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WiFi Mesh System

What is WiFi Mesh System & its Application?

WiFi Mesh System

Image: Netgear

Mesh Wi-Fi is also called Whole Home Wi-Fi. Going through the above sentence you might have had some ideas about what it actually is. Well to add a bit, it is basically a system to solve home networking and it mainly focuses on problems that occur due to local connectivity. It will help by eliminating dead zones and you will have uninterrupted Wi-Fi in your house.

Further, it will add faster speed, amazing coverage, and also reliable connection. The Mesh Wi-Fi is built for all home types, and it can be for small homes, for big homes etc. People are more inclined towards Mesh Wi-Fi as they face weak and incomplete Wi-Fi coverage using other systems.

Often it has been seen that when people find dead zones or slow Wi-Fi, they go for the range extender. But still, it won’t provide the fastest speed or proper connectivity that they want. Even if you go for the typical Wi-Fi router you might face issues maintaining proper internet access. Thus, for more information on what is WiFi Mesh system, go through this guide.

Why choosing a Mesh Wi-Fi router or Mesh system will prove to be beneficial?

You already got a small glimpse about why people are more inclined towards Mesh systems and what is this Mesh system. To be more specific, a few more points are mentioned below about what is WiFi Mesh system and why choosing a Mesh system is worth it.


If you go for a Mesh system, then you need to make your mind to see the Wi-Fi node around your house. But, it won’t hamper the visual look of your house. The manufacturers are trying hard to modify it and incorporate Wi-Fi 6. That means, some unit sizes might increase and you can go for a product that is perfect for your house.


Everybody wants a fast connection and if it comes with wireless connectivity, then nothing is better than that. The Mesh system completely fits with the above statement. Greater speed gives you amazing benefits, like 4K media streaming. And, this allows more devices to work on the same network without any kind of confusion.


Mesh system gives you full coverage. And, that means any blind spot where your traditional Wi-Fi does not support, Mesh system will give you complete coverage. Even you need fewer Mesh nodes to cover your house. Thus, giving you the best facilities.


The biggest advantage of the Mesh system is the software that makes the Wi-Fi easy to use. You can easily connect the app with Mesh Wi-Fi. Thus, making sure that all the features are included that you want – Like built-in security makes your device safe and secure.

Feature of Mesh System

Few features about the Mesh system are given, so that you can have a prominent idea about this system. And, you don’t have any doubt about this system. The points are well elaborated to help you out on what is WiFi Mesh system:

One Network

The Mesh system is easy to use and well understandable. This system is smart, as even if one of the nodes fails, it will let you stay online. You can even skip signing to the new network and can stay connected to a single network if you are at some distance.

Stable Connectivity

As already mentioned the Mesh router is smart and gives full coverage of stable connections. You will get a powerful and amazing connection irrespective of the distance. Each node of the Mesh connections carries the other signal of the nodes. Thus, no matter if you are in the basement or at the top you will get a smooth and powerful Wi-Fi connection.

Easy to Use

The Mesh system is very easy to use. It has an easy network setup and even the management is quite understandable. Thus, allowing for a smooth building of network settings, speed check-ups and even parental control.

Making your House Smart Home

The Mesh system has advanced technology and works as a Wi-Fi router. Make sure to manage all the connections that are connected with the system. Even if the connection is coming from two different devices. For example, if you are using Deco Mesh Wi-Fi, then you can connect the Deco app for smooth functioning.

Secure Security

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, you will also get a perfect security setup. The Mesh router comes with good security support. Due to its easy network management, the user won’t find it hard to keep the router safe. Often it checks the system automatically and notifies about the requisite updates.

Does your House really need the Mesh Router System?

If you go on a comparison with the traditional router, one of the major drawbacks of the traditional one is that it can not cover large areas. Floors and walls work as a blockage to restrict the wireless signals. On the other hand, Mesh router gives you smart home features for example easy management, access through mobile apps etc. So, adding a huge advantage to opt for the Mesh router system.

Even if you live in a small apartment or in a small house, but with dropped Wi-Fi, then opting for a Mesh router would be the best option. Even a long-range extender might work well around the dead zones. If you go for a Mesh system you don’t have to face any kind of struggles for resetting the router or antenna adjustments. Also, you don’t have to worry about slow internet.

Drawbacks of the Mesh System

Even though there are many advantages, few drawbacks are also mentioned below. And, as you already know, no equipment comes without drawbacks. And, the points are mentioned below:

Cost Issues

If you go for a Mesh system, then you must make sure that your budget is up. There are different types of models and all of them have different cost values. If you go for a more advanced level, then there can be a major difference in the price.

Resources Wasted

In cases, where you are not a regular user of Wi-Fi, then the Mesh system won’t be that helpful. There is no doubt that the Mesh router has been a big solution for many users. A simple two uint network gives smooth and secure connectivity. And, for those who are not daily Wi-Fi users, they can just go for a range extender, or can just upgrade the traditional one on the dead zones.

More Equipment

The access point of the system is small and discrete, thus you may need quite a few additionals to take full benefit of the capabilities. This means finding multiple devices can be a little problematic for the users who want to make the networking device limited.


So, these were all about what is WiFi Mesh system. Specific information that will help you to know more about this system. No system comes perfect, and few flaws are mentioned above. After going through the above-mentioned points you will have a clear idea.