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Orbi Purple Light

Orbi Purple Light – How to Resolve it?

Orbi Purple Light

Your Netgear Orbi router, like all other routers, uses its lights to indicate any issues with it. And, you can identify all of its problems by observing the lights. The purple light usually indicates an internet problem on your Orbi router. You can verify that by connecting it to your device and visiting any site on your browser.

Here, we will look at the effective methods for resolving internet issues on Orbi routers. Regardless of the model, you can usually fix the problem with some simple methods.

The appropriate solution depends on the cause of the problem. Try out the common solutions for the Orbi purple light listed below if you are wondering what to do.

5 Simple Ways to Fix the Netgear Orbi Purple Light Issue

There are many possible reasons why your router might fail to connect to the internet. Sometimes, it could be simply due to a service outage. But, there are more complex causes that you must consider.

You should get an effective solution with one or more of the following steps in most cases:

Restart the Router

The Netgear Orbi purple light might indicate a temporary error in your router. Regardless of what the error exactly is, restarting the device might fix it. Switch off and unplug your router from the power source. Then, plug it back in after a minute and try to access the internet with it.

Check for Overheating

The problem you are facing might also have something to do with overheating. So, you must check whether your router is overheated. If it is, then that explains the temporary errors in it.

You must turn it back on only after it cools down in such situations. Also, consider placing the router at a location with proper airflow. Regular cleaning can also help you avoid overheating on your router.

Are you unable to access the internet after the restart? Then, verify whether the issue persists by checking the light. Proceed with the next step if your Orbi router shows the purple light.

Fix Cable Connection Problems

The problem you are facing might also lie within the cable connections of your router. In this case, you must mainly check the connection between the router and the modem. You might have loosely connected the two devices.

Make sure the cable is plugged in firmly at both ends of the connection. Also, you can try reconnecting it to both sides to refresh the connection.

In many cases, refreshing the connection might resolve the Netgear Orbi purple light issue. You must also ensure a proper connection between the router and the connected device.

However, the purple light is unlikely due to connection issues between the router and computer.

Replace the Cables

The problem your router is facing might indicate an issue with the cables. So, you must check whether using a different cable between the router and modem does the trick. If that resolves the issue, you must get rid of the older cable and get a new one.

Check for a Service Outage

Does the Netgear Orbi purple light persist after applying the previous steps? If yes, then there might be a service outage in your area. So, you might want to reach out to your service provider and verify whether that is the case. If there is an outage, you probably need not worry about a problem with the router.

Make sure that your router can access the internet after the service resumes. Restart it if required to refresh its processes before connecting to it. If it still cannot access the internet, you need to ensure that it has the latest firmware.

Update Your Router’s Firmware

The firmware is a crucial component of your router for maintaining the device’s performance. And, that is why you must always keep the firmware version up-to-date. You can find regular firmware updates for your Netgear router regardless of the router. Installing them on time can help you avoid various problems.

A firmware update might also help you fix the Netgear Orbi purple light issue. So, you must give it a try if the previous steps fail. Open any browser on your device and enter “”. This should take you to the login page for your Netgear Orbi router.

Enter your credentials to access the web interface and the Administration section. You should find the option to update the firmware there. Alternatively, you can download the latest firmware from the support website and upload it to the router. You must access the web interface to proceed with that as well.

Reset the Router

Do you fail to access the router interface or fix the issue repeatedly? Then, you must reset your router as a last resort. You must go through the setup procedure again before checking on the problem. Since a reset can fix a wide range of problems, it might resolve the Orbi purple light issue.

Use a paper clip or another suitable object to press the Reset button on your router. Hold it down until the power light starts flashing amber light. Release it and set up your router.

How to Resolve the Netgear Orbi Satellite Purple Light?

Do you see a purple light on your Netgear Orbi router’s satellite? Then, it usually indicates that the satellite is not synced with the router. In such situations, you simply need to sync it with your router. And, that should fix the Orbi purple light issue when it occurs on the satellite.

But, how do you sync the two devices? If you are wondering, there is a sync button on the satellite and router. Press the one on the satellite first, and then the one on your router. You should press the sync buttons on both of them within two minutes. The satellite will show a blue or amber light once it successfully syncs with the router.