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TP-Link 4G LTE Router Review

TP-Link 4G LTE Router Review – Why Should You Buy it?

TP-Link 4G LTE Router Review

TP-Link gained massive recognition by introducing the 4G routers globally. These devices can do a lot more compared to a standard Wi-Fi router. TP-Link’s 4G LTE routers support mobile technology via a 4G wireless network. It has a SIM card slot to insert either nano or micro sim to access the internet. Moreover, this smart router is easy to use and offers a reliable wireless connection. TP Link’s 4G routers are compatible with different operating systems, including Linux.

TP-Link 4G LTE router can be connected to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Be it a smart TV or laptop – you can connect everything with this wireless router. Do you know what the users like the most about TL-MR6400? It requires no configuration. Insert a SIM in the card slot turn on the device to enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

Additionally, this advanced networking equipment is designed for a home and office environment. So, if you need a 4G LTE router within your budget, consider buying this TP-Link model.

Check the following features before buying the TL-MR6400 router:

Classic Design & Dynamic Connectivity Options

MR6400 is a compact-sized and lightweight TP-Link 4G LTE router. Users can install this device anywhere in the house or office. It also has two mounting holes, which make the installation process less daunting. This router is ideal for remote locations where a 4G/LTE connection is required. Many used this device in their home network for streaming videos without lagging.

You won’t have connection errors while playing popular online games, like GTA 5. It has a built-in modem and offers an average data transfer speed of 300mbps. TP-Link 4G router has two internal LTE and two external Wi-Fi antennas.

Ensure these antennas are positioned vertically to avoid Wi-Fi signal issues. There are three 100Mbps LAN ports in the MR6400 router. Additionally, you get one 10/100Mbps WAN port and sim card slot.

What does the LED Lights of TP-Link 4G LTE Router Indicate?

There are three LED light indicators in this TP-Link router. The green power light blinks when MR6400 is on. And, the Wi-Fi LED light flashes when the router is connected to any device. This might also blink while changing the Wi-Fi band or connection.

There is also a WPS or Reset button that flashes green while resetting/setting the device. Contact an expert if these lights stop blinking. This indicates something is wrong with the TP-Link 4G LTE router. Replace the faulty units immediately to use the device again.

Simple Setup & Easy to Control

Set up the TP-link 4G LTE router in minutes using the web interface. Open a web browser, go to the address bar and enter its private gateway IP. It will direct you to the router’s login page, enter the required details and press the “Enter” key. And, when the setup wizard opens, enable the “Wireless Radio” mode. Choose the connection from “Security” under the “Wireless” tab.

Set a secure password and network name (SSID) for TP-Link 4G LTE router. Combine letters, numbers, and special characters to make it hard to detect. Avoid using passwords like “admin”, “123abcde”, or “password”. Because such a password makes the router vulnerable to data security threats. Change the encryption type enable MAC filtering and firewall from the interface.

TP-Link has assigned “” as MR6400’s IP address. And, the default password and username of this router is “admin”. But, you should still check these details once before setting up the device. Look at the label on the TP-Link 4G LTE router’s backside to find the IP address. Not aware of the device’s login credentials? Then, check the user manual to get these details.

How to Setup TP-Link M46400 using the Tether App?

TP-Link 4G LTE router users can also use the Tether app for an easy setup. Additionally, you can turn on and off this mobile application. Tether allows you to manage the Wi-Fi network settings from the Android and iOS platforms. If you need parental controls and bandwidth limits, install this app.

Are you an Android user? Go to the PlayStore, search “TP-Link Tether”, and tap on “Install”. And, the iPhone or iPad owners need to download this app from the App Store. Once done, open the app provide the login information to configure the settings.

Reliable and Seamless Performance

With the TP-Link 4G LTE router, you can download large files at 150Mbps. After inserting the SIM card, you can upload the photos or videos at 50Mbps. Besides, it allows sharing networks on multiple devices without dropping the Wi-Fi speed.

TL-MR6400 is a single band router that supports 802.11b Wi-Fi standard. It offers 300Mbps internet speed at 2.4GHz bandwidth frequency. Despite lacking a 5Ghz band, it offers many dual-band routers exceptional performance.

Advanced Security Features of TP-Link 4G LTE Router

TP-Link has included exclusive security features in this router. Enable the wireless broadcast option from the web interface. Toggle on the “WDS Bridge” feature from the “Security” tab. Enable the WMM to prioritise network traffic and improve the router’s performance. Disabling this feature might decline the TP-Link 4G LTE router’s reliability. Additionally, you should use the wireless statistics feature to check the Wi-Fi speed.

TP-Link M46400 also lets the users create a Guest network. Keep the password of this wireless network different from the client network. It will prevent unauthorised users from accessing the home network. Choose the required VPN server type from the admin interface. Change the WAN connection type to Dynamic, PPPoE or PPTP. Contact an IT expert to learn about the 4G LTE routers.