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Asus RT-AC68P Router Password

Forgot the Asus RT-AC68P Router Password? Here’s How to Access It

Asus RT-AC68P Router Password

The default username for your ASUS RT-AC68P is admin. The default password is admin.

Asus RT-AC68P is a high-end wireless router which offers up to 1900 Mbps Wi-Fi speed. Its AiProtection technology improves web security by protecting sensitive data. This wireless router has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to offer stable network connections. NVIDIA GameStream technology allows users to play games without FPS drop issues. 

Besides, the Asus RT-AC68P router is easy to set up and configure. You can modify the router’s settings from the web interface. However, you must acknowledge the login password and username to access the web GUI. Users can’t open the Asus router’s configuration without the default password. 

Did you forget the Asus RT-AC68P’s password? 

You might have to reset the dual-band router to its default factory settings. You can also change the password to re-access the RT-AC68P’s login page. Contact the Internet Service Provider if that doesn’t work.

Where to Find the Asus RT-AC68P’s Login Password?

There are several ways to find out the Asus RT-AC68P’s password. You must first check the router’s user manual to locate the default password. 

Did you lose the wireless dual-band router’s manual?

Open a web browser, write “RT-AC68P manual” and press “Enter”. Download the PDF file to get its default login password.

Additionally, you can check the product label to get the default login credentials. Asus RT-AC68P has a sticker at its backside where the password and username are mentioned. Usually, Asus uses “admin” as their routers’ passphrase key. Use this login password and check if it opens the RT-AC68P’s setup page.

How to Find the Asus RT-AC68P Password from a Windows Device?

If you forgot the password, you can still access that from the Windows computer. Turn on the device, open the Wi-Fi menu and choose the RT-AC68P’s SSID from the list. Click “Connect” and press the “Windows” and “I” keys together to access the Settings window.

Select “Network & Internet” and wait until the next window opens. Double-tap on “Advanced network settings” and go to “Related Settings” afterwards. Choose “More network adapter options” and locate the Wi-Fi name. Right-click on the wireless network name and opt for “Status”.

Choose “Wireless Properties” when the Wi-Fi status window pops up. Move towards “Security” and locate the “Network security key” afterwards. Tick the “Show Characters” checkbox to see the Asus RT-AC68P’s default password. 

Close this Wireless Properties window and open a web browser. Enter the Asus router’s default IP address, and press “Enter” to open the login page. Enter the Asus RT-AC68P password that you recently checked. Click “Login” and open the dual-band router’s login page without receiving an error message. 

How to Find the Asus RT-AC68P’s Password from a Mac Device?

Access the Mac laptop’s “Finder” menu and tap on “Go”. Select “Utilities” when the pop-up menu appears. Alternatively, Mac users can hold the “Shift”, “Command” and “U” keys together to access the “Utilities” window. 

Double-tap on “Keychain Access” and search for the Asus RT-AC68P’s network name. Choose the correct SSID from the list and go to “Access Control”. Choose “Show Password” to check the Asus router’s password. You may have to enter the default login password if prompted.

How to Reset the Asus RT-AC68P Password from the Web Interface?

Change the Asus RT-AC68P password if you didn’t find it in the manual or product label. Moreover, a password reset will enhance network security. However, you must always avoid using passwords like “1234567” or “Asusrouter”. These passwords make the Asus router vulnerable to security threats.

There should be at least 12-20 characters in the Asus RT-AC68P password. Combine upper and lower case letters so that the hackers can’t decode them easily. Besides, you should include special characters, like “#*%”, in the log in password.

Follow these steps to reset the Asus RT-AC68P password:

  1. Find the Wireless Router’s IP Address

Connect the Asus RT-AC68P router to the Windows or Mac laptop via an Ethernet cable. Double-tap on the Wi-Fi menu and select the correct wireless network name. Then, open a web browser and enter the dual-band router’s default gateway IP. Press the “Enter” button and check if that opens Asus RT-AC68P’s login page. 

How to Find the Asus RT-AC68P’s Default Login IP?

An incorrect gateway IP can stop you from accessing the Asus router’s login page. Thus, you must check the device’s login IP. Press the Windows and X keys together if the router is connected to a Windows PC. Choose “Run” from the built-in Windows utility tool list.

