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What is the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House

What is the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House?

What is the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House

The location of a router plays a crucial role in the performance you get from it. And, this applies mainly when you are using a wireless network. Most people probably use WiFi to connect their devices to the internet as it is more convenient. If you do the same, you must carefully consider a location for your router.

Many users might wonder what the best place to put router in 2 storey house is. As you probably know, your router should be at a location from where you receive the best signal strength.

So, the best location to pace routers might not be the same for everyone. The information given below should help you find the right location for your router.

Tips to Find the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House

Finding the best place for your router is quite a simple task. All you need to do is to make some considerations regarding the location.

Here are some of the ways to find the best place to keep your router:

Find the Central Location of Your House

As you know, router signals broadcast in all directions, like water ripples. And, the farther your device is from the router, the weaker the signal you receive.

So, it is necessary to find a location at the center of your house. You should at least find a location that is as close to the center of your house as possible.

This way, the signal should reach all areas of your house. As a result, you would get a uniform performance in all areas of your home. You can also set up some extenders if this step is not enough.

Find a Location at the Right Height

The signals of your router do not flow only in horizontal waves but in vertical waves as well. And that makes the elevation of the device’s location an important consideration.

So, you must also consider the height of the location where you are placing your router. Finding the right height is crucial in locating the best place to put router in 2 storey house.

This applies especially when you are placing the router on the first floor. After all, the higher you place it, the stronger the signal it would broadcast upstairs. So, you must place it as close to the ceiling as possible on the first floor.

But, what if you must place the router on the second floor of your house? In that case, you must position it as close to the floor as possible. So, the right location and height depend on which floor you are placing the router on.

Make Sure there are not too many Walls near the Router

Did you find a location with many walls to place your router? Then, you must not place it there and look for another location instead.

After all, walls are a great obstacle to router signals. You must make sure that there are not too many walls between the router and connected devices.

Apart from the walls, you must also avoid any other obstacles to the router signals. If you are wondering, the air is the best medium for the signals to travel.

So, you might want to keep the router in direct line of sight with your computer. And, that will make sure you receive the strongest signal on your device.

Keep it Near Your Modem

As you know, your router needs a modem for connecting to the internet. And, it might fail to access the network if the modem is placed far away from it. You must place the router as close to the modem as possible. As for the modem, you must try to place it at a central location in your house.

So, the modem’s location influences the best place to put router in 2 storey house. You must also take the necessary steps to enhance your router’s signal strength.

How to Ensure an Optimal Router Signal Strength?

You might not get the best signal strength from your router after installing it. In such cases, making some adjustments can help you fix that problem.

So, here are some effective steps you can take for that:

Adjust the Antennas

Most of the latest router models with antennas allow you to adjust their antennas. So, you must adjust them to fix any signal strength issues that you are facing.

But, how exactly should you adjust the antennas? If you are wondering, you must point them in different directions to ensure a good signal.

But, what if your router has only one antenna? Then, you must adjust it so that it broadcasts the strongest signal.

Keep away Other Electronic Devices from the Router

Do you keep any electronic devices near your router? Then, you might want to keep them in another place instead. After all, electronic devices often cause interference to your router’s signals. You must also keep the surroundings of your router as clear as possible.

Use the Right Wireless Channel

Your router has multiple wireless channels regardless of its brand and model. Apart from finding the best place to put router in 2 storey house, you must use the right wireless channel. Make sure to select a channel that most of the networks near your home do not use.

Select the Right Bandwidth

The 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz do not only differ only in speed. They work differently when it comes to coverage as well. The 2.4 GHz band is more suited when you want to cover a larger area. Whereas the 5 GHz band can offer a high-speed connection only at a short-range.

Configure Your Router Optimally

Finding the best location for your router is not enough to ensure good performance. You might have specific usage requirements for your WiFi network. And, you must configure your router in a way that best suits those requirements. You also need to buy a good internet plan and keep your router up-to-date.