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How to Block IP Address on Router in 3 Steps?

Every router has its default IP address that is the doorway for login and configuration. But, there are also some other IP addresses that you must take into account. Normally, surfing the internet with the network IP is absolutely fine, but a critical situation occurs when you detect an unauthorized IP address. 

How to Block IP Address on Router

You might lose all of your confidential data from your system if you ever allow any unknown IP address. So, how to block IP addresses on the router? The process needs your prior attention as this is involves your personal data. So, let’s check out how it’s done with some additional information. 

An IP Address: A Brief Concept

Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers that are separated by full stops (dots). Let’s take a situation for example — you live in your house. When you invite someone, it’s obvious that you will tell him/her the route to visit your home. In addition to that, you have to tell them about the street, road or colony where you live. In the same way, the IP address represents your computer. In other words, it’s the primary key that will help other people to uniquely identify your computer. 

The IP Address’s Working Process

When you open a browser and try to access a website, it appears on your screen within a few seconds. Have you ever thought about how it happens? It’s simple. Your system is the client, and it sends a request to the server. Then, the server communicates with the website and grants your access request to the destined website. 

Blocking of an IP Address, what is that?

Your personal data is confidential as well as important. So, it’s obvious that you don’t want anyone to access that data. Thanks to the advanced network technology that helps you get alerts when an unknown IP tries to invade. So, you need to restrict this process as early as possible. So, now a question arises, how to block IP address on a router? 

Here are a few steps that will help you to block an incoming unauthorized IP on your router. 

Step 1

Make the most of it with the help of the router’s default IP address. You have to place the IP address in the address bar. This will take you to the login page. 

Step 2

Hopefully, you have found out the router’s default login ID and password. Put them to their desired places and hit “Login” or “OK”. Now, you can access the router management page. 

Step 3

Search for the “Access Control” or “Router Controls” or something similar to that. This option will help you to configure the network device and unauthorised access. Find out and activate the option “internet access control” present there. After that, search for the option of incoming data packets. Deactivate it by turning off the toggle and radio button. If you want to add some specific IP address that belongs to your closed ones, then it’s better to follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step. 

What if the above steps don’t work?

If the above steps don’t work, you might not get the answer to how to block the IP address on the router correctly? This can happen when the router’s dedicated firewall is already deactivated for some obvious reason. Now, this will lead all the unauthorized users to enter your network, as well as your system, without any prior notification. So, your obvious task will be to re-activate the firewall. This will help you to solve the query – how to block IP address on routers. After that, you can perform the above steps. Hopefully, it will work. 

IP Addresses: More Effective Information

The unauthorized IP address surely belongs to a specific type. So, you must know that there are four types of IP addresses, and they are:

  • Dynamic
  • Private 
  • Public
  • Static

The IP addresses that are present in the routers and extenders are known as private IP addresses. Whereas, the modem contains the public IP addresses. Whenever you see any unknown IP address on your system, surely it’s a private IP address. 

Now, coming to the static and dynamic IP. Both are very much different from each other. Of course, both of them belong to the category of private IP addresses. Static IP is pre-configured and comes directly from the ISP. Whereas, the dynamic IP is not pre-configured. You will be given all the details, and you need to configure it on your own. 

The VPN’s Roleplay

VPN plays an important role in securing your private network. It also prevents any unauthorized IP access. So, this is how to block IP address on router via the VPN. According to the experts, you have to select a good VPN and opt for its premium/paid version.