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Best Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera- The Best Camera For You

In this ever-growing world of technological advancement, it is only natural for you to be hooked by technological gadgets. On this note, it is also commonly seen that many people harbor a fascination for cameras and photography. The fascination with digital cameras especially knows no bounds. However, technological innovation is never a static process. Therefore, cameras have also undergone a lot of innovation. One of the latest inventions in this regard is the Bullet Camera. The Bullet Security Cameras are much in trend in recent times. Therefore, In this article, we shall make a thorough review of one of the best Bullet Security Camera in the present market. Yes, you have got that correct, we are talking about the spectacular Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera.

Best Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera

We shall provide you with a thorough review of the product and determine the factors that make Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL the best bullet security camera for you. However, before we proceed with the in-depth review of the product, let us discuss what these cameras are. This is important indeed because if you are not a tech-savvy person and do not have an addiction to cameras, you may not be quite familiar with the gadget. Therefore, it is important for you to first gather proper insight about bullet security cameras in general.

Some Words On Bullet Security Cameras

Best Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security CameraIn simple terms, Bullet Security Cameras are video monitoring lenses or cameras. These are specially designed cameras that look like lipstick cases or rifles. These cameras are called lipstick cameras because of their unique design. The Bullet Security Cameras are normally installed and placed outside the ceiling or a wall. Usually, these cameras are pointed in a particular direction.

IR  bullet cameras come to you with a special mechanism and produce crystal clear photos and images. An additional quality of the camera is that these can produce discreet images even in dimly-lit conditions. The icing on the cake is that these cameras can produce clear pictures even in the complete dark. So, it goes without saying that the picture quality of such cameras is essentially high. Such cameras feature inbuilt LED lights, enabling them to produce discreet photos in complete darkness.

Reasons For You To Use Bullet Security Cameras  

Thus, it goes without saying that these cameras come to you with inclusively advanced features. Therefore in this section, we are going to state some common reasons for you to use bullet security cameras.

Excessive Variety

Bullet security cameras are among the most sought-after cameras in recent times. Among the reasons responsible for the immense popularity of such cameras, the most significant one is that such cameras are extremely versatile in terms of their functional capacity. In fact, compared to the other surveillance cameras, bullet security cameras have better functional capacities. The cherry on the top is that bullet security cameras often come with an IR night vision pack or other such ultra-modern technologies. What’s more, is that such cameras can be IP bullet cameras as well. The ultra-modern features include motion sensors, thermal sensors, optical zooms, etc.

Unique Placement

One of the basic questions that the users normally ask when they purchase a bullet security camera is where to place such cameras. Some users even ask whether the placement of dome surveillance cameras and bullet security cameras is any different with respect to their placement. Yes of course it does. The dome cameras are placed normally on ceiling tops so that they can reach out to their maximum potentials. However, bullet security cameras are designed in a way so as to monitor relatively small areas such as garages, driveways, stairways etc. However, this should not be misunderstood as in any way inferior to dome cameras. Rather, bullet security cameras are way too advanced, with greater functional capacity. Furthermore, Bullet security cameras are extremely flexible in terms of their placement. You can comfortably place the camera on walls and rooftops.

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Bullet security cameras excel in terms of maneuverability. These cameras are known for their flexibility as well as unique design. The unique design of these cameras enables you to adjust the lenses at different angles quite easily. Besides, you can effortlessly smooth away or rectify the miscalculations if there are any and even remodel it after the installation if need be so. The icing on the cake is if the viewing angle of the camera is not properly set, you can still alter the direction of the points at your convenience.


Bullet security cameras are primarily designed for outdoor vigilance. So, these cameras are designed in a manner that it can withstand the changing weather conditions. Especially, the bullet security cameras with “IP  rating 66” are water-resistant cameras and can endure the impacts of water.

High Visibility

These cameras are extremely sought-after by homeowners despite having limited clarity. This is because of the high visibility of such cameras. The bullet security cameras surpass any dome cameras.


Since bullet security cameras point downwards, it does not face the problem of reflection. Endless private surveillance faces the issue of getting washed out when pointed at a highly reflective surface. However, you are rid of such problems if yours is a bullet security camera.

For so many reasons, you can easily discern that those who consider using bullet security cameras stand to gain in all respects. Immensely useful, these cameras are therefore much in trend these days. Although there are numerous models available in the market, you deserve only the best. When it comes to the best, Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera clearly wins the race. Now if you are looking for strong justifications supporting the claim, we have lots to offer. Now, we shall provide you with a detailed review of Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL in order to help you determine why the product is unquestionably the best for you.

In-Depth Review Of Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera

In this section, we shall provide you with an in-depth review of the Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera in order to guide you through the product. We shall offer you all the relevant information, including a short trivia of the product, its core features, product specifications as well as the potential strengths and weakness of the camera. As for the reliability of our information, you can confide in us completely. We have gathered our information by means of thorough research and vigorous market survey, leaving no room for any doubt whatsoever.

Therefore, if you are looking for authentic information about the product, you could not have found a better place. So shed away all your doubts and keep reading our review.

About Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera

Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL is a  is a camera with professional-level security standards. It is indeed a security camera for professional levels. The covers come with a 1000 TV lines resolution along with 2.8-12mm lens. It is one of the most advanced bullet security cameras with standout features and a highly impressive product design. Besides, the camera is extremely economical as a product. This is because the power consumption of the camera is minimal. The camera only needs as less as 1 amp power supply in order to operate the camera. Additionally, you also need BNC cabling for the product to function.

