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Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System Receiver and 2 Long Range Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

Nowadays, security is quite an essential thing that we need to concentrate on. Every day we meet with different sorts of people personally as well as in our professional circle. So, to give ourselves the safeguard, there is a great requirement of the digital wireless security system.

The Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security is one of the most reliable security systems. This will ensure you that all your people at home are safe. And at the same time if you owned any business this will also ensure that there is no misleading act in your organization.

The Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security can be used for recording audio and video. You can use that indoors as well as in outdoor settings. This is wireless technology. So, the setup will be really easy. This security device also included 2 GB SD card. It can record up to 350 minutes of audio and video.

This is also a weather-resistant camera. So, that the security system won’t get damaged easily. The Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security has 18 infrared LED’s to see within 40 feet.

Features For The Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System

There are some great features of the Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless. And these are below:

Night Vision

Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security SystemThis security system can record clearly during the nighttime. If the places are darker or light is not good, still this security camera can take a secure picture. The camera is embedded with night vision and the 18 infrared (IR) LEDs that enable you to see easily in dark or darker locations.

You will be able to see any object within the range of 40 feet. When the place gets darker the LED’s gets activated automatically. By the daytime, the LED’s get deactivated automatically to save energy. So, we can say that you have through clock protection.

SD Card Facility

This is a good added feature with the security cameras. If anyone was around your property or entered into your property when you were not there it gets recorded. You can check that in your comfortable time. It can easily record as it comes with 2 GB SD card included. You can also choose the recording option like the record when motion is detected. There is also an option for the continuous record. And the last one is scheduled record. It is capable to record 350 minutes of audio and video.

Up to 4 Cameras

The Phoenix 301 security system can support up to 4 cameras. You can not put cameras more than four. So, which you have to use the most sensitive and vulnerable place or the spot. You can also monitor the footage on your screen. If you have a smart device like a smartphone, you can also view that footage on your smartphone.

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Wireless Technology

The Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security is wireless technology. There are no hassles for the wires and other kinds of stuff like that. It gets install automatically. There is no setting up wire, But still, it captures clear and crisp pictures. It has a superior digital function which ensures a strong signal between the camera and the monitor or any other smart connected device.

Indoor And Outdoor Camera

This security system is capable to record inside the premises and also outside the premises. This can easily en devour ruff condition of the outside physical environment. The camera is very durable and made of aluminum housing resists for any ruff weather season. It has a sun shield attached which protects the camera from the Sun’s brightest light. So whenever motion gets detected it starts recording. Though you can set the camera as per your preferences.

Motion Detection

Motion detection also can be a very handy feature of the security system. It is very flexible and adjusted as per the motion get detected. This will help you to record only when motion gets detected. After that, it starts recording. This will save energy and record only if someone gets detected.

Continuous Recording

You can also select as per your requirement. If you want continuous recording you can select that option. And the security system will record continuously. So it will record all the time and if anything goes wrong you will get to see that.

Remote Control Access

This device has remote access so that you can use it remotely. It has an IR extension which helps remote control. The system is very useful and friendly.

Pros Of The Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security

There is some positive side of using Defender px 301-013 digital wireless DVR. This basic feature makes the device very good and useful.

The pros for this particular device are:


The setup is very easy. There is no wire attached to it you can easily install that. And at the time it wirelesses so you can set it very easily. You don’t need any technical expertise to install that. The camera installs itself and you can use that.

Handy Monitors

Monitors are very handy in terms of viewing. It comes with a good screen. So, this could be treated as one of the positive sides of this security device.

Motion Sensor Feature

It has an incredible feature i.e, a motion sensor. The quality is very high of this sensor in terms of performance. The camera gets activated while the motion gets detected and it starts recording. And it also gets off while there is no motion. So this how it also saves energy.


It has good storage. It comes with a 2 GB memory card which can store up to 350 minutes of audio and video footage. So you don’t need to bother about the storage part. It can store anything while you are not around your property.

You can check that in your comfortable time. This will give enough assurance that you are being well protected and your property and other things are also protected. You can pay attention to your work in a very peaceful manner.


It is not full HD, yet you get good picture quality. The camera has enough resolution which gives you good picture quality. It also comes with good night vision. This security device has 18 infrared LED’s attached which ensures that you get good night vision. The night vision of this device is also a very highlighted point. So, in a darker place, you get protection.

While you are sleeping in the night you need the security most and this Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security won’t disappoint you here even. It is recorded continuously if anything goes wrong around your property.

Cons Of The Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security

There are certain drawbacks to using this Defender PX301-013 digital wireless DVR security. Here are some of the major cons of this particular device.

Low Range

The Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security comes with 1-2 db antenna. This could be one of the drawbacks of this security device. This is valid if you compare this device with the other good security devices, those which come with 6-9 DB antennas. And also there is no way to upgrade the antenna.  

No Wifi

The device has no WiFi compatibility. So you can’t connect that using WiFi. That is also one of the cons of this particular device.

Poor Monitor Control

The control of the monitor is not as good as compared to others. Although the remote control works good, if you try to control via monitor directly you might face a little problem. Also, AVI files need to be sent to PC and convert into mp4 to make that usable.

No IP And Internet Compatibilities

The device has no IP compatibilities or internet compatibilities. This is another drawback for this particular device. You will find it difficult to get access.

Battery Backup

The battery backup is also very important for the camera. But you won’t get a good battery backup. You need to charge it often or use an external backup device.

Our Take And Recommendation

Despite a few cons, it has some good features which make this device handy to use. The device is very easy to install. It has wireless connectivity which gets installed automatically. So don’t need any technical expertise to install that. The Defender PX301-013 digital wireless DVR security comes with night vision. It embedded with 18 infrared LED’s which make the device powerful and can easily recorder during the nighttime.

Yes, there are some drawbacks like low resolution or internet or IP compatibility. But this security device is made for the home purpose, not for your business need.

It has good homeowner stuff. It is based on the old 2.4 GHz cordless phone stander. Also, you can control your monitor via remote easily. It comes with a preloaded 2 GB micro SD card. So that you get enough storage. This security device is comparatively cheap compared with the others.

More Information

Defender PX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System reviewSo, considering all the facts we can say that if you go to this security device you will be connected wirelessly and automatically. You also get pictures and colors. There are some cool features like dual camera mode and record and more. You won’t face any kind of trouble to use this security device.

If you are looking for a camera for home purposes you can surely go for this. This security device won’t disappoint you. But if you want to use this for office purpose you might face little difficulty. In that case, you should go for a kind of security device which has a more advanced specification.

You can use these cameras for indoor and outdoor purposes. Through this camera, you will be able to keep a close look around your property, and if anything goes wrong you can go ahead and take the necessary steps.


We covered all the features of the Defender PX 301-013 digital wireless DVR security. At the same time the positive side of this security device.

However, there are some drawbacks of using this device which we already discussed.

Hence, if you consider this device for a home propose you can surely go for that. Hope this article will give you a bit understanding of the security device. And you will be able to compare with other products and make your mind before you go ahead and buy.

Thank you for reading our article. And if you have any doubt you can simply comment in our comment section.