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Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System: All You Need To Know

Home security is of much significance in this advanced world of technology. By focusing on home security, you can prevent unwanted outcomes. For that, there is a great range of security cameras to keep yourself informed about whatever happening at your place in your absence. Using the security cameras, you can keep an eye on your important stuff. You can use a security camera for various purposes. So, whatever the reasons are, a good security camera always helps you out. And for your specific purpose, you can find a great number of security cameras that are designed with many exciting features. The Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System is one of them.

Know More

Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Home Security Camera SystemMoreover, when there are a lot of security cameras available in the market, it leaves you scrambled up to get the one that matches the best to your requirements. After you go through the long list of the best security cameras, you will come to figure out the name of Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Home Security Camera System. So, in this article, we will be discussing the different traits of Trivision NC-335PW security camera that will help you to know about this product even better. Right away, you can find all the qualities of Trivision NC-335PW gives below.

Quick Specifications

  1. The Trivision NC-335PW proves to be an excellent quality camera which offers you stream video in HD 1080p video quality. Further, when you connect other devices to this camera using an application or even using a computer system, it can record videos in high definition.
  2. Also, the setup process is much easy and it won’t take a lot of time to arrange this before recording video. You can personally install and operate this camera system without having a professional to do it.
  3. This security camera is capable of providing you with a wide viewing angle. The Trivision NC-335PW allows panning of 90 degrees horizontally. And vertically it is 50 degrees which further helps to view or capture a large scene.
  4. Along with that, you can have a crystal clear day footage with The Trivision NC-335PW. The manufacturer, in the design of this product, uses the advanced IR cut filter and infrared night vision. With this, it gives you a clear picture of the night even up to 45 feet.

Additional Features

  1. Also, there is a built-in micro SD card storage in this security camera with the maximum capacity of 128 GigaBytes. Besides, it allows you to capture videos in multiple ways. You can customize the video recording as well. The Trivision NC-335PW lets you capture the view from the time it is turned on and also you can set it to capture the view when it recognizes motion. With this, you can increase the storage potential of the camera. Apart from that, you can also save the footage on a Network Attached Storage or Network Video Recorder drives.
  2. Besides, there an email notification that you get soon the camera detects motion. This is an added benefit you get in this security camera. Also, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera sends a push notification to the mobiles, so that you can stream the footage as well as watch it live.  
  3. Last but not least, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera uses a great quality and rustproof casing to cover it up and prevent external damage. For this reason, the camera lasts longer and defies any weather complexities.


  • Trivision NC-335PW comes up with a high-definition camera quality.
  • There are various storage options available for you.
  • Also, there are multiple levels of alarms depending on the number of motions this security camera catches.
  • Coming to its design, there is a long-lasting casing mainly for the unrestricted outdoor practice of this camera.
  • Also, the camera comes along with a free application to stream video using mobile devices.
  • Apart from that, the free application provided in the box supports different cameras.


  • According to some users, it does not provide a strong night vision as it claims to. However, not all security cameras come up with this particular trait.
  • Though this security camera provides a really good view range, it offers only 90 degrees view horizontally.
  • Also, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera is limited to 128 GB SD storage card and it cannot exceed further.
  • Apart from that, this security camera is a little expensive when you compare it to the other security camera in the market.
  • Along with that, the Trivision NC-335PW is not a discreet-looking system.

Video Quality

Coming to its video quality, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera is capable of recording videos in full high definition at 1080p. With this security camera, you can capture even the little things in fine details. Whether it is grainy, blurred, and difficult to notice videos, you can record them in high definition. Apart from that, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera comes along with a 90-degree wide-angle lens which allows you to capture the larger scene. So, you can have footages of a larger scene through this security camera.

Night Vision

Night vision is another important thing ot consider. Most of the people get a security camera to capture the night vision is good quality. Though there are a lot of security camera available in the market that offers the night vision feature, not all of them are the cream of the crop. Moreover, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera comes along with a high-level IR cut filter and infrared night vision so that it can capture the image even in complete darkness. Besides, this security camera can capture from a range of up to 30 feet. Better yet, it does not require a manual set up. And the camera switches to night vision automatically. This is because the Trivision NC-335PW is designed with IR Cut Filter which allows this security camera to do so. Also, depending on the light level, this security camera switches to different visions.

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Audio Quality

Apart from that, the Trivision NC-335PW is equally good in providing you with amazing audio quality. You can listen to the fine details using this security camera. Better yet, there is an integrated microphone which lets you record high-quality audio with every video you take. In fact, the microphone is so amazing that it can pick up as low a sound like a whisper from over 100 feet away from the camera. Thus, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera is capable of picking up even the most sensitive voice for you. Moreover, there is an option available which you can use to adjust the responsiveness of the sound quality.

Moreover, the audio quality that it provides is exceptional and you can hear even the smaller noises in a truly clear audio quality. To put together, this security camera has the most unique trait with its excellent audio quality.


Moving on to the storage,  the Trivision NC-335PW security camera comes up with various alternatives when it happens to save or store the recorded video files. This security camera offers you an onboard micro SD card which you can expand up to 128 GB. Moreover, there is alternative remote storage along with the micro SD card which you can also use to save all the recorded videos. Besides, this is believed to be a better option to store videos comparing to the micro SD card. Apart from that, you can save the videos using the File Transfer Protocol to any server. This way, you can configure the security camera to connect or store the data to a network-attached storage. Therefore, all of these storage options have different advantages. And you can make use of any of them according to your preference.

Durable Design

Coming up to the design, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera is designed in such a way that you can use it outdoor with equal durability. When you take a look at this security camera, you will come to find out that the Trivision NC-335PW uses all-metal anti-rust casing. Better yet, it is covered up with extra caution so to make it last longer. You can use this security camera in both hot and cold temperatures without having a second thought of its damage. Apart from that, the Trivision NC-335PW security camera comes along with an IP-66 graded for weatherproofing criteria. This further makes sure that your camera is secure even after the moisture, dirt, and debris. Moreover, this security camera gives you enough durability that you can place it anywhere without fretting about its destruction and wreckage.


Apart from that, the notification is another unique feature of the Trivision NC-335PW security camera. You can set up an immediate email notification and get all the updates everytime your security camera identifies a motion. Using this amazing feature, you can keep a track ongoing ons in your absence.

Remote Viewing

Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Home Security Camera System reviewSo, here comes the most exciting feature of Trivision NC-335PW security camera. This wireless security camera by Trivision comes up with a unique characteristic of giving you a remote survey from wherever the machine is connected to the web. It is amazing that you can check in on your camera with the free mobile application downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Apart from that, you can choose to connect through an internet web browser and stream or configure your cameras from anywhere you want.

Bottom Line

With this, we have come to the end of this article. So far, you have gathered all the characteristic features that the Trivision NC-335PW Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System offers. When it comes to the price, you can not get better than this security camera. At its price, it is considered to be the most feature-loaded product in the market. It is equally good for indoor as well as outdoor usage. Besides, the Trivision NC-335PW is easy to use and you don’t require a professional for the initial configuration setup process. Along with that, its durability and audio quality are exceptional and difficult to find in every other security camera. So, all these characteristic features collectively make it a good buy.