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Troubleshoot D-Link Router Network

How to Troubleshoot D-Link Router Network Issues?

Troubleshoot D-Link Router Network

Your D-Link router can usually offer you optimal performance when it comes to browsing the web. However, like all routers, it is vulnerable to certain issues. So, you might experience trouble while using it, and you might even need to get a professional repair for it.

However, you need not contact a technician immediately as you can also troubleshoot the issue all by yourself. You can try out simple ways to fix your D-Link router’s performance. Read on to know useful troubleshooting methods for your D-link router.

Fixes for Common D-Link Router Issues

Most of the problems with your router might have multiple possible causes. So, you need to find the one that applies in your case, and you must then proceed with the appropriate solution based on that.

Do you want an immediate solution? Then, you can simply try out the following solutions one after the other:

Restart Your D-Link Router

Your router might fail to connect to the internet due to a temporary error. You can usually get an effective solution by restarting the device, and doing this will remove any temporary errors that occurred. So, switch off your router and unplug it from the socket for a minute.

Then, plug it back in and connect to its network when it is ready to go online. Check whether you can connect to the internet and proceed with the next solution if the problem persists.

Fix the Connection with the Modem

Your router will fail to connect to the internet if it has connection issues with the modem. Check the LED lights of your router and make sure they are green. Do you find a red light on your router? Then, that might indicate a connection problem between the router and modem. So, make sure the cable between them is properly connected at both ends.

You must also make sure that you have connected the cable to the same ports. The first port of your router should be connected properly to the modem’s WAN port. Check the issue after you have made the required changes.

Fix Connection Problems with Your Device

Are you unable to connect to the internet despite your router having a proper connection? Then, there might be a connection issue between the router and the client device. Re-connecting to your router’s network might fix any temporary connection issues with it. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you must also try using an ethernet connection instead.

But, what if you are facing connection issues while using an ethernet connection? In such cases, you must make sure you have connected the cable properly. Also, try using a different cable if the current one is damaged. This should resolve any problems in connecting to your router.

Change Your Router’s Location

Are you getting a low signal while using your D-Link Wi-Fi? Then this might happen due to interference from nearby networks. You might also face this issue because you are too far away from your router’s range. So, you must consider placing the router in a better location.

However, you usually need not relocate it far away from where it is placed currently. Moving it a few meters away from where it is can significantly improve the signal strength. Make sure that you move the router to a location that has proper airflow. After all, your router might often get overheated after prolonged use. And, you would face network issues when that happens. So, you must always make sure that your router remains cool.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter (For PC Users)

You can also use your device’s system to find and fix the issue with your D-Link router. In Windows devices, you can do that using the troubleshooter. This tool is present in every recent Windows version and is quite useful. You can use it to detect and fix network issues, among other problems.

Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel and click on “Troubleshoot problems”. This should open the network troubleshooter on your screen. Then, you must follow all the instructions you see to complete the process. The troubleshooter will find and repair any issues causing the problem with your D-Link router network.

Use Wireless Diagnostics (On Mac Devices)

Are you using a Mac device with your D-Link router? Then, you must use the Wireless Diagnostics program to identify and repair the problem. This works similar to the Troubleshooter on Windows.

Hold the Option key and open the Wi-Fi network options on the screen. Then, select the “Open Wireless Diagnostics” option and click on Window at the top of the new window.

Click on Scan to find the list of Wi-Fi networks near you. Then, select your D-Link router network and opt for scanning now. Proceed according to the on-screen instructions to complete the diagnosis and repair process.

Disconnect some Devices from the Network

Are you getting a slow internet connection with your D-Link router? If the aforementioned methods do not work, you must check if your network is overcrowded. As it happens, connecting too many devices to your D-Link router’s network might slow down its speed. So, remove as many devices connected to the router as possible. This simple step can significantly improve your internet connection in many cases.

Forget the Network on Your Device and Connect to it Again

Are you able to view the network but fail to connect your device to it? If reconnecting to the network does not do the trick, you might need to forget the network. This can often offer you a more effective and long-lasting solution.

Click on your D-Link router’s network and opt for forgetting it. You should be able to connect to it by entering its password after that. If that does not work, your router might need an update.

Update the Firmware

The firmware is a crucial component for maintaining your router’s performance. So, you must keep it up-to-date. Most router brands out there regularly roll out firmware updates for tier products.

You can usually download them from the official website of the manufacturer. Install it on your router, and check whether the D-Link router network issues persist.

Reach Out to the Service Provider

Are you unable to troubleshoot D-Link router issues the aforementioned ways? Then, you must contact your router provider without further delay. After all, the problem might also lie on their end. Apart from that, you must also consider setting up a Wi-Fi extender as per your requirements.