wireless Outdoor PTZ IP Camera – Review

Foscam FI9828P 1.3 Megapixel 3x IP Camera is intended for observation of home, small business or other properties. It requires an Ethernet cable for the connection rather than WiFi, which assures a progressively steady association. You should not have to interface the power link, in any case, as it’s good with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Most of the Foscam’s IP cameras are accessible to Android and iOS application as well that will help you in the establishment and let you stream live 1080p video in your mobile phone, or send an alarming notification with pictures of the dubious activities.

The Foscam FI9828P exceeds expectations at the daytime video and sound quality, bringing about the clearest picture and cleanest sound of any surveillance camera from our lineup. However, it doesn’t perform so well around the evening time. However, it has a better than average element bundle.

Structure And Manufacturing

Foscam FI9828P 1.3 Megapixel 3x IP CameraThe all-metal development of this fixed camera lodging moves trust in an item that feels like it will keep going quite a while. Every one of the jolts requires an Allen scratch to make it harder for interlopers to mess with the gadget and the microSD card is covered behind the focal point cover.

A solitary link keeps running from the camera, and this at that point partitions into independent sound and video dongles, which can be found securely outside of anyone’s ability to see and reach.

As referenced, the focal point is encompassed by an amazing cluster of 30 LEDs and it tends to be calculated up or down in its pivoted metal section.

This camera performed among the best in a test that included setting a white blurb board 16 feet from the camera. We had the capacity to peruse the main four lines on the board, which not exactly 50% of the cameras enabled us to do.

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Movement is an issue with this camera. The live feed and videos of moving objects turned out uneven i.e., delaying, at that point accelerating to come back to continuous. During the evening, its LEDs light up far, however without the force expected to demonstrate detail, so the evening time pictures are low quality. The pictures were additionally mutilated by a halo impact that spread out from the middle, making it significantly harder to see.

In Detail

It’s a superb skillet, tilt and zoom camera with night vision, two-way talk, an SD card space and Cloud stockpiling feature. In spite of these strong specs, its web interface is amazingly obsolete and out and out DIY-unpleasant; shockingly, you need to explore it to effectively agree to accept email notices and to make a pack of other camera-related settings alterations.

Attach the versatile application’s absence of message pop-ups and the FI9826P’s underlying guarantee blurs quick. Since it conveys as far as optics, it will fill in as a live-spilling arrangement. Be that as it may, both the Web and portable application require significant plan updates to coordinate the continuous, DIY-surveillance camera-style of Foscam’s nearest rivalry.

An Overview

The FI9826P is a robust 1.8-pound camera that is accessible in either dark or white. In the event that your router has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button then you can associate it remotely. Else you’re adhered tying the camera to the router through the included Ethernet link. I went the WPS course and experience a couple of hiccups from the get-go.

Installation Guide

The installation guide comes up Foscam FI9828P with strolls you through a progression of steps – clicking the WPS button on the camera and on the router as well, downloading the Foscam Viewer application on your Android or iOS gadget, examining the QR code on the base of the camera and enlisting with a one of a kind username and passcode.

It additionally has an Empower Push Message feature for movement-related security occasions. Foscam affirmed that pop-up alerts are not as of now accessible on the Foscam Viewer application. However, another application ought to turn out inside the month that will offer this element.

Major Specifications

The F19901EP sports a better 4-megapixel sensor and offers an SD, HD, and full HD picture quality. The video is naturally recorded to the Foscam cloud.

To your mobile phone alarms can be pushed alongside a still picture. You can also create an account and pick your inclinations utilizing either the Foscam application on your mobile phone.

The IP66 rating implies the fixed packaging can withstand rain and work at temperatures down to -10 degrees centigrade, and its PoE confirmation affirms that you won’t have to connect the power link on the off chance that you have the correct Power over Ethernet hardware set up.

Establishment And Use

The establishment is somewhat difficult in light of the fact that the section just rotates one way. However, in any event, the screws are incorporated, and the wide 118-degree field of view will likely cover a large portion of the region you wish to overview at any rate.

Adjusting the camera with a cell phone ought to be simple. Yet, it took us several attempts to find that it essentially isn’t good with a 5GHz system. And, we needed to locate a more seasoned router which upheld 2.4GHz WiFi.

At the point when the setup wizard at last completes, you can set up the affectability of the movement sensor, when you don’t need the camera set some schedules to be activated and pick the video quality, etc. The Foscam application makes this genuinely simple to accomplish.


As far as picture quality, the F19901EP is significantly better than the normal surveillance camera in this value section. 1080p is turning into the standard for IP cameras nowadays, however, a few, similar to the Reolink Argus, still look somewhat packed. The Foscam oversees better difference and crisper outline in sunlight and a greatly improved than normal execution in obscurity. Evening shots, lit by the 30 IR LEDs, look really spooky, yet in any event, you can, for the most part, distinguish the pale appearances. Most likely the wired Ethernet association likewise results in an increasingly steady video stream.

The motion sensor is perhaps a little too sensitive. As even on its lowest setting we received a few false alarms. It’s also possible to adjust the schedule for when you wish to receive alerts to avoid.

Brief Description

The capacity to zoom up to 6x is the favorable position. In any event, it is the point at which you are in Full HD mode.  And the two-way sound could be valuable in the event that you can set this up. One element we are forgetting is the capacity to send a picture with an alarm – rather, the depiction is saved money on an FTP.

This framework just requires one power connector for cameras and the NVR. Actually, a significant number of other wired frameworks. In our survey, it needs a massive power connector for both the NVR and the cameras.

Know More

In the framework we tried, the NVR had a 1TB hard drive. However, you can physically update it later on the off chance that you require a greater limit. You can likewise buy variations on this framework with more cameras and more video stockpiling. The cameras are waterproof and dustproof, so you can introduce them outside if vital.

Foscam offers a two-year guarantee on the frameworks, which is superior to anything. The standard one-year guarantee on home security systems. It’s not exactly as long as the three-year guarantee found on something like one of the items we tried, yet at the same time great. In the event that you require help with your Foscam framework, you can contact the organization over email, mobile phone.

Closer Look

Foscam FI9828P 1.3 Megapixel 3x IP Camera reviewIt imparts a ton of highlights to other WiFi cameras we have inspected. However, its pan, tilt and zoom usefulness truly emerged. Unfortunately, even amazing specs don’t make a difference much. In case, when you can’t depend on its applications to give the data you require. Ideally, Foscam’s next round of application updates will include usability factor that is woefully absent.  And afterward, you will have the capacity to reexamine its capacity to contend as a DIY home surveillance camera.


The camera accompanies with highly advanced features that are moderately regular among IP open-air cameras of its sort. This highlight enables you to record sharp as the name recommends and centered pictures as well.

Additionally, the camera accompanies a waterproof that fences in the area that is ideal for all year use. Paying little respect to season or climate condition. The 4mm focal point guarantees a liberal 70-degree view. And the camera is additionally WiFi consistent which implies that you can remotely control it with no issues.