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Fixing Netgear a6210 Not Detected Issue With A Few Simple Tricks

Networking has become a vital part of our life. We are heavily dependant on the internet nowadays. But the problem arises when we can’t access it. Users prefer Netgear router when it comes to accessing the internet at home and office. However, we have received many calls regarding the Netgear a6210, especially about the Netgear a6210 not detected issue.

Netgear a6210 not detected

Some users have also reported that for a while their router works fine. But then the connection gets cut off, and the only way to get it back on is to unplug and reconnect the adapter. It is a very tedious job and not to mention that you would risk yourself to get a highly unreliable network. But not to worry, we have a few things for you, some tricks, that you can use to resolve this particular issue.

Reasons Why You Are Facing Netgear a6210 Not Detected Issue

There could be many reasons why you are facing the problem of Netgear a6210 adapter not found or why your router isn’t being detected. It could be the faulty equipment or a problem with the power supply. Outdated drivers or wrong channel settings could also cause this problem.

It could also happen due to the corrupt drivers or your firewall causing the conflict with the router. Any of these could be the reason you are experiencing  Netgear a6210 not detected issue. Now, that you know the reasons, you can resolve the issue as well.

Ways To Resolve Netgear a6210 Adapter Not Found Issue

You don’t have to bear with the tantrums of your Netgear router. To troubleshoot Netgear a6210 not detected issue, you can take the following steps. We are sure that one of them, or a combination of them will resolve the problem.

Check The Equipment

To begin with, make sure your equipment is fine. Try different USB ports and check by connecting the Netgear adapter to a different system. If the connection is established and it stays stable, the problem is with your PC. Make sure that you are using USB 3.0 for the 5GHz band and USB 2.0 for 2.4 GHz band.

However, if the problem persists, you must contact us for having your equipment properly checked by our technicians to find out where the fault lies.

Change Power Settings

If your adapter is working fine with other PCs, you might need to tweak the power settings a little. There are some power settings in the system that are commonly hidden. These settings are important for the performance of your Netgear router. While some settings tend to Wireless adapters, others are related to USB power reduction.  They both play a vital role in preserving battery life. These are the default settings, and you need to turn them off for resolving the Netgear a6210 not detected issue.

Disable USB Selective Suspend

Go to the battery icon and right-click on it. Select the Power Options and go to the Advanced Power Options. There you will find the USB settings, in there find the USB selective suspend settings option. Disable it for both ”On battery” and ”Plugged In” option. Save the changes and exit.

Disable USB Root Hub Power Preserving

Go to the device manager and then expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers option. Open the properties of the USB root hub by right-clicking on it and go to the Power Management tab. Uncheck the box that says your system can turn off your router for power saving, confirm the changes in the settings, save and exit. Now, restart your PC and see if the Netgear a6210 not detected issue is resolved.

Disable WLAN Adapter Suspend

Go to the device manager and expand the option of Network Adapters. Open the Properties of the Netgear Adapter by right-clicking on it. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the box that says your system can turn off your WLAN for saving power. Now, under the Advanced tab, disable the selective suspend option and confirm the changes.

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Change The Channel Settings

Open Control Panel and go to the Network and Sharing Center. Select the Change adapter settings option and open the properties of your Netgear adapter by right-clicking on it. Now, move to the Advanced tab under the Configure option and scroll to  WZC IBSS Number Channel. From the drop-down menu, select1, 6, or 11 channels and confirm.

Check Your Firewall

Some apps come with a firewall. And that might be a bit of a problem causing the Netgear a6210 not detected tissue. So, turn it off. Also, turn off the Block Internet Connection Sharing option in the Advanced tab of those apps.

Download The Latest Netgear Drivers

Often, the Netgear a6210 adapter not found issue is caused due to the driver problems. At times the drivers don’t get automatically installed. So, download and install the drivers. Now, go to the Device Manager and locate your Netgear adapter. Right-click on it and choose Update. Now, go to the Browse my computer for driver software option and select the option of letting you choose from the list of device drivers on your system. There, select “I have a disk option”. Noe, locate the driver, choose .inf file and click OK. Restart your system and see if the issue is resolved.

Delete The Network Adapter Drivers And Scan For New Hardware

Go to the Device Manager and locate the driver that’s causing the issue. Uninstall it by right-clicking on it. Then opt for the scan for the new hardware option. This will install the default driver.

Usually, these solutions will resolve the  Netgear a6210 not detected issue. However, if you are unable to get rid of that issue, contact us for help.

Contact Us For Netgear Support

If, even after all the above tricks, the problem persists, call our Netgear Technical Support number +1-888-219-3540 for help. You can also write to us on our NetgearSupport email ID [email protected] or opt to have a live chat with our Netgear experts. You can connect to us at any hour of the day.