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Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras- 4 Pack- HD Indoor/Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras With Night Vision

The security cameras now have become the most essential part of our daily life. There is a great need for security and so, the surveillance cameras have a great role to play. If you are a businessman you need this security the most to have a closer look at your organization. Every day we get in touch with so many people, that may be for a business requirement or for some other purposes.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System is one of the powerful security cameras. It is loaded with all the features which you should look for in all premium class security devices. This will provide you with great security and at the same time, a reliable service.

Brief Description

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security CamerasIf you want you can set this security system at your house or any other private property. Thus, when you are not at home, in your absence, whoever visits your homes you can have a quicker, closer look on them. You can also put this in your office premise. In that case, even if you are not in the office, but you can control your employees’ activities with this security camera.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System is the complete security package. Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System can be used for domestic and commercial purpose. If you live in a remote area or any other reason which make you feel unsafe, you can place this camera in your home. It comes with HD indoor and outdoor cameras. So, you can put the cameras as per the sensitivity of the place.

Features For The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System comes with so many features. But there are some best-highlighted features. These are as follows:

Alexa Compatibility

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System can work with Alexa. You have to buy that device separately. You won’t get this Alexa inside your box. But, this security camera compatible with the Echo Show. So that you can control this camera by your voice. This makes operating your camera so easy. You need to upgrade the latest version so that it will interact with Amazon Alexa.

HD Resolution

The security camera should have a high resolution, else you won’t get the perfect viewing experience. There is no meaning of putting the camera with low resolution. Because in most cases, you find challenges to recognize or to understand. So, the security system needs to have a good resolution.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System has an HD resolution which is 720p. Due to this high resolution, you can view the images crystal clear. These all are the high-resolution images which come with detail. It will give you a perfect viewing experience.

Night Vision

The night visibility of any security camera gives you the strength. Because by this time, most of the people go off for their sleep. So the requirement of the security camera gets increased. But if your camera has no night vision, it won’t be able to capture anything during the night or any darker time.

This device has a great night vision, and due to that, this camera can capture anything during the night when the light is low or very minimum. Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera has 24 infrared lights. These infrared lights are all automatic. So, the time when the light seems to be less, the night vision get activated. And it can record all the things very easily. You can operate this up to 65 feet which are 20 meters long. So, along with the night vision, it also gives a great range. If anything goes wrong within that range, even if the places are dark your security camera will capture everything.

Motion Detection

The motion detection is also a very good feature of this security camera. Whenever it detects anything in motion it starts recording. It sends you the motion video instead of the picture. So, that you get to understand the thing in more detail. As per your recruitment you can place the camera at a very sensitive place. So, if any motion gets detected Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera record the motion video and send that to you. You get the alert in your smartphone when you’re not on the site.

Cloud Service

The storage is also a very important feature for the camera. If the device comes with the good storage it can store more stuff.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System has 30 days cloud service plan for no added cost. Using cloud service you can save and share the footage or you can check all day detail in just a few seconds. You can do your own customization and also you can review that.


The outside weather is always a challenge for the security camera. But you don’t have to worry if you are using Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System. Because this camera comes with weatherproof technology. It can easily work within -10 degree to 50 degrees. It can also endeavor the ruff outside weather situation like raining or snowing.

Multiple Option For Viewing

You can view the videos on your Android Or iOS device. So that you can operate all four cameras from any places. Also, you can share this with family and friends. They will also be able to view all the live footage taken by this camera and also the motion video. All the users will get the alert and operate the security system as long as you allow them.

Continuous Recording

It also has a continuous recording option. So, if you want Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera to record continuously you can select the preference for continuous recording. It records all the time with no interruption.

Pros Of The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System

There is some positive side of using this device. It has some great benefit and these are followed.

An Easy Setup

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System is a wireless system. So, you can easily install that. No wire related issue will exist while installing this security system. You need any technical expertise to set up this camera.


The Cloud service gives you a good amount of the services. This allows the camera to record the content continuously. And you also don’t need to worry about attaching an external storage device. Though the cloud storage is free for 30 days. After that, there will be a nominal monthly or yearly subscription.

Wireless Connectivity

It has wireless connectivity which allows you to operate this device remotely. The installation is very easy. You can also create your Zmodo account and access all the relevant information. It has a 2.4 GHz radio frequency which ensures the smooth wireless connectivity.

Night Vision

This has a night vision up to 65 feet which approximately 20 meters long.

WiFi Connectivity

It has WiFi connectivity. So this could be treated as of the pros of this security device.

The Internet

It has internet connectivity or the IP which is the most highlighted part of this security system.

Cons Of The Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System

Apart from so many positive sides, there are some negative parts and these are:


The camera mount for Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System is not up to the mark. It has some limited movements which can be one of the downsides of this security system. And the mount is very short.

Motion Detection

According to the users, sometimes motion detection fails to detect an object. But this could not be a serious issue.

Our Take And Recommendation

Though there are some cons but considering all the features and the positive side of the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System. We can surely recommend this for those who are looking for a security system for their home or for business purpose, they can go for this. This is also very affordable. So it won’t give much stress in your pocket.

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System comes with high HD resolution with 720 p. So that you will able to see the images or the video with great detail. It has 24 infrared LED’s which gives good night vision up to 60 feet. This will capture anything within that range. It has internet and IP compatibility. This security device comes with good storage.

In Detail

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras reviewSo, considering all the facts we can suggest that, if you go for this security device you will connect wirelessly and automatically. You also get pictures of high quality and the colors and their saturation is tack sharp with great detail. There are some features like weatherproof and motion video record make this device in this security camera category. You won’t face any kind of trouble to use this security device as the set up is very simple. Without the help of an expert technician, you can install that very easily.

If you are looking for a camera for home purpose or for your business purpose, you can surely go for this. This security device comes with all loaded features which won’t disappoint you. Also if you want to install this in your office you can do that very easily. So, while you will be at home you can operate your office work and give a close look to your employee.

More To Know

You can use this camera for indoor and outdoor purposes. Through this camera, you will be able to keep a close look around your property, and if anything goes wrong you can go ahead and take the necessary steps.

We covered all the most rated features of the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System. At the same time the positive side of this security device.

However, there are also some drawbacks of using this device which we already discussed.

If you want this device for the home purpose, you can also go for that. Hope this article will give you a bit understanding about the security device. And you will be able to compare with other products and make your mind before you go ahead and buy.

Thank you for reading our article. And if you have any doubt you can simply comment in our comment section.