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wd router login

Western Digital Router Login – Default Router Login and Password

wd router login

You might often need to make some changes to your WD router’s private network. And, to do that, you have to use its web-based interface. You can log in to your WD router anytime, using its private IP address and admin credentials. So, you need to find these details first, if you do not know them already.

Here, we will look at how to access your WD router interface. Apart from that, the upcoming information should also help you know your router’s login details. So, read all the essential information regarding WD router login that you might find helpful.

Find Your WD Router’s Default IP Address

Regardless of the brand or model, all routers have a private or default IP address. As opposed to the public one, the private IP address is not used for connecting to the internet. It is only used for private networks, and you can use it to access your router’s login page.

Usually, you should find your router’s default IP address on its label. You can also look for this information on the manufacturer’s website. Other than that, you can simply find it out using your computer or mobile device as well.

How to Know Your Router’s Default IP Address on Windows?

You can find out your router’s default gateway on Windows systems through the Settings menu. Open the Network & Internet options given there and open the Status tab on this window. With the router connected to your device, opt for viewing the connection and hardware properties. You will find the router’s default IP address in the next window. Then, you must use it for WD router login with your browser.

You can also use the Command Prompt to know the default gateway. Enter the command “ipconfig” and look for the router’s default IP address among the results.

How to Know Your Router’s Default IP Address on Mac?

You can find out your router’s default gateway from the System Preferences on your Mac device. Go to the Network section and select your router network. Then, click on Advanced at the bottom of the right panel. This will open a window with multiple tabs containing your router’s details. And, you can find the default gateway in the TCP/IP tab of this window.

Alternatively, you can also use the Terminal to find your router’s IP address. Enter the “netstat-nr|grep default” command to view the router details. Then, find the default IP address among the information that appears.

How to Know Your Router’s Default IP Address on Android?

Have you connected an Android device with your router? Then, you simply need to open the Wi-Fi secretion in the Settings. Click on your router’s network to open the window containing all its details.

Depending on the system, you might have to open this window some other way. Regardless, you would find your router’s default gateway on it, among other details.

Find Your Router’s Default Credentials

Is your router still using its default credentials? If yes, you can find the default username and password on a label on the device. And, you must use these credentials for WD router login until you change them. Also, you must make sure to customise the username and password as soon as possible to ensure your router’s security.

What to do if You Have Lost Your Router’s Password?

Are you unable to remember the password you had set on your router? In that case, you should check whether you have saved or noted it down somewhere. If you have not done so, it can be quite difficult to recover the password.

Some software and tools can help you recover your router’s login credentials. But, most people would find these programs quite difficult to use.

So, call a professional to recover your router’s credentials safely. Apart from that, you can also reset the router as a last resort. Doing this will restore the default settings and credentials on the device. You can then access your router easily with the default password.

Steps to Proceed with WD Router Login 

You can easily access your router anytime if you have its login details. Here are the simple steps you must follow for doing that:

Set Up a Connection with Your Router

The router should be connected to your device while logging in. Moreover, you must make sure that the connection is reliable enough. So, you might want to use an ethernet connection to ensure that this is undoubtedly the best way to smoothly proceed with a WD router login.

Open a Web Browser and Search the Default IP Address

You must use any web browser of your choice to access your router’s admin interface. Moreover, if you are wondering, your device does not have to be online while doing this. So, you simply need to enter the private IP address in the search box to reach the login page.

Use the Admin Credentials

Find out your default login credentials with the previously-mentioned method, if required. Then, enter them in the login page to open your router’s interface on the screen. You can then make a wide range of changes to the settings as per your requirements.

Why Hard Reset Your WD Router and How to do it?

You might often face login issues with your WD router due to many causes. Resetting the router is the most effective solution to these problems that you can try as a last resort. To do this, you have to press the small Reset button on your router with a pin or another such object.

You should see the light flashing to indicate the reset after holding the button for about 30 seconds. Restart your router once you are done and check whether the problem persists. If it does, you must get professional help without further delay.