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How To Fix Belkin Router Orange Light When It Keeps Flashing? [5 Easy Hacks]

Belkin router users often report about Belkin router solid orange light that either keeps flashing or blinking after a fixed interval of time. Most of the time, this problem occurs due to some issues associated with the Internet Service Provider. 

belkin router orange light

Furthermore, if there are any connectivity issues with the WAN port of the router or in the modem of the Internet port, then this issue might arise. Basically, this problem is related to connection issues. 

Moreover, due to the identification of technical issues, firmware problems, or IP address technical faults, you may also come across this issue. However, if you are not aware of how to fix Belkin router orange light, then you can go through the steps discussed below. 

4 Easy Hacks to Solve if Belkin router orange light Keeps Flashing

There are several ways to troubleshoot this problem. Here, we going to provide the most recommendable ones. Thus, you can implement the methods and resolve the problem easily. 

Before intending to perform any complicated solutions, you can perform a power cycle of the device to check this resolves the problem or not. 

How to Perform a Power Cycle of a Belkin Router?

To perform a power cycle of your Belkin router, you can perform the steps as follows: 

  • In the beginning, turn the Internet modem off and then wait for a minimum of 10 seconds. Then, power On the Internet modem. 
  • Next, disconnect the power cable from the router and wait for the next 10 seconds. Then, connect the power cable back to the power socket. 
  • After turning On the router and modem, you need to wait for 1 minute. 

Now, check if you are still getting the orange light on the router. If it is, then, you can move to the other ways described below. 

Way 1: Check the Physical Connection for Belkin router orange light blinking

You can check the cable connection between the internet modem and the Belkin router. If the modem is not connected to the router properly, then it may trigger this issue. 

Due to the faulty Ethernet cable, you may also get the orange light on your broadcast router. So, after checking the modem and you need to check the Ethernet cable. 

If you see that the Ethernet cable is faulty, then you need to replace it immediately and you can also replace the wireless router. 

Afterward, check which color you can see on the Belkin router. If you see the blue light on the router, then you are good to go. 

But, if you are still getting the solid amber or orange color light, then you can continue with the other solutions stated below. 

Way 2: Update the Router Firmware

Updating the firmware of your Belkin router can also help you to solve the ‘Belkin router blinking orange’ issue. To do this, you can apply the steps given below: 

  1. First of all, launch a web browser and then type “” in the address bar. Press the Enter key from the keyboard to proceed. 
  2. Afterward, tap on the Login button from the upper right corner of the screen. You will be prompted to enter the password of the router. 
  3. Enter the password in the respective field. Else, you can leave this field blank. Next, tap on the Submit button. 
  4. Go to the Utilities section and then tap on the ‘Firmware Update’ option. After that, tap on the ‘Browse…’ button. Locate and choose the firmware file that you have downloaded earlier. 
  5. After choosing the firmware file, tap on the Update button. Now, it will ask you whether you want to continue the upgrade process. Tap on the OK button to proceed. 
  6. The updating process will appear. Once you complete the updating process, you will be prompted to wait for a few seconds. 
  7. Lastly, tap on the OK button and then restart the router to apply the changes. 

Now, you can check whether the issue is resolved. Else, you can clone the Mac address (if you want to connect with a Mac device) to get rid of this issue. 

Way 3: Clone the Mac Address

If the modem is unable to identify the router, then it will stop the Internet connection. As a result, you will get the orange or solid amber light on your Belkin router. 

So, you can solve this problem easily by cloning the Mac address. Here are the steps you can apply in order to do that: 

  • First of all, connect the laptop to the router by using an Ethernet cable. Then, launch the setup page of your Belkin router. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Mac Cloning’ section. Tap on the ‘Clone my Mac Address’ button. 
  • Finally, tap on the ‘Apply Changes’ button to complete the process. 

Following these steps will save the new settings and restart the device automatically. Once the router powers up, you will get the blue or solid green light as expected. 

Way 4: Perform a Factory Reset

After trying all the above solutions, if you still face the same problems, then you can perform a factory reset of the router as your last resort. To do this, first, press the Reset button from the backside of the device. 

Then, restart both the router and modem. Once you see the green light appearing on the router, set the device once again. 

These are the probable ways to solve the ‘Belkin router flashing orange’ issue. To read more similar topics on a router and fix random technical glitches, you can follow our website regularly.