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Why does My Fios Box Keep Turning Off

Why does My Fios Box Keep Turning Off & How to Fix it?

Why does My Fios Box Keep Turning Off

The Fios set-top box can turn off automatically due to several reasons. And, it will cause unwanted internet loss issues on the wireless devices. Try to fix this problem at the earliest possible to restore the Wi-Fi connection. But, the Fios service users need to acknowledge the root source of the problem before that.

Usually, this Fios problem occurs for misconfiguration. Change the settings to prevent the device from turning off. Moreover, the set-top box won’t turn on if it’s not getting an adequate power supply. Check the Fios router and its associated box’s power cables immediately.

Did you find any wear and tear on the box or router’s cables? Replace them immediately to enjoy uninterrupted internet services. Besides, an outdated router firmware could block the Fios box from working properly. Ensure the networking equipment is up-to-date to avoid further network interference.

Still, wondering “why does my Fios box keep turning off”? Follow this guide to get in-depth knowledge about that:

Reasons Why the Fios Box Keeps Turning off

The Verizon Fios box works with satellite, cable and other types of television. It receives signals through a coax cable, telephone line and ethernet cables. And, if any of these cables stop working, the Fios set-top box faces problems while turning on.

Fios uses a fibre-optic network to provide internet on the set-top boxes or TV. And, you need to place the optical network terminal (ONT) close to these devices. Otherwise, it might generate problems connecting the box to the internet.

Did you connect more than three home automation systems to Wi-Fi? These smart devices can disrupt the internet services and force the setup-tox box to turn off. Thus, disconnect the unwanted devices from the home network to avoid this glitch.

There is also a possibility that the Fios router is faulty. Is the device’s power light blinking red? This indicates something is wrong with the wireless router’s power cords. Replace the damaged cables with new ones and use the set-top box without issues.

Effective Troubleshooting Tips for Why Does My Fios Box Keep Turning Off

There are several ways to resolve this connection loss issue of the Fios box. Restart the Verizon Fios set-top box in the first place. Turn on the Verizon TV, open its menu and tap on “Settings” afterwards. Head to “Media Server Settings”, choose “Auto Power off”, and opt for “None”. Press the “OK” button when the confirmation message appears.

Turn on the Fios box after a few minutes and check if the error persists. If the Fios box is still turning off automatically, follow these solutions to fix the problem:

Power Cycle the Set-Top box and Router

Rebooting the Fios box and the Fios router will solve the communication error. Additionally, you need to power cycle the modem and the Wi-Fi enabled devices. First, unplug the set-top box’s power cord from the electrical outlet. Wait for a few minutes, and then unplug the router’s ethernet cable.

Now, it’s time to disconnect the modem’s power cords from the wall outlet. Once done, turn off the devices that are connected to the Fios wireless network. Plugin the set-top-box cables into the power outlet after 15 seconds. Press the “Power” button to turn on the Fios box.

Besides, you need to reconnect the Wi-Fi router’s power cables to the electrical outlet. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the Fios router port. And, plugin the other end to the Verizon Fios Tv’s ethernet port. Restart the modem by connecting its power and network cables to the outlet.

Turn on the Wi-Fi enabled devices like computers and smart TVs. Try to stream the online content and check if the Fios box is turning off or not. If the set-top box is still causing problems, proceed to the next solution to resolve it.

Reset the Wireless Router

Did you change the Fios router’s settings? Then, you have mistakenly provided an incorrect IP address or disabled wireless options. If you don’t know the default gateway IP of the smart Wi-Fi router, opt for a factory reset. It will restore the device’s default configuration and troubleshoot the connectivity issues.

Moreover, there are two ways to reset a Verizon Fios router. Either you can use the “Reset” button or the mobile app to do that. If the router doesn’t have a reset button, install the Verizon app to revert the previous settings.

How to Reset a Fios Wi-Fi router using a Button?

Verizon included a reset button in the latest dual-band routers. Usually, it is located in the device’s back panel. However, this might vary depending on the Fios router model you use. Once you locate the button, use a paperclip to press it for at least 10-15 seconds.

Release the reset button when the router’s power LED starts flashing green. This indicates the router has wiped out the existing data, including the password. Open the router’s web interface and enable the required wireless settings from there.

How to Reset a Fios Wi-Fi router from a Mobile App?

The Android and iOS users can reset the router from the “My Verizon” app. Open the Play Store or App Store to download this easy-to-use mobile app. Double-tap on it, navigate to “Account” and select “Home Internet”.

Navigate to “Network Settings” and opt for “Router Settings” from the next web page. Locate “Settings” and go with the “Reset” option. Select “Yes” when the app displays the confirmation message. Restart the router, connect it to the Verizon Fios set-top box and check if it’s working properly.

Lastly, Update the Fios Router Firmware…

The router fails to connect to the set-top box for out-of-date firmware. Install the latest firmware for the device to resolve this connection issue. Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and enter the Fios router’s default gateway. Press “Enter” and when the login page appears, provide the required information.

Press the Enter key to access the admin interface and tap on “System Settings”. Head towards “General Information” and select “Software update”. Fios will then show if there are any updates available for the wireless router. Click “upgrade” to get the compatible firmware for the Fios router. Connect the set-top box to Wi-Fi and watch movies or shows without inconvenience.