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Hypixel Server IP Address

Hypixel Server IP Address – What is it & Why is it Essential for Minecraft?

Minecraft introduced the Hypixel server on April 13, 2013, by Simon Hypizel Collins-Lflamme and Phillippe Touchette. This game server is now managed and operated by Hypixel Inc. Hypixel is the largest server network available on Minecraft.

If you have recently started playing Minecraft, you might not know the Hypixel server IP address. So, what is the Hypixel server IP address? It is “”. However, you must buy an account on Minecraft to play on the Hypixel server.

Checking the requirements to play on the Minecraft server is also essential. Update Minecraft on your Windows, Mac, or Android devices before joining this server. Ensure to write the correct Hypixel server IP address on the address box.

Minecraft will block you from accessing the Hypixel server if you enter an incorrect IP address. Hence, we advise double-checking the Hypixel server IP address to avoid these problems. The computer should be connected to a stable internet connection; otherwise, you can’t join the Hypixel server.

Why Should You Choose Hypixel Server for Minecraft?

It’s been 10 years since Minecraft released the Hypixel server, and it still hasn’t slowed down its speed. Thus, online gamers choose this server to play games without network lags. Enter the server IP on the browser If you want to play Minecraft on the Hypixel server.

However, you can only play Minecraft: Java Edition on this remote server. Additionally, Hypixel offers 19+ fun games like Bedwars and Paintball Warfare on this server. Additionally, gamers can play shooter mini-games like COps and Crims on the Hypixel server using the IP address.

Here is the list of the Minecraft you can play with the Hypixel server IP address:

  • Skyward
  • Arcade games
  • UHC Champions
  • Duels
  • Quakecraft
  • Murder Mystery
  • Blitz Survival games
  • Smash Heroes
  • VampireZ
  • The Walls
  • Arena Brawl
  • Warlords

Requirements to Play Minecraft Games with the Hypixel Server IP Address

Checking the Minecraft server requirements is essential before entering the IP address on your browser. Players must first install the Minecraft 1.16.4 version on their gaming devices. Though the Hypixel server works with the old Minecraft version, it might generate problems sometimes.

Thus, connecting to the Hypixel server from the latest Minecraft version is better. Don’t have an account on Minecraft. You can’t connect to the Hypixel server. 

Many Minecraft players try to access this highest-quality and largest server fraudulently. Hence, moderators verify the accounts thoroughly who join the server. They also ban and remove the players’ accounts who connect their devices to the Hypixel server without buying a Minecraft account.

How to Buy an Account on Minecraft: Java Edition? 

Open a reliable web browser like Google Chrome or Safari from your PC, access Minecraft’s purchasing page, and choose Minecraft: Java Edition from the list. Select your operating system from the drops-own menu and tap “Buy Minecraft”.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a new Microsoft Account. Alternatively, you can sign into your existing Microsoft account to complete the Minecraft account

purchase. You will receive an activation email on the email address you have provided when creating the new MSA.

Login to tour a new Microsoft account with Microsoft Outlook to activate the Minecraft account. Minecraft will then send you a purchase receipt and account-related information. Open the Minecraft purchasing page and select the “Set Up Your Minecraft Profile” option. 

Enter the required details on your Minecraft profile and write a username to complete the setup. Download and install the launcher after completing the Minecraft profile setup. Log in to your Microsoft account using the right credentials and play games on the Hypixel server. 

Easy Steps to Use Hypixel Server IP Address to Play Minecraft Games

Joining the Hypixel server seems easier on Minecraft if you know the server IP address. However, certain factors must be considered when accessing Minecraft games on this server. For instance, you must update the browser before joining the Hypixel server.

An out-of-date browser can generate security issues when playing games on your PC. Hence, install the latest browser version on your device to prevent security vulnerabilities. Additionally, you must place the wireless router and modem close to the gaming device.

Once done, follow these step-by-step instructions to play Minecraft games using the Hypixel server IP address:

1. Access the Minecraft: Java Edition Game

Connect your gaming device to a stable wireless network. Open the Minecraft: Java Edition game from your computer or laptop. Click the “Play” button when this online sandbox video game opens. 

