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How to Setup Static IP on Router? Perform it with Easy Hacks

Static IP is a powerful technique to create an error-free internet connection with maximum potential. By using its incredible features, you can easily create a peer-to-peer connection and play a stream of music by using the advanced applications. 

Without creating a smooth connection, you can’t avail of those facilities. Therefore, you need to set up static IP on the Netgear router and make it suitable for building flawless network connection. 

In this context, we are going to talk about the steps on how to setup static IP on the router with effective steps. In case of severe issues, it is an ideal way to consult with technicians for reliable help. 

Setup Static IP on Netgear Router with Simple Steps:

When you are going to set up static IP on the Netgear router, then you have to follow some steps sequentially. First, establish the connection between the IP address and the system and then assign the reserved IP to complete the entire Netgear setup process. 

Connect the Static IP Address

When a router is connected to a cable connection or to a DSL line, then the IP address is recognized automatically from the existing internet connection. Sometimes, it prevents to create a hassle-free internet and then input the IP manually to avail of a smooth internet connection.


  1. First, launch one of the fastest web browsers and then connect it to a system.
  2. Next, type the router login URL “” and press the Search button to open the Netgear Router login page. 
  3. Enter the router credentials to open the Admin page. Then, enter the username and passcode to verify the router login credentials. Remember that the passcode and the username both are case-sensitive. 
  4. After that, select an Internet option from the resultant Internet Setup page.
  5. Then, select the radio button “Yes” under the section says, “Does your internet connection require a login?”
  6. Select the encapsulate method under the Internet Service Provider menu. You can then choose either PPPoE or L2TP according to your Netgear router configuration.
  7. Now, enter the login name to the Login field that is given by the ISP and in the Password field, type the correct passcode appropriately.
  8. Type the Service Name in the ISP Service field and go for the next step.
  9. Choose the Connection Mode as Always On, Dial on Demand, or Manually Connect.
  10. Then, choose an internet address from the bottom section of the page. 
  • Get Dynamically from ISP is required to assign the IP address to a specific DHCP.
  • Use the Static IP Addresses field is used to perform subnet masking, 
  1. Finally, hit the Apply button and apply new settings to connect the Static IP with the router. 

Assign Reserved IP

While you specify the reserved IP address for the system on the LAN, then the computer always receives the same IP each time at the time of accessing the DHCP server. Without a permanent setting, it is impossible to assign a reserved IP address and to perform it.

Therefore, you can follow the steps that are given below. 

  1. First, double-tap on the browser icon and launch the browser window on the display.
  2. Now, type “” in the address bar and press the Search button to open the Router Login page.
  3. Enter the correct Username as  Admin and default passcode is password to verify the login credentials.
  4. Then, go to the Network Settings page and go to the DHCP Reservation section from the same page.
  5. After that, click on the Advanced tab and then choose Setup from the next window.
  6. Then, click on the LAN Setup and then open the LAN page.
  7. Go to the Address Reservation section and hit the Add button from that page.
  8. Enter the IP address in the IP address field and then it will be assigned to the computer server.
  9. Next, choose an IP address from the LAN subnet and type the MAC address of the server computer. Make sure that both the MAC address and the IP address are within the Netgear DHCP IP address range. 
  10. Finally, hit the Apply button and then the reserved address will be entered into the table. 

Wrapping It Up…

Here are the steps that defines the steps on how to setup static IP on the router that you can easily perform. Moreover, we have arranged the steps sequentially that is necessary to establish an error-free connection. If you still have any confusion or if you face any error, then it is essential to connect with a technical support team.