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WiFi Direct Printing

What is WiFi Direct Printing & How it Works? A Complete Guide

WiFi Direct Printing

Wi-Fi Direct is one of the most used yet under-hyped connection modes. It has been in the industry for more than a decade and has created a revolution in peer-to-peer wireless connections. WiFi Direct is more like Bluetooth, but there are a few differences.

If you are new to this, you might be thinking, ‘What is WiFi Direct printing and how it works?’. Let’s find out what WiFi Direct is and how it can help you to print. Using WiFi Direct, you can connect any of your mobile devices to your printer.

Let’s find out more about what is WiFi direct printing and how it works.

What is WiFi Direct?

Before you leap to the idea behind WiFi Direct printing, you should better know what WiFi direct is. Wi-Fi Direct enables a connection among devices, and it lets you connect without attaching devices to a nearby centralised network. You would require a minimum of two devices for connection through Wi-Fi Direct.

One of those two devices is an access point, and the other connects to the access point. However, the connection would take place through Wi-Fi Protected Setup or Wi-Fi Protected Access protocols.

Now, this might sound like a Bluetooth connection where you notice a device-to-device connection. However, there are dissimilarities. At first, you can expect a faster data transmission rate through Wi-Fi Direct than that of Bluetooth.

According to experts, the Wi-Fi Direct speed is almost 10 times faster than Bluetooth’s speed. Therefore, you get more liberty while transferring huge files or data-rich documents.

In addition to this, multiple devices can connect. The connection remains strong and secure. And, you need not rely upon a centralised network hub.

Devices that Support Wi-Fi Direct

You can easily tell whether a device comes with Wi-Fi Direct or not. While searching for nearby wireless connections, the devices’ names might show up as DIRECT followed by their product lineup.

However, Wi-Fi Direct has been in the market since 2011 and the credit goes to the 2011 Digital Living Network Alliance update. Wireless printers do come with Wi-Fi Direct facilities so that you can make a peer-to-peer connection for printing. In addition to this, Roku is another reputed name that uses Wi-Fi Direct.

Moreover, there are headsets that utilise Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth. The functionality of Wi-Fi Direct might vary from one device to another. And, for a few devices, you have to scan a QR code dedicated to Wi-Fi Direct connections.

On the other hand, you might have to press physical buttons to establish a WPS connection. Otherwise, it might be an alphanumeric code that you need to enter for a reliable connection. Some devices might use a combination of all the above-mentioned techniques for connection.

What is Wi-Fi Direct Printing and How it Works?

You know that Wi-Fi Direct exists for wireless printers. You can connect your Wi-Fi Direct-enabled printer to your PC, tablets, or smartphones. It lets you establish a wireless connection directly and you can print effortlessly. The wireless printer has its own wireless network and you have to connect to it using any device.

It’s similar to joining any wireless network around you. However, you should have a dedicated printing application on your smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, you can’t connect or give commands to your printer. The connection procedure might be different depending on your wireless printer.

How to Pair with Printers that Support Wi-Fi Direct?

Wi-Fi Direct printing is an efficient and cost-effective way to print copies. You just enable the device-to-device communication through Wi-Fi Direct.

Here are a few instances through which you can pair your network devices with wireless printers:

Via PIN or WPA2 Password

Press the particular button that invokes the Wi-Fi Direct amenity on your printer. Once the printer is ready to pair up, search for the device that you want to connect. Initiate the search using the printer’s control panel. Click the device, and the device will prompt you to enter the unique PIN or WPA2 password.

Well, this PIN is absolutely necessary for connecting the device to the printer. The PIN will be available on the control panel of the wireless printer. Enter the PIN on your computer or smartphone and you are good to go.

Through PIN by Receptionist/ Administrator

Once you have chosen the device from your printer’s control panel, the user will be asked for the connectivity PIN. The receptionist will provide you with the PIN. You need to enter the PIN correctly for a seamless connection and printing, furthermore.

How to Print through Wi-Fi Direct?

What is WiFi Direct and how it works? You know the answer to the first question. Additionally, you are aware that this peer-to-peer connection lets you communicate directly. Once you pair up your wireless printer to your device, it’s time to use Wi-Fi Direct printing.

Adjust your document and press the print button for Wi-Fi Direct printing. Ensure that you connect your computer or the device to either the home network or the wireless printer. You can’t keep the computer connected to the printer and the network simultaneously.

However, you might not have used Wi-Fi Direct for printing. If you have selected the ‘Connect Later’ option while installing software or connected the printer to the computer using a USB cable, then follow the steps below:

  1. Pair the device to your wireless printer using any of the above-mentioned pairing processes.
  2. Configure the new wireless printer on your Windows PC through Printer Setup Software. Search for this setting.
  3. If you have a Windows 7 device, then it’s under Start> Programs> Your Printer> Printer Setup & Software. For other PCs, launch the printer software.
  4. If it’s a Mac device, navigate to Finder followed by Applications. Select your printer and configure the device.
  5. Connect to the printer and opt for a wireless connection.

Your computer will install printer drivers. Then, click or press the Print button to avail WiFi Direct printing.

Summing up….

Ensure that you enable Wi-Fi Direct printing on your printer before you try pairing up or configuring your printer. Additionally, enter the PIN correctly. Or else, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi Direct. Hopefully, this guide was helpful regarding – what is WiFi Direct printing and how it works.