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TP-Link AC750

TP-Link AC750 Travel Router Review: Guide for Network Supremacy

TP-Link AC750Getting stable wireless and wired network connectivity is now possible. The advent of portable routers can make your journey safe and sound with a seamless internet connection. If you go without an internet connection, you have to rely on an external and not-so-reliable network. There are risks that anyone within the same network can sneak into your device and steal your privacy.

So, it’s better to carry a travel-friendly router to access easy and secure network connections for your connected devices. If you are looking for a portable and handy router, then this TP-Link AC750 Travel router review will help you.

Access to an open or public network can be vulnerable even when registering your devices into a guest network. Let’s check whether the TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 travel router will be efficient for you or not.

First Look at TP-Link AC750 Travel Router Review

The TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 Travel Router comes in a sleek white case that looks stylish and classy. The router has smooth, round corners along with a shiny plastic case. Undoubtedly, this router is very compact, and you can easily carry this gadget in your handbag or backpack.

Additionally, this TP-Link AC750 Travel Router review comes with a wireless setup. So, you need not carry any extra cable for connection purposes. On the other hand, you need not endanger your privacy by signing into a guest network. Instead, you can go for this TP-Link portable router and safely connect your devices to the internet.


This TP-Link AC750 Travel Router review has already told you that we are quite liking the overall design and the build. We found the shiny white case aesthetic in the competition of black-case routers. In addition to this, the simple design will attract you. However, this doesn’t mean that TP-Link has forgotten to add prime ports or buttons to this router.

The router has a handful of indicators for specific functionalities such as power, LAN, WAN connectivity, and much more.

The rear side of the router has a WAN/LAN port. Additionally, the router comes with a typical gigabit architecture. You can plug in external drives through the existing full-size USB port. Right to the USB port, you can find a micro-USB port. Well, this micro-USB port is also used to power the router. The overall design and configuration are a plus-point for frequent travellers.

Setup: TP-Link AC750 Travel Router Review

The best part about this TP-Link travel-friendly router is that you have to just plug the router, and it’s ready to work. If you are in the hotel room, then you have to locate the ethernet cable and plug it into the router. Voilà! You can now use your private network.

In addition to this, the setup process will require only a few minutes, even if it’s the first time. The user manual is helpful enough for straightforward approaches for the complete setup. Not to mention, the setup process is quite convenient for those also who are not that tech-savvy.


The TP-Link AC750 Travel Router comes with three modes of connectivity – ‘Share ETH’, ‘AP/RngExt/Client’, and ‘Share Hotspot’. Most users rely on the ‘Share Hotspot’ mode. It implies that the router has to assign IP addresses to all the connected devices after handling DHCP requests in the network.

When you have turned on the ‘Share Hotspot’ mode, then you have created a private network of its own. If you want to connect the router to a modem, then this mode is the perfect option.

On the other hand, you might not get a chance to connect with a modem. You might have to connect it directly to a network or an ethernet cable. For instance, you can imagine the scenario of a hotel room. Then, you can go for either the ‘Share ETH’ or the ‘AP/RngExt/Client’ mode. They are ideal for converting a wired connection into a wireless one for you. The benefit of going for this ‘Share ETH’ mode is to keep your data safe.

Whereas the ‘AP/RngExt/Client’ mode lets you communicate with other devices on the same network. If you are working in the remotest corner of your home and need strong wireless connectivity, you need to depend on this mode.

You should go for this mode when you trust every other device in the network. The ‘AP/RngExt/Client’ mode adds an extra layer of security so that nobody can sniff around your network and its traffic.

Performance Metrics through the TP-Link AC750 Travel Router Review

As you can see, this standalone router can also be used as an extender. However, let’s talk about the performance statistics in this TP-Link AC750 Travel Router review. Connecting to the TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 is pretty simple. You need to plug in the modem using the full-size USB port. Or, you can switch to the gigabit ethernet port for ethernet cables.

However, the full-size USB port can be used for convenient file transfer as well. If you want to look at the router’s internet speed, then it’s decent. We can’t say that it’s the fastest router. The theoretical bandwidth promised by the manufacturer for this router model is 750Mbps. But, the speed tests have shown that it goes approximately up to 680Mbps.

The throughput is 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz channel, and there is a throughput of 433Mbps on the 5GHz channel. On the other hand, the router works pretty well across a concrete wall. So, the coverage is pretty good. The size might fool you, but this TP-Link AC750 travel router review finds out that the device can fuel internet connectivity across a home.

Verdict Regarding the TP-Link AC750 Travel Router Review

This router is mostly about good internet connectivity and speed. However, the downside of this travel router is that you might find it difficult to use it in a large area. Multiple concrete walls between the router and your devices might raise a question in the range of the TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 router.

Apart from that, everything is good to go. If you are a  travel freak, this router will be useful for your work-life balance. Additionally, you need not compromise with your safety and privacy standards. The price of this router is also under budget, and it’s really easy to set up. Hopefully, this TP-Link AC750 travel router review was helpful to make a smarter choice.