Minecraft: Java Edition won’t launch on Windows? You might have corrupted Java files on your device. Uninstall the problematic files and install the required Java files on your computer before playing the game. 

Besides, Minecraft won’t open if you have missing or outdated Java. This is a common problem that is mostly faced by AMD graphics-powered Windows devices. Choosing incorrect mods in Minecraft can also lead to this problem.

2. Open the Multiplayer Menu

You can only play Minecraft: Java Edition in the Hypixel server in Multiplayer mode. Thus, locate the Multiplayer game mode when the Minecraft game window opens. 

You will notice 3 options on the home page – Single Player, Multiplayer, and Minecraft Realms. Select “Multiplayer” from the options list and then add the Hypixel Minecraft server.

3. Add the Minecraft Hypixel Server

A new window will open on your PC screen after choosing the game mode in Minecraft. Scroll down to the page and select the “Add Server” option. Click the “Refresh” button if the “Add Server” button is greyed out.

4. Enter the Hypixel Server IP Address

Go to the “Server Name” field when the “Edit Server Info” window opens, and write “Hypixel”. Head towards “Server Address” and write “”. Tap on “Done” after entering Minecraft’s Hypixel server IP address

5. Connect to the Hypixel Server

Click on “Join Server” from the next window to run the game in the Hypixel server. Can’t join Minecraft’s Hypixel server? Try logging out from your Microsoft account. Log in to the Microsoft account using the right credentials. 

Open the Microsoft: Java Edition game, select the Multiplayer mode, and add the Hypixel server. Write the Hypixel server IP address and select the Join Server button. You can now play Minecraft games on the Hypixel server without glitches.

Which Type of Game Can You Access with the Hypixel Server IP Address?

Each game available on Minecraft’s Hypixel server is different from the others. However, they have a similar coin collection process. You can use these coins for cosmetic upgrades and buying skin or character packs.

Additionally, you can find rare items like Mystery Vaults on the Minecraft game lobby in the Hypixel server. Here are the type of games you can play after joining the Hypixel server using the IP address:

  • Prototype
  • Survival
  • Casual
  • Racing
  • Shooter
  • Competitive
  • Housing
  • Adventure Lobby

Which Games Modes Can You Access Using the Hypixel Server IP Address?

Minecraft Hypixel server is owned by SMC, and it is hosted in the United States. This game server has 100% uptime. Thus, most Minecraft players prefer playing the games on this remote server. You can access these games modes using the correct Hypixel server IP address:

  • Mini Games
  • PvP
  • Skyblock
  • Creative

Skyblock is the most popular game mode in Minecraft: Java Edition. It is a challenge map that was created and designed by Noobscrew. Players can also create and customise their sky block map in this mode. 

However, there is nothing to explore in Skyblock. You will be stuck on a small island in this mode. The character will be spawned if you somehow fall from there. 

On the other hand, Minecraft’s PvP is more competitive than the other game modes. Players spend hours completing the PvP battles. 

Learning how to aim and use potions is important if you’re playing Minecraft PvP on the Hypixel server. The creative mode includes a plot-based world where any player can join and build blocks. 

Hypixel Server IP Address Not Working? Try these Easy Troubleshooting Steps

An unstable network connection is a prime cause of why the Hypixel server IP address is not working. Hence, switch to a high-speed wireless network to resolve the problem. There is also a possibility that you have entered an incorrect Minecraft server IP address.

For instance, the Hypixel server won’t open if you write “” instead of “”. Besides, you must check if you have added “,” instead of “.” in the Hypixel server IP address. There should be no space between these 3 words – mc, hypixel, and net.

The stored DNS cache on your device can prevent you from joining the Hypixel server even after entering the correct IP address. Thus, access the Command Prompt tool from your Windows device’s Start menu.

Write “ipconfig/flushdns” and press the Enter button to clear the DNS cache. Restart your computer and check if you can access the Minecraft Hypixel server.

Power cycle your wireless modem and router if the error persists. You can also try using a different browser to resolve this Hypixel server IP address issue. 

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