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Epson Home Cinema 1060 Projector: Review & Full Guidance

Epson is well-known for manufacturing multifunction printers and the Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector is the latest addition. Though there are two more projectors launched alongside this 1060 model, however, this particular Home Cinema projector claims to have 3,100 lumens with its 3 LCD feature. According to technology experts, this Epson projector is the most advanced one and has the brightness capacity to manage both white and color light options. This projector can provide a full HD view along with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) at the best price range in the market.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector

To know some of its additional features and technical specifications, you can follow this review article. It will help you to understand how this Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector is the best among the rest, in terms of LCD projector with HD quality output. So, if you are considering buying this high-resolution projector, go through this article before making the final decision.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Product Specification

Epson Home Cinema 1060 projectorThis Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 3LCD Projector can amplify your overall viewing experience. Let’s check what else it can provide users.

Overview Of Epson Home Cinema

It has built-in speakers that produce high-quality audio when you project any content along with audio output. It allows users to project a 1080p file and expand its size up to 300 inches. This Epson projector utilizes 3,100 lumens of white and color brightness components and generates a high-definition picture on the projected screen. It also makes use of 3LCD technology, which is considered a better option than most Digital Light Processing (DLP) based projectors in the market. This portable projector can be connected to any high-definition media source with the help of its HDMI ports. Overall, you can expect a better picture quality on this Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector, as it projects only the full-color image of any projection.

Projector Highlights

3LCD Projection Technology

As discussed a little bit in the overview section, this Epson Home Cinema 1060 projecting device is a better choice due to its 3LCD technology. Hence, it offers a better quality image than most of the projectors using the Digital Light Processing technology. The three liquid crystal display panels in this Epson device help the projected light to pass through a mini version of a flat display screen (like a TV). Further, it adds color to the light and generates the image on the projected space. This Epson projector uses a high-quality prism that has the ability to separate the light into blue, green and red components.

Furthermore, each of the light components goes through the LCD panel and displays the picture corresponding to that color component. Finally, the task of this projector is to recombine these lights and merge them into a single full-color picture before projecting it with the help of the lens.

High-Definition Resolution

It offers a great feature to view the projections with widescreen full HD 1080p format. The projector can expand the pictures up to 300 inches and allow users to view the videos on full HP resolution.

Color And White Lumens (3,100 counts)

As this projector uses 3LCD technology with 3,100 lumens of colored and white light, hence the brightness feature is more prominent in this Epson device. If you prefer to color and brightness charts, the specifications in Lumens and Kelvin denote the level of brightness and color in the picture. Hence, you can well understand how much bright your light source will be, with the help of these 3,100 lumens in this projector.

Contrast Ratio Of 15,000:1

If you want to project high-definition images or videos on any display, you must choose the device with a greater contrast ratio.  As it is recommended to users to select projectors with a higher dynamic contrast range. Hence, this Home Cinema 1060 product will be a better choice as it has a 15000:1 contrast ratio.

Long Lamp Life

Many projectors may not allow users to keep it on for long hours due to low lamp life. However, with this Epson projector, you can use it for long hours. It also reduces the number of lamp replacements as compared to other branded projectors in the market. Many experts suggest buying LCD projectors that have bulbs or lamps that have 1500 to 2000 hours of lamp life. Hence, with this product, you can expect an overall lamp hour up to 6000 hours, which is sufficient as compared to many other projectors.

Eco-Friendly Power Mode

As a user, it is your responsibility to utilize products that will not have any adverse impact on the environment. Hence, this Epson projector uses eco-friendly technology to provide an energy-conserving product with an auto power-off feature. You can choose this projecting device if you want an HD picture with the environmentally conscious power-saving feature.

Horizontal & Vertical Keystone Correction

This Keystone correction feature in the Epson projector allows users to adjust the projected image to some extent. Hence, you can easily correct the picture within-30 to +30 degrees on both vertical and horizontal directions.

Quick Corner Correction

With this feature of corner correction, you can adjust the image corners with high accuracy. Also, the limitations of Keystone correction can be avoided by the use of this projector feature.

Suitable With Streaming Devices

This Epson projector uses MHL/HDMI Port that allows you to connect it to any of the streaming devices easily. Hence, you can stream videos from Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast etc.,

Technical Specifications

Check out what makes this Epson projector better than other devices.Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector review

Model: Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3,100 Lumens Color Brightness (Color Light Output) 3,100 Lumens White Brightness (White Light Output) 2x HDMI (1x MHL) Built-In Speakers 3LCD Projector.

Technology Used: 3LCD.

Image Resolution: 1920×1080.

Brightness Level: 3,100 Lumens.

Lens Zoom Ratio: 1.20:1.

Lamp Life Hours: 6000 hours.

Dimension: 30.2 x 24.9 x 8.6 cm.

Projector Weight: 2.54 kg.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this review article has highlighted all the major features of this Epson Home Cinema 1060 projecting device. If you are looking forward to purchasing this product, you need a good amount of investment. Hence, place your order right now to explore this bright, portable and easy-to-use Epson projector. For further specifications and details, you can check the user manual for Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector.