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TP-Link AC750

TL-WR902AC AC750 – The Best TP-Link Portable Router Review

TP-Link AC750

TP-Link introduced several high-end portable routers, and AC750 is one of them. Thousands of people use this wireless router for its compact size. It can be carried anywhere while travelling for business purposes.

TL-WR902AC offers high-speed and uninterrupted internet services. This smart Wi-Fi router provides a fast and reliable wireless connection. TP-Link’s AC750 has received positive feedback from 1000+ buyers.

Moreover, its dual-band allows the users to change the bandwidth frequency easily. Switch to TL-WR902AC’s 2.4Ghz band when you are browsing the internet. Use the 5Ghz Wi-Fi while streaming 4K videos and playing intense multiplayer games.

Besides, an open wireless network can increase the chances of data breaching. Hundreds of people connect their devices to such a network. This is where the TL-WR902AC AC750 plays the most pivotal part. It offers a private network connection to secure the router from cyber attacks.

Are you planning to buy this latest dual-band TP-Link portable router? Check the following feature to get detailed information about AC750:

Ultra-Portable and Simple Design

TP-Link AC750 gained massive appreciation from the users for its classic design. It has two Ethernet ports, one USB and a power adapter port. Additionally, you get a micro-USB port that can be used to power up the device. There is also a reset button at the backside of this smart Wi-Fi router. TP-Link has included a switch for choosing the different wireless connection modes.

This device also comes with an ethernet cable to connect the compatible devices. But, the length of the cable is smaller than the other standard wireless router. Thus, it can create connectivity issues in Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Place the TP-Link router close to the computer or laptop to avoid this issue. And, there are five LED indicators in this TP-Link portable router.

The green power LED light blinks when the device is on. AC750’s USB LED flashes green when you connect storage devices with it. The green wireless LED indicates the router is connected to the host network. And, the WPS light blinks while establishing a WPS connection. Contact an expert when this TP-Link portable router’s LED light stops blinking.

Hassle-free Setup and Configuration

Users can install TL-WR902AC AC750 without any technical support. Every user can set up this device without any technical knowledge or expertise. First, plug the ethernet cable into its “Ethernet” port and turn on the device. Now, you can get 433mbps Wi-Fi in the home or office’s private network. It takes less than a minute to set up this dual-band TP-Link router. Change the Wi-Fi mode to enhance web security.

Now, access AC750’s web interface to enable exclusive security features. But, before that, check its IP address and login details like username and password. TP-Link has assigned the IP address in this wireless router. And, the default username and password is “admin”. But, you should check the router manual once to get this router-related information. Otherwise, it might take ample time to configure TL-WR902AC’s settings.

Open a web browser, head to the address bar and enter AC750’s gateway IP. Provide the login credentials when the next web page opens. Click on “Login” or press the “Enter” key to be directed to the device’s configuration page.

Then, go to the “Wireless” tab, tap on “Security”, and enable the “SPI Firewall” option. Toggle on the “IP & MAC binding” option and change the Wi-Fi encryption type. Lastly, set a different password for the “Guest” and “Client” accounts.

How to Configure Client Mode in TL-WR902AC AC750?

TP-Link AC750’s “Client Mode” allows devices with the router via an ethernet cable. It also acts as an adapter to provide wired devices access to the Wi-Fi network. You can connect smart TVs, media players and game consoles enabling this mode. First, enable the operation mode to choose “Client” and connect the router’s adapter to a power outlet.

Now, connect the Wi-Fi-enabled devices with the correct wireless network. Access the router’s login page, click on “admin” and when the page opens, tap on “Quick Setup”. Choose “Next”, navigate to “Client”, select the Wi-Fi band and enter the default password. Choose the LAN IP type, tap on “Next” and select “Save” to complete this configuration process.

Easy to Connect and Use

The users can connect multiple devices with the TL-WR902AC router. You can connect a USB 3G or 4G modem with its high-end USB port. This port also works with the latest smartphone in tethering mode. Additionally, the router owners can connect compatible external drives with it. And, these include NAS drives, RAID drives, USB flash and tape drives.

Do you want to share a 2TB file on the computer? Connect the USB storage device to do that within minutes. Besides, you can backup the recent photos from its built-in USB 2.0 sharing port. Even the users can connect the smartphone cable in this port to charge the device on the go. Further, you can connect the Wi-Fi extenders with this TP-Link portable router.

Despite its small size, its 2.4Ghz band provides 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed. And, you won’t have any internet dropping issues while using the TP-Link router. This device is intended for secure browsing in small-sized offices and houses, and it’s ideal for remote locations where a stable Wi-Fi strength is required.

Incredible Hardware Specifications

TP-Link routers are hard to compete with when it comes to hardware specifications. TL-WR902AC AC750 has the latest MediaTek MT7628AN single-core processor. And, its clock speed is 580Mhz.

TP-Link has also added 64MB storage and 8MB flash memory to this router. It comes with an RT3050 switch and MT76 WLAN driver. Additionally, this wireless router has Gigabit antennas that are hidden inside the router.

Additional features of the TP-Link Portable Router

TL-WR902AC AC750 has IPv4 and IPv6 support. It offers different WAN types, including PPPoE and PPTP to worldwide users. This wireless router also has the UPnP, port forwarding, and DMZ feature. Additionally, the users get the Qos Feature to prioritise the website traffic. So, spend a few bucks and buy this advanced TP-Link portable router.