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Huawei Router Login

Huawei Router Login – Things You Should Know

Huawei Router Login

A router is a must-have, whether it’s a home or office or any local network. Among all the renowned routers worldwide, Huawei routers are quite in demand. If you have bought a Huawei router, then you might be looking for steps for Huawei router login.

Huawei router login is vital for users who want to configure the router for a seamless wireless connection. The router’s web interface has all the ways to configure the router’s settings. Additionally, you can change the login username and password with the help of the same web portal. Here, you’ll learn how to efficiently proceed with a Huawei router login.

How to do Huawei Router Login Using a Computer?

If this is your first time logging into the Huawei router, you should use a computer for a successful login. First, you need to connect your PC to the Huawei router before performing the core steps of the Huawei router login. Let’s have a look at the method step by step.

Make a Connection between your Computer and Router

Turn on both your computer and router. Wait for a while so that your router can be stable. Take an ethernet cable and connect its one end to the LAN port of your router. On the other hand, plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the computer. A wired connection is the best for setting up the router or logging into the web interface of the Huawei router.

Well, you can go for a wireless connection if you don’t have an extra ethernet cable. Let your computer discover all the nearby wireless connections. After that, click the network that matches the SSID of your router’s network. The SSID of the router’s network and the password are mentioned on the label of the Huawei router or somewhere in its user manual – check that out.

Afterwards, you have to enter the password as it’s given on the router’s label or its user manual. This will allow your computer to enter the wireless network of the router. Once your computer is connected to the router, you’re ready for the next step.

Enter the IP Address of your Router on the Browser

Open Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or any web browser on your computer. To fetch the web portal of Huawei router login, you have to enter the IP address in the browser. Go to the Address bar of the browser and type Press Enter, and it should take you to the login page of the Huawei router.

However, users have reported that the IP address hasn’t responded to the desired output. If you’re facing the same issue with the IP address, then don’t freak out. You can repeat the step with

Provide the Username and Password for Huawei Router Login

Once you have landed on the login page of the Huawei router, a prompt will appear with a request to fill up the credentials. Without those credentials, nobody can enter the web interface of the router. The most popular username for Huawei routers is ‘admin’. On the other hand, the password can be either ‘[email protected]’ or ‘Admin@huawei’.

Try both combinations to check out which works for you. After that, you have to opt for the Login button. In case you don’t find the matching pair of username and passwords, check out the manufacturer’s website. With the right pair of usernames and passwords, you’ll be able to enter the login page of the Huawei router.

How to Huawei Router Login via the HUAWEI AI Life Application?

You might go for mobile devices instead of logging through the computer. Firstly, you have to connect the mobile device to the router’s wireless network. Now, you have to rely on the HUAWEI AI Life application. This application lets you easily configure, access, and manage your Huawei routers.

Download and install the HUAWEI AI Life application on your mobile device. Make sure that you download the application from a legitimate source. After successfully installing the application, you can carry on with the rest of the steps.

You have to provide all the essential information to register your Huawei router. After that, you can access, manage, and configure your Huawei router using the HUAWEI AI Life application.

What to do when you have Forgotten the Login Username and Password?

To make the Huawei router login happen, you should know the right login credentials. Otherwise, you can’t enter the router administration portal. However, instances might hit hard when you forget the right login username and password. You might have changed it recently and can’t remember them.

If you are stuck with a forgotten password, reset the router. As you can’t access the Huawei router login portal, you must reset the router. Here’s how you can reset the Huawei router.

  1. Look for the Reset button on your Huawei router. Use the instructions manual to locate the Reset button. It’s usually a small button that’s hidden at the back or bottom side of the router.
  2. Get a pin or paperclip to press the Reset button. Hold the Reset button for nearly 5 seconds or so. Then, you can release the Reset button.
  3. The LEDs of the router should start blinking when the router is getting a reset. After that, the router will restart. And, the router should be reset to its factory settings.

When you have successfully reset the Huawei router, you can start the overall Huawei router login process from the very beginning.

Anything Else?

In case you are unable to do the Huawei router login process, a few reasons are hindering the overall performance. Make sure that your device is safely connected to the router. On the other hand, you must check that you have entered the right IP address for your Huawei router login. Furthermore, you need to check the network connection from your internet service provider.