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Does WiFi Extender have Ethernet Port

Does WiFi Extender have Ethernet Port?

Does WiFi Extender have Ethernet Port

Nothing can be more annoying than the Wi-Fi connection lost between your PC and router. Setting up a fast, reliable, and hassle-free home network is a difficult job, especially when you have a big house.

If you rely on a single router, then you might have to deal with dead ends. And, that’s why users prefer purchasing WiFi extenders to extend the range of Wi-Fi signals across the house.

But, does WiFi extender have ethernet ports? The answer is ‘Yes’, you can connect a device to your Wi-Fi extender through its ethernet port.

Why would you connect the device to the Wi-Fi extender via the ethernet port? We will answer that. But, before that, you should learn what a Wi-Fi extender is, how it works, and so on.

Let’s get started.

Wi-Fi Extender: What is it?

Wi-Fi extender, as the name suggests, is used to extend Wi-Fi signals as they are emitted by your network device or router. Any Wi-Fi extender simply extends the existing Wi-Fi signal and makes a new connection for internet access. Does WiFi extender have ethernet ports?

As you know, a Wi-Fi extender does have ethernet ports. You can establish a wired connection between the extender and any other compatible network device. For example, you can plug an ethernet cable both into the Wi-Fi extender and router for signal broadcasting.

Well, a router is not the only thing that you can connect to your Wi-Fi extender. Wired connections are best known for improved connectivity, speed, and reliability. Therefore, you can directly connect your PC, gaming console, or Smart TV to the Wi-Fi extender for seamless streaming.

But, first, you need to set up the Wi-Fi extender. You might be confused between a Wi-Fi extender and a booster. A booster only enhances the signal strength and will automatically extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi signal.

Whereas a Wi-Fi extender improves both connectivity and speed of the wireless network. Additionally, it collaborates with your existing router and creates another network. So, make sure that you name the Wi-Fi extender’s network something different than your router’s one.

Why Should You Get a Wi-Fi Extender?

It’s important to find out whether you really need a Wi-Fi extender before you are looking for the answer to ‘Does WiFi extender have ethernet ports?’. If you live in a larger house, then the Wi-Fi signal broadcasted by your router might not be sufficient.

Here are the possible reasons why you should install a Wi-Fi extender at your home:

  • If your home network lacks the required wireless connectivity and speed, then it’s time to revise your network setup. To improve your experience with internet speed, you should definitely try a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Additionally, you might encounter too many dead zones around your home. To eliminate them, you should adjust the position of your router. Or, you can easily install a Wi-Fi extender and place it in a position where you can retrieve Wi-Fi signals from any corner of your home.
  • Your home doesn’t end within the boundaries of your walls. If you are hanging out in your backyard and you require Wi-Fi signals to surf your social media platforms, then you can trust a Wi-Fi extender.

When can You Plug an Ethernet Cable into the Wi-Fi Extender?

Nowadays, wireless connections are the most convenient options to mitigate the stress and mess of wires around your home. However, you can’t avoid ethernet cables when you are struggling with Wi-Fi connections.

The easiest way to achieve a reliable and speedy network is to plug in an ethernet cable to your Wi-Fi extender and the required network device.

Does WiFi extender have ethernet ports, and how many? Generally, Wi-Fi extenders have ethernet ports for making a wired connection possible. However, the number of available Ethernet ports might vary from one extender to another.

When should you plug an ethernet cable into your Wi-Fi extender? If you want a more reliable connection between your router and Wi-Fi extender, you can connect them with an ethernet cable.

Therefore, there will be a zero-waste of network signals in case you deploy an ethernet cable for connecting a Wi-Fi extender to your router. After all, there can be interference between these two network devices, such as concrete walls, home appliances, etc.

On the other hand, you can connect your laptop, smart TV, or gaming console directly to your extender through an ethernet cable. Ensure that you are not too distant from the extender even though you are using a wired connection. The internet speed might deteriorate when you increase the distance from the Wi-Fi extender.

How to Set up a Wi-Fi Extender?

Mostly, a Wi-Fi extender is a plug-and-play device that you can easily connect to a wall socket. Additionally, you have to connect it to your home router so that it can broadcast the Wi-Fi signals.

You already have learned that Wi-Fi extenders have ethernet ports. Hence, you can connect the router to the extender via an ethernet cable.

However, a wired connection is not the only way to connect them. Use your computer and connect to the wireless network of your Wi-Fi extender. Now, navigate to the Wi-Fi extender’s default IP address using a web browser. Provide all the necessary login credentials and click the Login button.

You can navigate to the compatible settings to link your router’s network to the Wi-Fi extender’s network. Make sure that you have provided the right SSID, password, and other credentials to connect the Wi-Fi extender to the router. Don’t forget to save the configuration for future use.

Alternative Options for Wi-Fi Extenders

Wi-Fi extenders are not the only choice for improved network coverage. You can use a mesh network that contains too many components to cover your home throughout. All the communicating nodes work simultaneously. Additionally, you can rely on more than a router if you think that bridging two or more routers will help you.

Hopefully, this guide helped you regarding the query, ‘Does WiFi extender have ethernet ports?’. The ethernet ports on a Wi-Fi extender are meant for something, and you know that now. Get an impeccable home network with Wi-Fi extenders or alternative choices.