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What is a Router VPN and why do you need it?

Whenever you set up a VPN on a router, it shields all devices connected with that router. A VPN router can assist you with getting each of your devices while likewise permitting you to safeguard devices that don’t have a VPN app or software even though, for the unenlightened, setting up a VPN router might seem, by all accounts, to be a leap of faith.

Be that as it may, it must be troublesome. Some VPNs even have pre-arranged routers, so you don’t need to stress over anything. Whether you pick that methodology, setting up a VPN router is basic.

We’ll go through why you need a router VPN in this article.

Router VPN

What is a VPN Router and VPN?

Most typical Wi-Fi routers offer VPN pass-through. A VPN user on a distant computer can download software and connect to their home or company’s network. When using a regular router, you must first install VPN software on each device before connecting to your VPN network. The connection can’t be shared with other devices on the network once one remote device has checked in.

In contrast, a VPN router has a VPN built right in. It contains VPN-capable firmware, which makes a protected connection for the whole site on the equipment level. You can interface every one of your gadgets to your VPN network utilizing a VPN router instead of downloading apps to everyone independently. PCs, phones, tablets, and TVs can connect to the web simultaneously.

Why do I need a VPN Router?

  • Permanent VPN Security

Each time you start a new session using a browser-based VPN service, you must activate your connection. You’ll never have to worry about turning on your VPN again if you’re utilizing a VPN router. Your VPN will continue indefinitely after your router is set up, regardless of which device you use. This significantly minimizes the likelihood of being revealed online.

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to use a VPN router to secure your entire network. All traffic between the router and the VPN server is encrypted and protected, ensuring that your ISP has no access to your surfing history.

  • Enhanced Security in General

From a security standpoint, updating your router is a good thing. Authorities and criminals have used router vulnerabilities to eavesdrop on people or collect sensitive data in a number of instances. If you use a VPN router, your VPN will be available to all devices connected to the router’s Wi-Fi. If you have visitors or want to utilize multiple devices simultaneously, your traffic will be safeguarded by default.

  • Multiple Device Protection

The ability to protect an unlimited number of devices is one of the most apparent advantages of a VPN router. This is particularly useful because VPN providers limit the number of devices that can be linked to a single subscription. If you require additional protection, you must either purchase additional device slots or increase your subscription. Alternatively, you can set up a VPN router (which only has one device slot) and connect the necessary number of devices.

How to Get the Right VPN Router?

You’ll need a VPN subscription even if you buy a pre-configured router. You’ll need to determine which VPN service to use after you’ve decided how to set up your VPN router. You’re ahead of the game if you already have a VPN subscription. If not, you must conduct an additional investigation.

Before you sign up for a VPN service, make sure it allows router connections. After you’ve confirmed that a VPN company enables router connections, you should double-check the remainder of the service.

Consider the following criteria while choosing a VPN:

  • No Log Policy

VPNs keep your online activities and data hidden from prying eyes. However, the VPN can monitor everything you do. If your VPN captures all of this data and then shares it with third parties, you’ve wasted your money on a VPN membership. Always read the VPN’s privacy policy before signing up for it. Make sure it has a no-logs policy and is headquartered in a location that respects privacy.

  • Speed

VPNs slow down your internet browser because they encrypt all of your traffic. However, the extent of the slowdown is determined by the seller. The best VPNs keep this to a bare minimum, and they can even enhance your download and upload speeds.

  • Support for Different Platforms

People no longer utilize their desktops or laptops to access the internet. It’s critical that your VPN can connect to as many devices and operating systems as feasible.

  • Customer Service

When setting up or using the VPN, you may encounter difficulties. If you are a first-time user unfamiliar with the field, the possibilities of this happening are considerable. Having helpful and knowledgeable customer support personnel available around the clock is a huge plus in these situations. It’s recommended to use a VPN that provides live chat assistance in addition to email and ticket support. There’s nothing like a VPN that allows you to set up the service remotely.


Installing a VPN app or software on your phone, laptop, or tablet is an excellent method to improve your security and privacy. Installing a VPN on your router, on the other hand, will safeguard your entire network, particularly devices that do not have VPN capability.