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What is My ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

What is My ISP

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider; it is a company that benefits you by providing internet access to organisations and even home users. If you are unaware of what ISP does, then we will definitely help you out.

As mentioned above, ISP provides internet access concerning a particular fee. Without an ISP, you won’t be able to do anything, such as work related to the internet like online shopping, accessing Facebook or even accessing this page. We all know that some specific requirements are needed for proper internet connection, such as routing equipment, networking, and even telecommunication.

You can only establish an internet connection if you have the required equipment. Therefore, ISP is responsible for accessing the internet, resolving the domain names, routing internet traffic and maintaining the infrastructure of the router.

Though after going through the above points, we get an idea that ISP helps in accessing the internet, in general they do much more than that – Web hosting, email service and even domain name registration service. So, let’s get an idea of how ISP works.

Working Process of ISP

If we view this hold process as a pyramid, the tier 1 internet service provider comes at the top. With the help of only a network peering agreement, tier 1 has access to all the networks on the internet, and they do have to pay for it. You can say that it is the major highway of the internet. It connects around the world, like for example Vodacom, Bharti, Verizon etc.

Next comes tier 2, where tier 1 sells access to their network. But, often, tier 1 may directly sell internet access to organisations and even individuals. Now, comes tier 3; it can purchase network bandwidth from tier 2 before selling it to the end-user.

Before reaching your destination, the traffic may travel from modem to tier 3 to tier 2 to tier 1, then through several sets. The ISP’s technology used for establishment is based on analogue telephone lines or other mediums.

Can anyone access the internet without an ISP?

No organisation or home users will access the internet without ISP. It might be possible that you are unable to access the internet due to a down ISP, and It can only be possible if you enable another ISP.

Organisations or institutes that use the internet may use cellular service providers or secondary ISP connections for backup purposes. And for home usage, they can use the hotspot for connectivity outages.

How can you find an ISP?

A few steps are given from where you can get to know what is my ISP.

  • First, you have to open your browser.
  • Then, visit the official page or the IP lookup tool.
  • Below your IP address, you will get to know the ISP, which will display on the screen.

Types of ISP and their Way of Operating

Over here, we’ll discuss the types and how they operate. There are three main types. And, they are as follows.

  • Dial-up service
  • High-speed internet
  • Digital subscriber line

The high-speed internet is becoming more popular and declining the popularity of dial-up service. Cable companies provide high-speed internet, whereas phone companies provide digital subscribers.

The DSL uses the standard copper phone with a moderate speed range. It is best for light or medium usage. On the other hand, the cable internet runs through a coaxial cable network. Though it uses the same copper cable lines for your TV, its modem provides faster internet. Thus, making it the best option for everyone.

It can be best for those looking for expensive usage and fast internet. Now, comes the fibre internet that uses fibre optic cables for transferring data, and it has thin glass wire and uses optic data transfer method.

What is the ISP Tool?

The ISP tool helps connect a new router, solve any wireless connection issue, install a personal router, and a lot more. By navigating the page, you can find out your ISP, your IP and even the location. The major part comes to finding out the geographical location for any other IP address. And, for this, you can use either your computer or your mobile.

Somehow, if you see the speed is not as good as expected even though you have paid for the bandwidth and unlimited data. In such a situation, you can use what is my ISP tool to learn more about this, for example, IP address, hostname, server location etc. And, based on the outcome, you can go through the internet settings and also check the ISP, following the privacy policies and even the terms and connect. You can also go through the cable internet plan offers.