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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7″ 8 GB WiFi Tablet (Black) SM-T113NYKAXAR – Review

Here is what you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7. This is a smaller tablet computer with a 7-inch screen, including its bright, vivid screen, slim form factor, and quick charging. However, the most interesting fact about the device is its price. If you’re used to Apple tablet pricing, you’ll be astonished Samsung has priced its Galaxy Tab E for under $200.

There is another incredible thing feature that it holds. It includes a microSD card reader so you can add up an additional 128GB of storage space for just a few dollars. Hundreds of movies, thousands of songs, whatever you want on your Android tablet, all ready to go.

Major Specification – An Overview

Samsung Galaxy Tab E LiteIn the year of 2015, Samsung introduced Tab E of 8-inch and 9.7-inch models. The company then decided to launch another device after the release of Tab E. Hence, they introduced the 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite to the rundown in the year of March 2016, model number SM-T113.

It is likely an odd one that they choose to launch this new model into the “E” series since. Even,  the device does not contain comparable specs or not suitable for same programming software as well which is present in the large-size version.

The main motto to introduce the E Lite is to replace the Tab 3 Lite. We can also say that it is an expansion of the “E” model lineup. It looks simply like Tab 3, and the specs are fundamentally the same.

Hardware Description

If we talk about the specs, then Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is generally put at the base of Samsung’s tablet pecking order. Also, it’s at the base as far as cost. However, to see Samsung getting on the lower end is not surprising, particularly with the accomplishment of Amazon’s Fire tablets.

When you buy a Samsung device, apparently it is confirmed that you expect a specific dimension of value and quality of the device, and the Tab E Lite doesn’t baffle in that regard. It is generally valued at the higher end of the scale. However, it doesn’t feel or resemble a modest plastic toy, and you realize you’re showing signs of improvement quality item with software that is more created than what’s on the non-exclusive rigging.

However, in comparison with Galaxy Tab A or Tab 4, Tab E Lite is excellent as the model design and the vibe is of the assembly quality. It’s fundamentally the same as those two.

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The Tab E Lite’s display contains a decent measure of brightness and color as well. However, in the time of contrasting with better screens the hues seem increasingly washed out, and the survey points are relatively poor. Hues like orange have particularly poor review edges, with loads of color shifts in various aspects. All things considered, the screen is superior to most other spending tablets. In any case, the quality of the screen is a standout amongst the most critical interesting points while getting a table.

More Information

Tab E contains the home button and two sensors for back and ongoing applications. All have capacities for a long press. Having these buttons frees up an extra screen, which is incredible. It nearly influences it to appear as though the screen size is a step up. However, it includes an additional 1/4″ to 3/8″ of screen space without having an on-screen menu bar.

As per the specs are concerned, the Galaxy Tab E Lite consists of a quad-center 1.3 GHz processor with great storage of 1GB RAM. Generally, it is enough to keep things running efficiently. It has a 2MP back camera that is just incredible for taking good shots for pictures, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, WiFi Direct, 8GB of inbuilt storage, a 3.5mm earphone jack, and there’s a microSD card space for cards up to 32GB.

It contains one speaker on the back with medium sound quality. Battery life is truly outstanding for spending tablets at up to 9 hours for each charge.

About Software

Galaxy Tab E contains various features which are a little bit similar to Galaxy Tab 4. The product is a ton like Tab 4’s that is used before. There are a couple of minor contrasts. However, it’s the same as the Android 4.4.4 KitKat version that was accessible before models.

The main advantage of using an older version is that it is all around developed thinking that Samsung has been using it for a couple of years now. The OS runs, and battery life is incredible for a lower-end spending tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite – Conclusion


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite reviewIncredible inbuilt functions and great quality.
  • Excellent battery life, particularly for a spending tablet.
  • The Operating System is more established. However, in any event, it runs, and it joins Samsung’s additional features like multi-window mode. Also, ultra power battery-saving mode.


  • The screen includes low resolution and has poor viewing edges.
  • No HDMI port or screen reflecting.
  • No front camera.
  • Consist of older version of the software—most Samsung products run Android 5.0 and up yet the Tab E Lite runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

Overall the 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite is an incredible tablet with great in-built function quality, particularly for a spending tablet.