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What to know about blocking Twitch ads?


Commercials that repeat themselves, annoying interrupts, and more interruptions This is how it currently feels to view video feeds on Twitch. There is a tonne of information on the Internet on how to prevent Twitch adverts, but you should only take it with a grain of salt.

Particularly well-known for its infamous “purple death screen” that hides information from users who use ad blockers and for continuously enhancing its ad blocker detection technology is Twitch. The speed of Twitch system changes can occasionally be too fast for even the most widely used ad blockers. In this article, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about How to Block Twitch Ads? so you don’t have to waste time trying all the shady options available.

4 Best Effective Ways to Block Twitch ads

1. Use Adblocker

Ads on Twitch operate differently from those on other streaming platforms like YouTube. It’s simpler for adblockers to remove adverts from your end because YouTube has a separate video module. However, Twitch’s advertisements are integrated right into the video feed of the streamer, almost like an overlay to their actual streams. As a result, not all ad blockers successfully get rid of the advertising.

To remove Twitch advertising, use an adblocker application. It’s vital to understand that you won’t be able to install and utilize it immediately. Because they are clever, Twitch has been employing strategies to lessen the impact of these ad blockers.

2. Use VPN

The annoying amount of adverts on Twitch can also be avoided with a VPN. You can essentially change your location to the location of the server you’re connecting to by using VPNs or virtual private networks. This alters your IP address so that Twitch believes you are in another nation rather than the one you are.

The trouble with Twitch commercials is that the rules change depending on where the viewers are located. Therefore, if you connect to such nations, you will easily be able to avoid all Twitch adverts without the need for a sophisticated workaround. You can use a free VPN service to get around the Twitch ads.

3. Use Browsers with Adblock

Numerous browsers have the ability to block Twitch advertisements. While it functions similarly to an ad plugin, the main difference is that the program runs within the browser. Although the program is integrated within the browser itself, ad-block browsers function similarly to ad-block extensions. This could cause websites to load slowly or even crash.

To avoid on-page advertisements, ad-block browsers are a simple and free choice, although they don’t operate as quickly as their default alternatives. When employing an ad blocker, Twitch live streams are susceptible to buffering, and deteriorating video quality is common.

4. Use Third-Party Apps

You also have the choice to watch Twitch streams without advertisements by using third-party Twitch player apps or extensions. These days, there are a number of these third-party Twitch players available, some of which even offer extra features you might find handy.

The only drawback is that not all of Twitch’s features could be available to you. Additionally, some of them might not be as dependable since they are third-party programs and extensions.

Does Twitch Turbo stop ads?

A membership to Twitch that covers the entire website, Twitch Turbo, disables most advertisements. Doesn’t stop advertisements from appearing if a streamer has them embedded in their content, but it does stop pre-roll ads from appearing before a stream starts and mid-roll ads from appearing amid streams.

Twitch Turbo provides other advantages outside just eliminating advertisements. You can modify your name in broadcast chats and receive a special Turbo Chat badge to display next to your name in every broadcast chat, in addition to getting access to a special collection of new emotes. Another helpful benefit offered by Turbo is for streams.

Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and all other types of display ads are not permitted with a Turbo membership, which is slightly more expensive at $8.99 per month but offers ad-free programming on Twitch. A few other benefits include your own emotes and the option to modify the color of your user name. You can save your movies for 60 days rather than 14 if you broadcast on Twitch.

You can get the same experience by subscribing to Twitch channels, which offer extra features like more emotes and benefits. This, however, is restricted to the channel to which you have subscribed. This method of ad blocking on the Twitch app, where you cannot use any ad blockers as successfully as with a browser, is fantastic if you only watch one or two Twitch channels.


This concludes our little tutorial on blocking advertisements on Twitch. Unfortunately, disabling Twitch adverts could prevent some of your favorite streamers from making the money necessary to maintain their presence on the platform. Despite this, nobody like advertisements, and the majority of streamers don’t depend on ad money to survive.