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Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night

Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night? 7 Effective Fixes

Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night

Suppose, you reach your home after a hectic day at work and connect to the home Wi-Fi. And, you find out that your Wi-Fi connectivity is struggling to keep the pace you want. It’s annoying when you decide to relax and watch your social media.

Many users have reported facing the same scenario almost every evening and night. Why does my internet go out at night?

You are not alone in this situation. According to statistics, weekday evenings are the busiest hours for internet users. That’s why it’s quite natural to witness network congestion at your end.

On the other hand, power interference and switches, including worn and torn cables, can instigate a similar consequence.

Let’s attempt and find out what’s wrong with your home wireless network.

At the end of this guide, you might be able to secure an answer and fix the query: Why does my internet go out at night?

Switch to another Band Channel of Your Router

This applies to you only if you acquire a dual-band or tri-band router. Only these routers let you switch from one band to another. If you wish to hit higher speeds, you have to move on with the 5GHz band. Most routers allow you to connect to the 2.4GHz band by default.

Hence, check out which band you are connected to right now. However, this band is preferable when you want to connect your device for wide coverage. But, you should connect to the 5GHz band if you prioritise connection speeds currently. Go to the web-based admin panel of the router and make subsequent changes.

Try Reducing the Network Traffic

Why does my internet go out at night? Perhaps, the answer is in your house. The lack of proper network monitoring might result in no internet connectivity. You can take the help of a trusted network monitoring tool to initiate diagnostics regarding your home wireless network and its use.

These tools allow you to prioritise your network services. You can activate certain features in some modems, routers, and gateways. Then, you can sort out the traffic according to your requirements, interfaces, and devices’ IP addresses.

In addition to this, you should learn what your family members are doing on the internet. It will help you to distribute the traffic and connection.

Place Your Router in a Convenient Position

If the distance between your router and device is way too much, then it’s usual to encounter such internet dropping instances. For example, if you try getting an internet connection in the first-floor living room and your router resides on the ground floor, you might experience a massive downtime.

This is why experts suggest placing your router in a convenient location. Attempt to place it on the first floor when you are on the first floor. You can buy another router and combine both routers. Or else, you can go for a Wi-Fi extender to extend the internet signal coverage.

Additionally, concrete walls, interference from other smart devices, and other factors might decrease the internet speed. Therefore, check which instance applies to you, and then you can find a reliable solution to this issue.

Disconnect Devices that Don’t Require Internet Connectivity from the Router

Why does my internet go out at night? You might have selected a particular internet plan from your ISP. And, it allows a definite number of users at once.

If this is the case, you have to disconnect those devices already in the game. As a consequence, your router might have reached its limit.

And, it won’t grant your request for accessing the internet through it. Or else the entire internet connection might drop at the same time. To solve this, you need to disconnect those devices that are not using the internet currently. You can ask your family members to disconnect their inactive devices and check if this improves the situation.

Rectify Power Outage

Countless users use the same circuit board for heavy electrical appliances for routers. Consequently, routers might not get enough power than the AC unit, dryer, washing machine, or microwave. Hence, you should consider moving your router to an individual breaker circuit.

If you can’t afford it, you can at least use an extension cord. Make sure that you plug the router into an individual circuit no matter which floor you are at. In addition to this, check out the splitter or surge protector to determine whether a poor electrical connection triggers it.

The effect can be long-lasting even if the power outage remains for a few seconds. You can detect power outage incidents through dimmed or flickering lights. Restart your router when you think the power outage is over and notice if it works.

Update Router Firmware

Users have confirmed that outdated router firmware can indulge in the unavailability of stable internet connections. You might be experiencing weak signals, internet blockage due to security concerns, and so on.

Therefore, this might be an answer to your query: ‘Why does my internet go out at night?’.

Remember to look for the router’s firmware updates from time to time. Simply visit the web admin panel of your router and check if your router has the latest firmware. If not, download and install the newest firmware update for your router. See if the same error persists.

Perhaps, You Need to Change Something

Well, it can be your old router. If you acquire an older router, that might not be compatible at all. Experts suggest replacing routers every 5 to 7 years. In addition to this, you can review your current internet plan and modify it.

However, you should experience such drops in the daytime too, but you might ask, ‘Why does my internet go out at night?’ Otherwise, you can contact your Internet Service Provider to learn if anything’s wrong at their end. If yes, then you can change the Internet Service Provider.