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UPnP Asus Router

UPnP Asus Router – Is It Safe to Use this Feature?


UPnP Asus Router

Asus introduced the UPnP feature in the latest wireless dual-band and tri-band routers. It has a set of networking protocols that connects multiple devices with the router. These include Windows and Mac laptops, computers, printers and mobile devices.

Asus router users can connect the access points and internet gateways with UPnP. Many tend to confuse the UPnP Asus router function with the PnP. But, these two networking technologies work in different ways.

PnP involves the connection between peripheral devices and computers. And, users don’t have to configure these external devices’ settings to use them. But, devices like routers with UPnP support need to be configured to access the internet.

Asus wireless routers are not plugged and play (PnP). There is a lot that needs to be done after connecting the power cords. You need to open the web interface to set up this networking equipment. But, you don’t have to do this, on PnP devices, like a mouse or keyboard.

Do you want to know more about the UPnP Asus router feature? Here is why you should use this high-end networking feature:

Benefits of Using UPnP Asus Router

Using Asus router’s UPnP feature enhances the home network security. It saves the hassle of internet-based apps to forward a port on the router. Besides, it offers a plethora of benefits to Asus router users. UPnP speeds up the setup process when connecting devices like gaming consoles. Instead of configuring the settings, Xbox directly communicates with the router.

Moreover, UPnP is helpful when using wireless devices which require the internet. Users simply need to connect the device to the router’s network ports to access the Wi-Fi. Ensure the device is connected to the right Asus router Wi-Fi name. Otherwise, you will face hindrances while printing the files over the internet.

Asus designed this feature to make communication between devices less complicated and convenient. If you have a smart voice assistant device, like Alexa, use UPnP to connect it with the router.

But, you need to enable this feature from the Asus router’s configuration page. Can’t enable the UPnP Asus router option? Contact an IT expert for instant support.

How does the UPnP Asus Router Feature Work?

Before enabling this feature, it’s important to acknowledge how it works. Asus router’s UPnP feature supports zero-configuration networking. When a device is connected to the network, it automatically assigns an IP address. Then, it checks the network availability and speed for the device. UPnP shares the name of the devices that are currently connected to the router network.

It sets control points to accept the device’s service requests after that. Then, the UPnP Asus router updates the state of those services. Once done, it provides an HTML-based user interface to the users for checking the device’s status.

And, the Universal Plug and Play technology connect the devices without additional drivers. The same network protocol usage allows UPnP-enabled devices to communicate, regardless of OS.

How to Enable the UPnP Asus router Feature?

Open a web browser, enter the wireless router’s gateway IP and press the “Enter” key. It will direct you to the device’s login page. Provide the default login credentials and click on the “Sign-in” option.

Not aware of the Asus router’s IP address, username or password? Check the router manual to acquire these details. And, you might locate the private gateway in the label present at the router’s backside. Otherwise, the users can also contact the router administrator.

Go to the ” General ” tab once you get into the router’s configuration page, go to the “General” tab. Head to the ‘Advanced Settings’ section and choose “WAN”. Wait for a while until the WAN window opens. Then, navigate to the “Internet Connection” section and locate “Basic Configuration”. Toggle on the “Enable UPnP” feature and select ‘Apply” afterwards. But, the steps to enable the UPnP function varies from one Asus router to another.

Do you use an old Asus wireless router model? Then, go to the WAN section from “Advanced Settings” and move to the “UPnP” tab. Go to the “General” section and choose “Enable” to activate the UPnP Asus router feature.

Don’t forget to choose the “Apply” button after changing this WAN setting. Connect the UPnP-compatible devices with Asus routers without any hassle. Restart the device if you can’t find this feature in the web interface.

List of Asus Router which has the UPnP Functionality

Asus included the UPnP feature in several wireless routers to improve users’ experience. You will get this security option in the latest RT-N56U wireless dual-band router, and Asus’s RT-N66U also supports the UPnP functionality.

Asus RT-AC53 comes with an easy to use Universal Plug and Play feature. Asus RT-AC56U features exclusive WAN options like UPnP, DLNA and IGMP. And, here is the list of a few more Asus router that has UPnP support:

  • RT-N53
  • Asus Wireless AC1900
  • RT-AC66U
  • Asus RT-N16
  • RT-N10
  • RT AC68W
  • Asus RT-N15
  • RT-13U
  • Asus RT-G32
  • RT AC3200 and other latest Asus router RT series

Security Risks associated with UPnP Asus Router

Despite all the benefits, UPnP technology generates security issues in the Asus router. If you don’t require port forwarding in the client servers, disable this feature. Because a virus or malware that infected the computer through the network can use UPnP.

The router blocks the incoming traffic to prevent malicious access. But, UPnP allows a malicious program to access the wireless network. So, go to the router’s web interface and toggle off the “UPnP” option.

Improper UPnP implementation in the router makes the device vulnerable to data breaching. Moreover, this router feature doesn’t require authentication from the users. Any computer application can send the router a request to forward a port over UPnP. And, this makes it easier for cybercriminals to access the data via a malicious program.

But, this security threat is limited to the old Asus router models. Don’t disable this feature if you use the latest Asus router model. Contact an expert immediately if you experience the “UPnP stopped working” error.