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Epson VS250 SVGA Projector: All You Can Expect To See In Reality

Epson is a widely recognized brand in the domain of technology leading the charts since it’s first of the products. The quality, the efficiency and the price of the products which are associated with Epson are among its key features. Apart from this, Epson is a brand that is excellent in its Research and Development. It comes up with products that are essential, backed up with peerless features. When it comes to printers, scanners, projectors Epson is the only name reliable along with a couple more. The services of Epson is also quite reputed because it is always the after-sales services that count. Hence, whenever Epson launches a product there is an enormous craze in the market in general. The Epson VS250 SVGA is such a product from the house of Epson worth checking out.

Epson VS250

From the predecessor of the VS series of the Epson projectors VS240, there is truly a massive improvement in the VS250. Right at first glance, VS250 offers 3200 lumens of equal color and white brightness. Furthermore, there are numerous other points that shoot the Epson – VS250 SVGA up as a leader among the available projectors. Hence, stick to the article to satisfy all your queries.

Notable Features

Epson VS250 SVGA ProjectorTo mention some of the notable features why VS250 from Epson is quite a thing to be mentioned, check below:

The Looks And Specs

Some of the points to be mentioned talking about the design of the product and its key features lie as follows:


Epson VS150 comes in traditional white and black colors, not experimenting much on the hues. Moreover, black and white are never out of fashion and thereby keeps up with changing rooms and backgrounds.


Talking about its size, it is extremely portable being only of a handy 11.9 x 3.2 x 9.2 inches and weighing less than 5.4 pounds. Hence, a bit heavier, but a handy gadget nevertheless.

Key Features

A horizontal key slider is an interesting add-on helping its users to square off the images. It is basically a correctional slider that stabilizes the images to make them appear in perfect rectangles on the screen.

The functionality of the digital zoom is really incredible in the Epson VS250 projector. It is a handy attribute where the screen is positioned far from the projector. Thus, by this function, you can zoom in and out a right from where you are cozily sitting.

The claim of long-lasting lamp life is absolutely a genuine one coming from the manufacturer’s end. After usage, you can easily discover that in the normal mode it bears up to 6000 long hours. However, with ECO mode is on, the device retains the stamina of 10,000 hours of operation.

Overall Performance

Talking about brightness, Epson VS250 offers the highest brightness levels. Having an innate resolution of 800×600, Epson makes this model a winner when it comes to presentations, even in an outdoor setting.

If we speculate about the maximum image size that this projector can bring up without hampering the quality, then there are two factors that can be considered. The ambient levels of light and the make of the screen.

Firstly, as it offers an LCD display, it is unable to project a 3D output. But, on the other hand, it is quite immune to the distracting rainbow artifacts just because it is LCD.

Thus, we can easily summarize that the Epson VS250 SVGA projector is able to produce a decent brightness for considerably large images cast on a 12-15 feet wall. In a darker environment, the device is able to get a bit increased image size without the quality of the product being compromised. Just to mention, if you wish to achieve the same brightness which you can have in a moderate lighting environment as well as in a darker background without resizing the image, the Eco mode is what you can go for.

The Sound

Bluetooth connectivity is what the device lacks still and hence, it is to be connected to an external audio system. On another note, you can sync the projector over the wireless network from a smartphone through the iProjection app.

If needs are, to enhance the audibility keeping the quality unaltered, then you can simply connect the device to a stereo audio system. It is good to mention that the volume controls the projector comes with is appropriate for a mid-sized room.

A Quick Setup And Easy To Use

With regards to its connectivity, VS250 is highly flexible offering an array of methods to set it up for the users and start working immediately. The device has a built-in HDMI port to make the device accessible with laptops, USB ports are also in it for the USB plug and play. There are also provisions for the RCA jacks to facilitate the transfer of both audio and video files. Moreover, the projector includes a lucid product manual for the users to set it up on the go.

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Some Clear Pros and Cons

Epson VS250 SVGA Projector reviewHere lies some advantages and disadvantages for all of you to check:


  1. It is really secure for all of its users as it offers the Password protection feature. This prevents random people to access the device.
  2. The color and white brightness of 3200 is definitely higher than all of the devices in the price bracket of under $300.
  3. The digital zoom and the keystone corrections are some unique additions of this product.
  4. It has a convincingly long lamp life.


The only thing that might disappoint you with this device is its ingrained speakers which are quite average.

To Sum It Up

Epson, as it is quite popular, never fails to offer its users with sheer quality and attention-seeking features. Even with the launch of the Epson VS250 SVGA projector, it continues its amazing legacy of rock-solid products with effective and innovative features.