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TpLinkwifi Net— Easy Configuration & Login Process

TpLinkwifi Net is the web management page for every TP-link router. You don’t need the assistance of any internet connection. There is a dedicated IP address that is written at the back or the bottom of the router, with the help of the address, you will be able to open the router management page. 

The router management page will help you to gain access to all the functions of the router. Moreover, it will also help in the configuration of the devices. If you want to configure the security, with the help of this page, you can easily do so, and set the name as well as a password.

The Configuration Process 

Unbox the device and check whether all the desired items are correctly present there or not. Make sure that the dedicated Ethernet cable is given along with the router. Plug in the router and insert the Ethernet cable into the WAN port. The WAN port is usually located at the backside of the device. 

As one end of the cable is in the router’s WAN port, you have to insert the other end of the cable into the system’s Ethernet port. This will establish the physical connection between the system and the router. Now, have a look at the router IP address, memorize it and open your system’s default browser. 

Now, type it in the address bar and press Enter. The router management page will open. As per the users, it’s simple and easy to use. All you need to do is find the network section. Here, you have to put all the essential network credentials. 

Name and Password Setup 

The name will help you to identify the router and the password for security. This will resist any unknown people entering your network without your permission. It’s better not to give the password to anyone except your friends and family members. 

What if you face any issues?

If you are facing any types of problems with the router or the router management page, then there are several reasons. Starting with the first one – facing an error with the link. When you type the router IP address or in the address bar, and the management page doesn’t open, then surely there are some problems with the system or the router. 

Let’s check the system first. Clear all the cookies and cache files. If necessary, you can also use any third-party application to do so. A few experts say that using the third-party application will not only delete the cache and junk files but also eliminate all the corrupted registry files as well. 

If the in the address bar of the browser doesn’t work, then try to use the default IP address, which is Hopefully, this will work appropriately. If possible, Tp-Link has its desired application, make the most of it with the help of the application from the PlayStore or App Store. 

Another Browser

Most of the tech experts say that this kind of activity works best with the help of the default browser. If you cannot access the router management page with the help of the default browser, then try it on another browser. If you are having only one browser, then download and install another one.

Disable the Firewall

Sometimes, a few data packets can be regarded as insecure to the OS or antivirus firewall. Thus, sometimes, the firewall blocks certain connections. In a few cases, the router management page also becomes unavailable. In this case, you have to disable the firewall of the OS. 

If there are any security applications present in your system, disable the firewall, but only temporarily. After completing the work with the router management page, turn on the firewall to resume protection. 

Reboot the Router 

Due to the heavy network traffic, sometimes congestion occurs and this freezes the router. As a result, you are neither able to open any website nor open the page. So, the best option is to reboot the router. Turn it off, keep the device idle for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, turn it on. 

Some Additional Information

Maintaining the router and helping to keep up with a top-notch performance is mandatory. To improve the router’s performance, maintain the management page, you must not share the internet connection with everyone. On the other hand, if the router is being used by more than one, limit the data by using the router’s dedicated functions. During natural calamities like thunderstorms and rain, never forget to turn off the router immediately. Further, if you keep it turned on, then the router can get easily damaged, permanently.