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VideoSecu Outdoor Day Night Vision Infrared IR Bullet Security Camera – Nothing Is Better Than A Proper Security

VideoSecu is one of the best brands to choose a security Camera for your place. Nowadays security becomes an essential factor to keep everything recorded for a needy vision. If you want to install a better CCTV camera then this will be the one which can provide you with an eagle vision to your area. Here, in this article, you will get some idea about the common things related to VideoSecu outdoor day night vision infrared IR bullet security camera.

Like all, we know that crime is happening every day. So to capture evidence, there is no better option rather than a security device. Here, we are discussing a better quality security gadget, that is VideoSecu outdoor day night vision security camera.


The features can be listed as follows.

  • This camera enables you to get a full definition high-quality image.
  • It can be installed in both the indoor and outdoor locations.
  • You can get a better security alert if any crime happens.
  • Weather does not matter whether it is a cold rainy or summer, you will utilize the same facility after installing this security device.
  • This can show you a wide area, where it gets installed.
  • Zooming can be done manually.
  • Infrared light allows the camera to work on both day and night security.
  • You can store a detailed activity of a location with the help of this device.

Brief Description

Let’s look over the Functions of this device.

Outdoor Security

VideoSecu Outdoor Day Night Vision Infrared IR Bullet Security Camera Nowadays, installing an outdoor security camera becomes a very common practice to get the surroundings secure. This is the only device which will provide you with the total activity of your location without any mischief behavior. By getting this device outside your office or home, you can keep your total focus on that remote location.

Day And Night Vision

This camera provides you everytime security without stopping. You will get a better colorful image in the day and at night if no light is present then it will show you a black and white image. This night vision is only possible due to the presence of the infrared LEDs. This property of this device makes it best of using it as an outdoor security purpose. But in school, office, and college premises 24*7 checking is must, so this device can also be found in those locations as well.

Bullet Cameras

This bullet-shaped designed camera is suitable to install to a wall or a ceiling mount. For this purpose, it can show you a clear image of its installing location.

No Season Boundary

As this Security camera is constructed with a better quality of materials with water resisting property. So there are no boundaries of seasons for using it. On rainy days you can keep your vision in the locality without getting wet.

Image Zooming

By using this device you will get an eagle vision by zooming a far distance. This will show you detailed information with better image quality.

Outstanding Lens

It comes with a pre-installed 6-15mm varifocal lens which transfers a better image quality to the on-screen viewers. This not only provides you with better images but at the same time, it protects itself from dust, insects, ultraviolet rays with the help of a shield.

Bracket Performance

The bracket outings of this camera protect it from getting damaged from vandalism. And thus made it perfect for the outer installation.

Easy Installation

The installation of VideoSecu Security Camera is very simple. You can use the guide-book which comes with it, to know the installation procedure of this security device. But before going to the installation process at first you need to make a decision of the location, that where it is better to install. You can also take help of a professional to get a better installation location.

Note: Installation location is one of the most important and as well as a hard task to perform. This is better to take help of a professional to perform this installation task. A power plug point should be near to the installation location.

Long Lasting Security Performance

As it is a better quality device so it will work for a longer period without any disturbance. It is better to servicing the device after a certain fixing time period to improves its durability.

Less Power Consumption

As compared to other security devices, this security camera consumes a reasonable amount of power, which are very useful in power saving activity.

Conditions To Install A Security Camera

It is better to install a security camera in a place which remains hidden from strangers to improve the location security. A power supply is a foremost need to install this security purpose device.


This device performs an important task to keep a greater knowledge of your surroundings to perform the better location security. By using VideoSecu Security Cameras in different locations, you can get the total information on a single screen. This not only helps you to perform the security task but at the same time, it saves your money and effort.

The better sites to install this device are in schools, offices and as well as in malls. Nowadays, CCTV camera also gets used in many public vehicles as well.


These below are the specifications of this VideoSecu product.

  • Image Sensor using on this device is one per three inches Pixim along with a wide range of Signal System. The using Horizontal Resolution is 690 TV line.
  • The varifocal lens is confirming with a 6-15 mm focal length. This feature helps in varying the focusing image along with the varying focal length.
  • Better image quality at night for the presence of 48 infrared circular LEDs. The minimum illumination is 0.0 in LUX, at the Infrared active condition.
  • And the filter switch is made of mechanical IR-Cut. Because of which, this device provides excellent protection from unwanted heating.
  • Brilliant Wide Dynamic Range operation helps you to get a better image quality in any lighting environment.
  • Bracket enabling cable construction helps in protecting your camera from vandalism.

Facilities You Can Utilize By Using CCTV Device

VideoSecu Outdoor Day Night Vision Infrared IR Bullet Security Camera reviewSecurity is the foremost important factor to run a business. So the usage of a CCTV camera is spreading like fire on kerosene. This system is not only used in a business room but also used in the educational areas as well. After you install this device, you will get all the detail on a single screen. Many people like to use this camera system for enhancing the security job. This device helps to cut-off the security expense by providing the better service.

It is indeed, the best device to provide security for your area. As this is a low power consuming device, so you can use it all the years for security. Searching for a better security device is really a difficult task. But as this device provides you will all the CCTV camera facilities, you can install it in your preferred location. You can install it at outdoors to get the outdoor view in details.

The durability of this device is quite good. This device can also be installed in the places which are difficult for a person to stand for a longer period. In a Chemical factory, Boiler installed area are the different locations where this device performs the vital security task. It’s LED enabled facility, helps you to get a better image quality even in the night. So, many of the CCTV experts recommend that this is the best device to opt for.

Servicing Facility

The servicing is also an important factor to increase the life-span of a CCTV device. Try servicing your device once, in the first year of installation. After one year, you should service it at least twice a year.

Hope this article, has provided you with all the logical sides for selecting this product. Always try to keep your Security Camera firmware up to date in your system to avoid the improper function of your device. You will get the updated version of firmware in the proper manufacturing websites.