The camera also offers a video record facility. Only you need to have a DVR or else a normal PC with a special card for video capture in order to avail the facility. Besides this, the camera comes to you with 1/3″ 1000 TVL image sensor in order to offer you an advanced video facility of HD quality. Along with this, the 2.8-12mm lens of the camera enables you to view over a larger area. The camera comes with SMD IR LED lights which extremely powerful and provides you with infrared light of about 180 ft. This feature definitely serves to enhance the visibility and overall functional capacity of the camera. Moreover, such features increase the longevity of the camera. Therefore, this is a standout product with remarkable features and superior quality product design. It is, in fact, the best model designed with utmost technical precision.

We shall discuss the exquisite features of the camera under question. However, first, check out the product specifications that you must consider before buying the camera

Product Specifications

Camera Specifications

Signal  Setup: NTSC

S/N Ratio: > 48dB

Image Sensor: 1/3″ Sensor

Privacy: 8 areas optional

Scanning: 2:1

Sync System: Internal

Electronic Shutter: Auto

Camera Lens: 2.8-12mm

Power Consumption: 12VDC(+/-10%)/500mA

Functional Temperature: 14 ºF- 22 ºF

Storage Temperature: -22 ºF -140 ºF

Technical Specifications

Part Number: BV-IR140-HD

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Dimensions : 10.4 x 4.7 x 3.7 inches

Item Colour: White

Style: Analog

Model number: CA-IR140-HD

Core Features

It’s the features that contribute to the uniqueness of the product. On that note, Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera stands out from the rest by the sheer virtue of its exquisite features. Cited below are some of the key features of the camera.

Environmental Compatibility:

The camera features a varifocal lens that enhances the compatibility of the product. Thus the camera can effectively function in commercial as well as residential areas under changing weather conditions.


These cameras are not only the epitome of technical precision but also comes with perfect packing. Actually, these cameras come in weather sealed packages. Besides, Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL is weatherproof and therefore can readily function when exposed to adverse weather conditions. For instance, the highly advanced weatherproof product design of the camera enables you to acclimatize the bullet security camera to diverse weather conditions such as chilly winters intense heat during summers or even in other seasons. Therefore, whether fluctuations are not a problem for you if you are using this camera.

High Visibility:

The camera is built-in ultra-modern technology, thereby offering you high-quality visibility. The integrative product design enables you to view it clearly. The camera produces discreet, crystal clear images. The intensely strong SMD IR LED lights of the camera to enable it to produce images even in absolute darkness. Featuring such advanced technology, the camera automatically switches over to black and white modes during nighttime. The supremely powerful lens of the camera offers you absolute clarity during the day.

Enhanced Functional Capacity:

The functional capacity of the product under discussion knows no bounds. Designed with utmost technological precision, the camera will function effectively on BNC-cable systems, irrespective of its lifespan. That is to say that even a relatively old model of the camera will operate effectively on BNC system as a new one.


Along with the features, the camera also comes to you with utmost profitability. Now, of course, you are wondering how’s that? Well, that’s because you get the product with a 1-month refund policy. God forbid, if anything happens to your bullet security camera within 30 days of its purchase, you will have the entire price money refunded instantly. Additionally, the company also offers you a special US standard warranty facility, compensating for all your replacements if there is any.

All these features certainly make the product inordinately enticing and indeed the best pick of  2019.

Now it goes without saying, that like all other products, this one also has its share of merits and demerits. In this section, we shall shed light upon the major strengths and drawbacks of the product.


  1. The camera comes with the most advanced and ultra-modern features, which is unquestionably worth its price.Best Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera review
  2. The product is easy to operate and therefore the users find immense comfort using the product.
  3. Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL is famous for its optimal pictorial quality.
  4. Featured with special IR LED lights, the camera enables you to produce discreet pictures even in darkness.
  5. The product comes to you with an advanced weatherproof product design, allowing you to use the camera in fluctuating weather conditions.
  6. The powerful lenses of the camera help the camera to access a large view area
  7. Along with the top-notch features, the camera offers you a profitable warranty pack. It offers you a one-month refund package.

Therefore, you can already make out in case you purchase the product, you will stand to gain in all respects. However, no technological device or gadget is entirely free from glitches. Therefore it is imperative for you to be aware of some minor defects of the camera.

Major Weakness

Compared to the abundance of advantages and benefits that the product offers you, the defects seem too minor. However, it is only safe to have full knowledge of the major drawbacks of the product, however negligible they may be. Therefore, we have listed the most prominent follies of the camera in question.

  • The product is not durable and does not last for long if not properly handled. Rather it is susceptible to frequent damages that may be a strong deterrent for any user.
  • The quality of the product is also going down gradually, which is consequently tarnishing the brand value of the product.

Final Thoughts

As for our final recommendation, Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera is one of a kind product with standout features and superior product design. The product is a class it itself and holds its neck high among its competitors. In one word, it serves to epitomize innovative excellence and technological precision in the truest sense of the term. Therefore, if you are long for a budget-friendly bullet security camera for yourself, then Vision BV-IR140-HD 1000TVL is indeed your best pick in every sense.