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Motorola SBG6580 Password Reset

Motorola Surfboard Sbg6580 Forgot Password

Motorola SBG6580 Password Reset

Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 is a powerful router that can support a wide range of devices and cover a huge area and provide a reliable network. You can configure this Motorola router through its web-based admin panel. However, access to the admin interface can be disrupted if you have forgotten the password of your Motorola SurfBorad SBG6580’s control panel.

It’s a healthy practice for your network security to change the default username and password. Otherwise, anyone in the network can access the web-based utility and make anonymous changes. However, it can be a little frustrating if you can’t remember your router’s password.

For example, if you have to blacklist an IP address or change the parental control regulations, then the admin panel won’t let you in without the right password. 

Here’s how you can get your Motorola SurfBorad SGB6580’s password access with or without resetting.

Try with Default Login Password for Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580

Chances are there that you haven’t changed your router’s login credentials. Yet, you can’t remember the default values since you haven’t used them for a long period. If this is the case, then a reminder of default settings will simply resolve the problem.

Ensure that you use an Ethernet connection while logging into the router’s gateway. Thus, you can guarantee that no data packet is lost during the attempt to recover your access to your router’s admin interface. 

Here’s everything you need to learn about Motorola SBG6580’s login gateway:

  • Default IP address:
  • Username (default): admin
  • Default Password: motorola
  • Subnet mask (default):
  • DNS Server (default)

Usually, you will need the IP address to access the login page. Next, you have to enter the username and password, like they are mentioned above. Passwords and usernames are case-sensitive and that’s why you have to be careful while inputting them. Try this method when you have forgotten the default password and haven’t changed it.

What if the Credentials don’t Work?

Sometimes, the username and password mentioned above might not work for every Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580. In case you can access the router, flip it and look if you can find a label. The label should have mentioned all the default access values for IP address, username, and password.

If your router misses a label, you can check its original packaging box and user guide. You can also ask the Internet Service Provider for the default username and password. Additionally, ask your ISP if they can help you with password retrieval in case the ISP has changed it.

However, default login credentials are the same for ISPs, such as Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Brighthouse, etc. If this technique doesn’t apply to your Motorola router, you have to manually reset the router.

Reset Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580

A hard factory reset or physical reset is unskippable if you can’t remember the password at all. Additionally, the default values of username and password won’t work for you. Therefore, you need to pursue a hard factory reset and it will retrieve your router back to its factory settings.

Thus, you can log into the router’s web-based GUI with the default password and username. Next, you can change the default login credentials and secure your network. However, there’s no specific formula on how to reset this make and model from Motorola. 

Here’s what you need to follow to reset the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router:

  • Keep the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router powered on before you try resetting it.
  • Now, locate the router’s Reset button with the help of the user manual. The button should have mentioned the word Reset to identify the button.
  • Get a sharp or pointy object such as a pin, ballpoint pen, paperclip, or anything similar. This will help you to press and hold the Reset button.
  • Long-press the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router’s Reset button for a period of 30 seconds.
  • Most routers should reset after this. However, this might not be enough for a few routers. Then, you have to hold the Reset button for another 30 seconds.
  • Remove the router’s power plug while still holding the Reset button for the second time.
  • Keep the button on hold even after removing the power plug. Next, plug the power cable into the electrical outlet and turn on the router. Hold the Reset button for 30 seconds after turning on the router.


The Motorola router should blink its LEDs for a while, and then it will restart automatically after a successful hard reset. Let it connect to the modem and now, you should have retrieved the default settings on your Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router. Now, you can log into the router’s web-based control panel with default login credentials.

How to Access Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580’s Web-Based Admin Panel and Change the Password?

You should be aware of the exact procedure regarding how to enter your Motorola SurfBoard SB6580’s login gateway. Only then, you can change the router’s password and other settings without any hassle. 

Follow the guidelines given below:

Connect a Computer to the Motorola Router

You must have connected Motorola SurfBorad SBG6580 to your modem through an Ethernet cable. Next, you have to connect your computer to the Motorola router using another Ethernet cable. You can go for Wi-Fi connectivity, as well.

Just turn on your computer’s Wi-Fi connection and join the router’s network. However, we recommend a wired connection for making changes to your router. Additionally, a wired connection is always more secure, faster, and stronger.

Open up the Router’s Gateway

Now, you have to explore an internet browser on your computer since you are connected to the internet. Any default browser. such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Google Chrome can be your choice. Otherwise, you can open up Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Afterwards, you must enter the router’s IP address into the browser’s address bar. In this case, the default IP address for Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 is You can enter this as it is or use the following URL instead: Hit the Enter key and this will open up the portal.

Enter Default Login Credentials

The next step is to provide the username and password when the login prompt appears. There are definite fields for username and password. Fortunately, you must enter the default username and password since you have reset the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router.

Enter ‘admin’ as username and ‘motorola’ as password. After that, you need to click the login or submit button. This will open up the control panel of the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580.

Change the Password

Once you have logged into the web-based control panel, you can configure the router as you want. Navigate to the Status tab from the top-left corner of the dashboard. Next, head towards the Security section.

Click the drop-down arrow and you can notice options to change the username and password for the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router. In addition, you have to provide the current or default username and password while making any changes to the login credentials.

Ensure that you assign a long and complex password for better security. In addition, keep your new username and password secure so that you don’t lose them again. 

Can you Forward Ports without Router’s Admin Password?

Port forwarding might be necessary for your gaming or other networking experience. However, you can still use port forwarding even if you have forgotten the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580’s password. This hack is useful when you can’t access the router’s admin panel, but have to make use of port forwarding.

Most routers support the UPnP or Universal Plug and Play feature, and so does the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 router. The UPnP feature permits programs on the connected computer to ask the corresponding router to enable ports for them. In case the UPnP feature is already active, the functionality will automatically open the requested ports.

Find the connection settings under the supported program for UPnP. In addition, you can visit the port configuration page, as well. Some routers support NAT-PMP as an alternative to port forwarding. Apart from this, you can use a third-party desktop application to open up ports for hosting gaming servers and more.

What if You Can’t Visit the Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 Router’s Web-Based Admin Panel?

Check the internet connection and switch to a wired connection if you can’t connect to the router’s web manager login screen. Additionally, double-check the IP address of your Motorola router. 

The default gateway for Motorola SurfBoard SBG6580 is In case you have changed it and can’t remember the new one, then you can open a Command Prompt on your Windows PC.

Execute the ‘ipconfig/all’ command to learn the current IP address of the Motorola router. You can provide that gateway and proceed with the entire login process. Otherwise, you can restore the default IP address or gateway by resetting the router.