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Plume Router Login

Plume Router Login – Default Username, Password and IP Address

Plume Router Login

Plume is known for offering the best Wi-Fi router across the globe. Thousands of people use these high-end routers in their homes and offices. These devices offer high-speed and uninterrupted internet access. Plume’s Wi-Fi mesh routers come with advanced MU-MIMO technology. More than three devices can be connected with Plume wireless routers.

Even these devices have an average transmission speed of 1733 Mbps. And, the latest Plume router is capable of offering 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed. Most of the advanced Plume routers have 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bandwidth support. Plume has included safety measures in the routers to prevent DDoS attacks. Enhance the internet security by enabling these features from the admin interface.

These smart routers are easy to set up and can be configured without technical support. But, you need to access the Plume router login page to do that. Moreover, the users can also troubleshoot the connection issues from this web interface.

Need to change the Wi-Fi router’s encryption type? You can do that also from this Plume router web page. But, first, create an account of this wireless router to configure the router settings.

Requirements to Access the Plume Router Login Page

Every Plume router user should know the IP address, or else you can’t open the login page. Plume has assigned the IP address in its wireless routers. But, this might vary from one router model to another.

In the latest Plume routers, you might find as the default gateway. But, the old Plume router users should use to access the interface.

Not aware of the Plume router’s IP address? Right-click on the Wi-Fi name, tap on “Open Network and Sharing Center”. And, when the next window opens, navigate to the “Connections” tab and select “Ethernet” or “Wi-Fi”. Choose the “Details” option when the wireless network window appears. The Plume router users will get all the network details on this page. Go to the “IPv4 Default Gateway” section to find the wireless router’s default IP address.

What else needs to be Checked?

The Plume router users need to find the username and password. These credentials are required to access the Plume router login page. Usually, most routers have “admin” as their username and “password” as the password.

But, this might vary depending on the Plume router model you use. Thus, contact the router administrator if you don’t know these login details.

Moreover, you can get these details in the label that’s present at the Plume router’s backside. Check the router’s user manual to know the default password and username. And, before processing the login steps, ensure to update the router’s firmware. Use the latest version of the web browser to avoid login issues.

Place the Plume router close to the PC to prevent network error. Check whether the ethernet cable is connected to the right router port. Don’t start the Plume router login process if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Sometimes, the web browser might take time to open the Plume router login page. Restart the wireless router to eliminate this internet connection error immediately.

Easy Steps for Plume Router Login

Many Plume router owners seek an expert’s help to get into the login page. But, you can access the web interface within minutes without any technical expertise. First, open a reliable web browser, head to the address bar and write the IP address.

Press the Enter key and wait until the Plume router login page opens. Enter the default router password and username and tap on “OK” or “Login”. It will direct you to the Plume router’s login page.

Change the security options from this web page. Did you get an error message while accessing this web page? Then, you might have entered incorrect login details or the IP address of the Plume router.

Check this router information once and repeat these steps. Ensure the power cables are connected to the Plume router. A faulty power cable can often cause issues while logging into the router page. Replace this router unit immediately to fix this unwanted Plume router login issue.

How to Reset the Plume Router Password from the Login Page?

One out of three Plume router users changes the password after the initial setup. But, this can increase the security risk and makes the device vulnerable to data threats. Thus, you should consider resetting the password to secure the Plume router. Access the Plume router’s login page by entering the default IP address. Go to the “Wireless” section, tap on “Security”, and choose “WPA2-Personal”.

Navigate to the “Password” or “Passphrase Key” section and enter a 10-12 character password. Combine letters, numbers and special characters like “@*” in the password. Additionally, you can change the wireless network name from this section.

Once done, tap on “Apply” to complete the password resetting process. Even the users can use the “Reset’ button to change the Plume router password. Press this button for at least 30 seconds to revert the router to its factory settings.

How to Find the Plume Router Login IP Address?

There are plenty of ways to check Plume’s wireless router gateway IP. Do you use a Windows PC or laptop? Hold the Windows and R keys together and wait until the Run dialogue box opens.

Now, write “cmd” and hit the Enter key or tap on “OK” to get Command Prompt app.

Write “ipconfig”, press the “Enter” key again and locate the “Default Gateway” section. Here, you will find the Plume router’s private IP address.

Did you connect a Linux device with the Plume router? Then, hold the Ctrl, Alt and T keys instead to access the “Terminal” and enter “ip route| grep default” there. Press the “Enter” key to find the correct IP address of the Plume routers.

The macOS users should write “netstat-nr|grep default” in the terminal to check the gateway IP. Or, you can go to the System Preferences section, tap on “Network”, and choose the Wi-Fi name. Go to the “Advanced” tab, select “TCP/IP” to get the Plume router’s IP address. Can’t find the routers’ IP address? Contact a router expert for instant assistance.