Write “cmd” in the Run box and hit the “Enter” key to open the Command Prompt tool. Type “ipconfig/all” after at least 2-3 seconds and press “Enter”. Locate “Default Gateway” to find the Asus RT-AC68P’s default IP address.

How to Find the Asus RT-AC68P’s IP Address from a Mac Device?

Connect the Mac device to the Asus RT-AC68P router. Choose the correct wireless network name from the Wi-Fi menu. Then, access the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences” when the pop-up menu opens. 

Go to “Network” and search for the Asus dual-band router’s network name. Head towards “Advanced” and opt for “TCP/IP”. The Asus RT-AC68P’s IP address will be listed beside “Router”. 

Additionally, Mac users can locate the router’s IP address using the Terminal app. Hold the “Command “ and Spacebar” keys together to open “Spotlight” and write Terminal”. 

Press the “Enter” key to open Mac Terminal and write “netstat -nr\grep default. Hit the “Enter” button and go to “default IP address” to find the RT-AC68P’s gateway IP. 

  1. Log in to the Asus Router

Once you get the Asus RT-AC68P’s gateway IP, write that in the address bar. Press the “Enter” key to open the login page. Go to “Username” and write “admin” in the blank field. Head towards “password”, write “admin” and click “Login”. It will open the Asus RT-AC68P’s setup page.

  1. Reset the Wireless Password

Go to “Wireless” and locate “Generate”. Scroll down to the page to find the “Pre-Shared” key. Remove the existing password from the “Pre-Shared” key field. Set a secure Asus RT-AC68P password and click “Save”. Close the setup page and restart the wireless router. 

Wait on the Asus RT-AC68P’s “power” light turns solid green. Then, double-tap on the Wi-Fi icon and choose the correct wireless network name. Enter the new router password when prompted and click “Connect”. 

Did you get the “Secure, Connected” message below the Wi-Fi name? 

It indicates that you have successfully reset the password and the PC is connected to Wi-Fi. However, the “Security key isn’t correct” message may pop up for entering an incorrect password. Thus, ensure to provide the right login details to avoid login issues.

Is there Any Other Way to Reset the Asus RT-AC68P Password?

The Asus RT-AC68P has a “Reset” button which can be used to restore the previous configuration. It is located at the wireless router’s backside. Press the “reset” button for at least 10-15 seconds if you forget the password. Release the key when the Asus router’s power light starts blinking. This indicates that the Asus RT-AC68P has reset its default factory setting. 

Set a New Asus Router Password!

You must change the default Asus RT-AC68P password after resetting it. Because its default password (admin) is easy to decode. Hackers can access the home network using the default password and username. Thus, it will be better to reset the password to reduce security risks.

Open a web browser, and enter Asus RT-AC68P’s IP address. Press “Enter” to open the login page and write “admin” in the “password” and username” box. Click “OK” to access the wireless router’s initial setup page. 

Choose “Go”, enter a secure password, and username and click “Next”. Enter the wireless network name and network key when prompted. Choose “Apply”, check the network setting details and click “Next”. Select “OK” when the login prompt appears on the Window screen. Choose “Logout” to close the Asus RT-AC68P setup window.

Lastly, Reset the Asus RT-AC68P Router ….

Did you recently change the Asus RT-AC68P’s password but can’t remember it? 

You can wipe out the password by resetting it to its factory settings. Asus allows the users to restore the previous settings from the web GUI. However, you must first find out the router’s default IP address.

Asus RT-AC68P’s default gateway IP will be written on the user manual. You can also find the IP address on the sticker located on the device’s backside. Once you get the default gateway IP, open a web browser. Head to the address bar and enter the Asus RT-AC68P’s IP address.

Press the “Enter” button to open the dual-band router’s login page. Provide the login information when prompted and hit the “Enter” key. Go to “Advanced Settings” when the setup wizard opens and select “Administration”. 

Move towards “Restore/Save/Upload Setting” and locate “Factory default”. Select “Restore” to reset the Asus RT-AC68P router. Click “Ok” when the confirmation message appears to start restoring.

It may take at least 15-20 minutes to complete the factory reset process. Don’t turn off the Asus router or disconnect it from the PC during the restore. The wireless router will restart automatically after it reset the factory settings. Open the device’s web GUI and configure the Asus RT-AC68P’s settings.