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Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System – A Detailed Guide And Review

Of the DIY surveillance cameras we’ve inspected, battery-controlled models are not especially normal. That’s the reason why you always need to surrender primary features, for example, live streaming and HD video quality so you don’t have to continually swap out batteries.
Strikingly, Netgear didn’t get rid of those eager for power choices when it made its battery-just, 720p resolution, movement detecting, night-vision, indoor/outside Arlo cameras. They hold the resolution, on-request video feed and add the free-roaming adaptability of one that is battery-fueled. The outcome is a rich answer for an exemplary surveillance camera problem.

Now it is very easy to set up your own internet-connected home security system. Yet, that means running links to control all your extravagant HD cameras. Arlo which is a well-known device from Netgear offers an option. Its Arlo Pro line of cameras can secretly watch your home protecting your home from thieves and other risks without wires.

The Arlo Pro 2 comes with incredible resolution and includes advanced features and new functions. In the meantime, Arlo has at long last revealed its AI-empowered Arlo Smart framework to rival frameworks like Nest Aware. Could a remote camera ever contend with wired?

Product Specifications

Camera Quality: 1080p

Sound: Microphone, speaker

Power:  2,440 mAh battery, AC connector

Night Vision: 850 nm LEDs, lights up to 25 feet

Connectivity: Dedicated 802.11n 2.4GHz WiFi
Storage: Yes

Cloud storage: 7 days free

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera SystemTwo of NETGEAR’s home surveillance cameras have made our rundowns this year – the Arlo is number seven in our general best home surveillance cameras list and the Arlo Pro positions number two in our best open-air cameras list. Since they’re remote and waterproof, these are fantastically flexible gadgets, versatile for any number of uses. They’re bolstered by an exceedingly evaluated versatile application that gets cautions from the cameras so you can screen your cameras in a hurry. As Arlo and the Arlo Pro are the two most comparative security cameras – and as the name demonstrates, the Arlo Pro includes some incredible highlights and current updates than Arlo.


Wireless: You can put Arlo cameras anywhere because they can be remotely accessed.

Higher resolution: It offers higher resolution videos of 1080p.

Battery: You’ll get a long lasting battery life from a single charge.

Arlo Smart: With a paid subscription plan, you can make activity zones and get individual cautions. This enables the warning spam.


Night Videos: The Arlo video at night is darker. It is hard to take out the information from the video.

Take time to Start: It takes 5 to 10 seconds for the camera to start

Inconvenient app: The Arlo application doesn’t look incredible, and some of the time it neglects to open when tapping warnings.

Reports of fogging: Many users are using Arlo had reported that the camera gets foggy after rain.

Setup And Design

The Arlo Pro 2 looks relatively indistinguishable to the old version. It interfaces with a similar base station, which can spare you some cash in case you’re simply hoping to add some new cameras to the current setup. Including Arlo, gadgets are basic. Simply click the sync button which is present in the base station, then click the button on the camera, and hold them for a couple of moments.

A wired ethernet connection is needed for the base station which is a somewhat difficult process. However, in any case, the 2.4GHz WiFi motion for the cameras guarantees that they draw power. The base station includes a facility, i.e., removable storage, with the help of this function you can save every single clip on a thumb drive or USB hard drive.

The fundamental Arlo bundle accompanies the base, somewhere in the range of two and six cameras, and the attractive divider mount. The cameras can likewise sit on a table or edge on elastic foot on the base.

The major fact about the Arlo is that you can mount it around your home wherever you want to. It’s evaluated IP65 for water and residue obstruction, and it’s great from 4 to 113 degrees F. We have tried this camera in the winter, and it worked absolute fine.

Motion Video and Audio

The Arlo consists of a 1080p sensor. The expansion in the resolution is a distinct favorable position in daytime video quality. Also, it consists of a visible compression artifact. The view-field is 130 degrees, not exactly the Logitech Circle 2 yet indistinguishable to the Nest Cam IQ. There’s no apparent twisting at the edges of the picture.

One disadvantage of the higher resolution sensor. Therefore, the video is darker. You would think Arlo could falsely light up the video to make things progressively obvious, yet the organization says this is the proposed execution.

Inbuilt Siren Feature

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System reviewWhile having the capacity to see the film from the cameras as it happens is helpful, except if you’re totally neurotic you likely won’t watch them the whole day.

Every camera can be separately ‘equipped’ to recognize movement constantly or incapacitated so they don’t identify movement by any means. There’s likewise an alternative to just arm the cameras amid specific hours of the day so you don’t get cautions each time.

Pop-up messages can either be sent to your telephone by means of the application or you can get email notifications if in case that you incline toward.

The integrated alarm is a useful feature. This helps makes this framework considerably more successful than some other surveillance cameras. Incorporated with the base unit is a ‘shrewd alarm’ with a 100 DB output which can be customized to sound if the movement is identified from a specific camera.


The picture quality and the advanced inbuilt features including incredible sound function and night vision is incredibly good. We are amazed by the fabricating quality of the camera as well as the strong base that provides the authority.

The application is loaded with extraordinary highlights that enable you to customize your control of the Arlo Go cameras, incorporating the implicit alarm, which makes the device an especially helpful.

Not Impressive

It is hard to set up Arlo due to its base station and it is quite costly than other cameras available on the market. As far as setup, we had specific trouble because of an inconsistent router.

Also, the application is somewhat hard to explore, making a portion of the highlights hard to discover and change.

Inspite of this problem, we had the capacity to control the framework, when the base unit and cameras were matched up effortlessly. Every camera can be exclusively marked relying upon where you use it and control the utilizing your PC/tablet or your cell phone.

For instance, you can see two live pictures one next to the other. In the meantime grow only one of them to fill the screen. Despite the fact that the field of view isn’t as wide as some surveillance cameras picture quality from the 1080p HD camera is totally superb.

In addition, on account of an 8x computerized zoom, you can focus on parts of the picture either by utilizing the amplifying glass symbol on the web interface or by going into the video settings and utilizing the pan and zoom alternative on the cell phone application.

Other helpful highlights incorporate a Nightvision mode so you can perceive what’s going on in dark and a two-way sound.

Last Decision

It’s easy to perceive any reason why Arlo is a famous decision with the individuals who bring home security. There’s no uncertainty this is a standout amongst the most exceptional frameworks. We’ve tried with an abundance of helpful highlights incorporating an implicit alarm and control by means of the web.

However, the set up was considerably more troublesome than we’d trusted to a great extent as a result of the consideration of a base station.  Ensure to connect it with your broadband router. Besides, it’s not the most instinctive frameworks around with a large number of valuable highlights hard to discover utilizing either the application or the web interface.

The camera manufacture quality is astounding. To consider free storage is a genuine help, and the Arlo environment is rich. Incorporating extraordinary combination with Amazon’s items, including Alexa control, and the capacity to show the video feed on Echo gadgets.

Video quality is amazing amid the day and night. And the sound playback through the camera – while a bit crunchy. In case you’re attempting to frighten away interlopers or get your puppy off the lounge chair – is splendidly understandable. During live playback there is slack.

Hope the above review helps you choose the best smart home security camera system.