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A Complete Review On Optoma EH416 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector

Optoma is a Taiwanese company known for manufacturing audio and visual devices, especially projectors.

Recently Optoma has launched a projector Optoma EH416 in the market. It is 1080p. The picture quality is HD. It uses 3D technology and most importantly it is a business projector. Here we are going to provide a complete review on Optoma EH416 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector.  

Product Specification

Let’s take a look at the product specification.Optoma EH416 1080p

Brand Name: Optoma

Model Number: EH416

Technology Used: DLP(Data Loss Prevention)

Brightness(According to the manufacturer): 4200

Contrast Ratio: 20000:1

Projection: DLP(1)

Native Resolution: 1920×1080

Maximum resolution: 1920×1080

Blue Ray: Yes

3D: Yes

Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9

HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/24, 576i, 576p, 480p, 480p

The lifetime of Lamp: 3000

DVI or HDMI: Yes

Audio: 10.0W Mono

Lens shift: Yes

Zoom Lens Ratio: 1.60:1

Speakers: Yes

Extra Features: 3D, full HD, DICOM, Crestron RoomView, Closed Captioning

Projector Dimensions: 4.5 inches (Height) X 12.4 inches(Width) X 8.8 inches (Depth)

Weight(In lbs): 6.75

Power consumption(in Watts): 309

Noise Level(in db): 29

Color: White

Along with the projector in the bag, you will get a carrying case and a remote.

It produces high audio and video quality. This projector can be used in all places like in offices, house, schools, and colleges. It is easy to connect with devices within which you are playing the video. It can be easily connected with different input terminals such as HDMI, MHI, VGA and the inbuilt speaker. Also, there is a utility to play video wirelessly with the help of HDCast Pro or by using the USB Power to attach and power the wireless devices.

Highlights Of Optoma EH416 1080P Projector

  1. Full HD 1080p
  2. Vertical Lens Shift
  3. Range of colors
  4. Great contrast
  5. Integrated Speakers
  6. Full 3D
  7. MHL
  8. USB Power
  9. Remote mouse with inbuilt laser pointer
  10. Eco+
  11. Energy Saving
  12. Eco AV mute
  13. Quick resume
  14. Automatic Power Off
  15. Power on Directly
  16. All-day operation

Full HD 1080p

The 1080p aspiration gives us a detailed and clear-cut picture. The pictures are highly defined. The video quality is Blue-Ray which means the quality of the picture will be more and better.

Vertical Lens Shift

The vertical lens shift will give us an additional advantage i.e. we can place the projector in any direction. Due to the vertical lens shift, we will get a full view display of the motion picture.

Range Of Colours

Due to the wide range of colors available on the projector the objects in the video will be shown appropriately. Due to this, the objects in the video will look like real as if you are watching the whole thing in front of yourself. We can adjust the brightness in the settings for better visuality.

Great Contrast

Due to the good quality of contrast in the projector, there will be depth in the picture. This will make the picture lifelike. There will be a detailed description of the objects in the video.

Integrated Speakers

The high quality of inbuilt speakers will produce great sound. The quality of the speakers is soo good that you do not have to install speakers externally.

Full 3D

The projector displays 3d in reality. It supports videos of 3d Bur-Ray and allows 3D Broadcasting. Thus if you are playing a 3D movie with this projector, you will get a real-life feel. Also, you can connect this projector to your computer and enjoy the real-life visuals of the game.


Also, you can connect this projector with your smartphones or tablets or iPads to play videos on the projector.

USB Power

You can also use the USB jack to connect the projector to any wireless device.

Remote Mouse With Inbuilt Laser Pointer

Instead of using Infrared technology on the remote, it uses laser technology, which we use on the computer mouse.


Eco+ is eco + technology that incorporates an efficient way of using technology.

It leads to the improved life of the lamp in the projector.

Energy Saving

The lamp in the projector is designed in such a manner that will lower the electrical consumption. There are several modes on the projector. All the modes have a positive impact on the life of the lamp.


It is a very useful attribute. You can simply put the projector on ECO AV mute after you have finished giving your presentation. This help to cut down the electric consumption to a greater extent.

Quick Resume

Due to this feature, you can resume the video at any point in time with ease.

Auto Power Off

Optoma EH416 1080p reviewDue to this feature, the projector can be easily turned off. Suppose you have forgotten to power off the projector after you have worked with it. Then the projector by itself will power down.

Direct Power On

It means that the projector will be powered on immediately after you have provided the power on the socket.

Direct Power Off

This indicates you can power off the projector right away from the socket without it cooling down.

All Day Operation

The projector is manufactured in such a way so that it can operate all day without any difficulty.

If anyone is looking for the best quality projector that will suit the pocket then they can opt for Optoma EH416 1080p Full HD DLP business projector. It has a lot of advantages which make it a good product.