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What is

What is

What is

IP addresses are just like physical addresses. You can’t reach a house or office if you don’t know the address. Similarly, your computer receives a web address and the network translation system translates that web address to a definite IP address for managed browsing. When it comes to public IP addresses then they are unique for every device or server. However, this is not the same for private IP addresses.

You might have heard about and it’s more used in office or business premises rather than homes. Additionally, this can be a private IP address assigned to a client device. Let’s get to know more about What is it?

As you have already known, is more usually seen in computer networks of business. Whereas routers at home basically use IP addresses in the range of 192.168.x.x. This is mostly or But, one can assign as the router’s IP address at home. And, it should work fine.

On the other hand, a client device might be operational with the IP address in the range of 10.0.0.x. The IP address can be or as per the client device request. However, some Xfinity routers from Comcast and Cisco routers come with the default IP address of

Ways to Connect to a Router Having as IP Address

Before you enter the IP address on any browser, you have to check whether is the default Ip address of the router. Otherwise, you can’t connect to the router. Here’s how you can easily detect the IP address of the router. If you’re using a Windows computer and it’s connected to the router then run a command prompt window. Enter the ipconfig command in the command prompt and it will show you the IP address of the router.

If it’s a Mac device then the IP address of the router is available in the utility window along with the netstat command. Otherwise, you can find the IP address of the router under System Preferences.

You might have accessed any router’s login page using its dedicated and default gateway or IP address. And, accessing the IP address of on any web browser is as easy as browsing any URL. Here’s how you can connect a router that acquires as its default IP address:

  1. Explore your favourite browser on your computer. Enter the IP address in the Address bar of the browser.
  2. Next, it will take you to the router login page. There, you have to type the default username and password of the router.

The username and password might be different from other routers. If you’re accessing the login page for the first time it should have default credentials. However, if any device has the IP address, you can access the device locally. It means that you can’t connect to a router having the IP address from outside of that network of devices. Or, you can’t use the internet to access the router from a remote location.

Default Username & Password for Devices

Whenever you set up a brand new router, it comes with a default username and password. With those credentials, you can access the web portal of the router. The built-in credentials for the device might be diverse. Here are the combinations of usernames and passwords for routers:

  • [none]/[none]
  • [none]/public
  • admin/admin
  • admin/password
  • Cisco/Cisco
  • cusadmin/highspeed

You can try these combinations to see what works for your router. If any of the default credentials aren’t working for you then you need to reset your router. It will take back your router to its default factory settings. And then, the combinations of default usernames and passwords should work.

To reset the router. Locate the Reset button on your router. Basically, this button is hidden on the back of your router. Locate it or take help from the user manual. Now, press the Reset button and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Make sure that your router should be on while you’re performing this. You will need a paper clip to hold the button. The LEDs of the router must be blinking and that’s the sign that your router is getting a successful reset. When the LEDs of the router are solid, it means that your router is ready to work properly. Now, you can use the default credentials to log into the web portal of the router by using the IP address

A Few Issues with

While you are in a network of computers and they are using as the IP address, you might experience troubles with this specific IP address. The most usual issue with the IP address is that users fail to connect to a definite router even after entering the IP address Check if there’s any device with such an IP address. Open the Command Prompt window on that computer that is connected to the router. Use the ping command and then the IP address to determine if any device with that IP address is present in that network.

If the device is in the network and still not responding then there might be a technical glitch with the device. Wait for a while and then check again if the corresponding device is causing any nuisance. On the other hand, IP address conflicts can hamper the functionality of the device. If two devices have the same IP address then it would be troublesome for anyone to land on the right device.


In case you are facing troubles with your router and its IP address then you can reboot your router. If that doesn’t strike then you can reset your router and then try troubleshooting the error. Usually, Cisco, Technicolor, Aztech, SMC, and Arris routers use the IP address Check your default router credentials to make the login successful.