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Arris Router Not Connecting to Internet Error

Arris Router Not Connecting to Internet Error [FIXED]

Arris Router Not Connecting to Internet Error

Arris has been chosen as one of the most recommended brands. It is so famous for its smooth connection. But, lately, users are reporting internet connection errors.

Many people rely on the internet for different work, and it can be really frustrating if you suddenly see a weak internet connection.

At first, it needs to be diagnosed properly, and then find a remedy for the error. Over here, we will be discussing the causes of the Arris router not connecting to internet error, and then how to fix it.

Cause of Arris Router not Connecting To Internet Error

Few of the causes, we will be discussing over here. These causes will help you fix the Arris router not connecting to the internet problem.

  • It might be possible that you have loose cables that are creating this error. It can also be damaged due to a few years old. Any such thing can give rise to a weak internet connection.
  • Hardware can have a bad impact on the router’s ability, thus causing malfunctioning connections.
  • The memory must be full or cached, thus preventing it from connecting internet. Make sure the memory is in the right shape.
  • Regular maintenance is very important. It helps the router to last longer.

Method to Solve Arris Router not Connecting to Internet

As we in the above statement have discussed why you are facing connectivity issues. These points will help you to deal with the issue more smoothly, and also, it will be easier for you to go through the steps.

Reboot your Router or Modem

Simple rebooting can help you solve the issue. In most cases, it has been seen that many users have solved the connectivity issue just by rebooting. The following process will help you to deal with the problem:

  • First, you have to turn off the router.
  • After that, visit the Power Adapter and unplug the router. If there are any backup batteries, don’t forget to remove the batteries.
  • Now, give some time to cool down the router. It might take a few minutes.
  • Finally, a couple of minutes later, plug in the power adapter. Also, reset the battery and turn on your router. Check if the connectivity issue is still there or not.

Damage Cables

Often, the problem is with the cables and not the router. Damage or loss of cables can be the cause of internet connection issues. Turn both the router and the modem, check if every cable connected to the socket is tight and is in the right position.

Also, check if the cables for the router supports the appropriate voltage or not. In the end, check if any cables are damaged or not, both external and internal plugs. It’s quite common that wires will age after a certain time and you have to replace the cables.


It might be possible that your router has been overheated. And, this can lead to various causes like connectivity issues. Thus, it is very important to prevent overheating. A few ways are discussed below that can help you out.

  • Place your router or modem in a properly ventilated area.
  • Make sure to keep your router away from heat conductors.
  • Direct sunlight must not fall on your router. Clean the ventilation holes and remove the dust so that it does not cause any overheating.
  • Finally, if you see that your router is overheated, turn it off for at least 30 mins, and then again turn it on.

Scan the Issue

Bandwidth issues can give rise to malfunctioning network connections. But, you don’t need to worry; we have some easy ways to fix the issue. Before uninstalling the VPN software, you need to make sure that you disconnect the devices from the internet. The steps are given below:

  • First, you have to make sure that your modem, router and computer are connected.
  • Right-click on the Network icon and select the Troubleshoot network issue on the taskbar.
  • Finally, give some time to complete the process. The problem will be verified and even will automatically resolve.

Reset the DNS

DNS is useful as it allows your computer to access a public IP address. This will allow high speed and access to the internet connection. It might prevent your router or modem from connecting with the network.

In such a scenario, resetting will refresh the data system and will bring a smooth connection.

  • First, open the Start menu and select the Network Connections option on your computer.
  • After that, select the Change Adapter option, a list will pop up.
  • From the list, find your network, select the internet protocol version 4, and the Properties option.
  • In the Properties option, you will see the obtain IP automatically option. Select it and turn it on.
  • Finally, hit the Ok button and confirm the steps. Also, reboot your router to start afresh possess of connection.

Factory Reset

This will be your last option if every other option fails. It will clear cache and all unwanted data, thus getting malicious free software. You also need to keep in mind that it will also remove all the settings you have changed before.

First, you have to press the Reset button next to the Restart button. Press the button for at least 15 seconds. Give it some time until it completely powers off. Finally, release and reset the button.

Regular Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your router beforehand. Thus, regular maintenance will help you to get rid of the problem. Through service, you will know why your connection is not proper. If you are not sure about the cause of the error, then it will take much longer to repair. It is better to contact the service provider for quick processing.


These are a few ways that will help you solve the internet connection. These fixes have proven very useful, and many reported fixing the error. So, don’t get confused and resolve the Arris router not connecting to internet.